Are you in the market for a brand new electric griddle? With so many different models out there, it can be confusing trying to figure out which is best-suited to your needs. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled this comprehensive buying guide of five of the best electric griddles on offer today! We compare size, heat settings, surface depth, non-stick capabilities and more – everything you need to know when trying to choose THE perfect griddle for cooking up an unforgettable meal. So let’s get started by learning what features these amazing appliances provide!

5 Best Electric Griddle : The Complete Buying Guide
5 Best Electric Griddle : The Complete Buying Guide

List of The 5 Best Electric Griddle Reviewes

1.Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles, Black, 22-inchOur #1 Pick:

  • Its heavy cast aluminum base is virtually warp proof and never rusts, allowing you to enjoy hearty cooking for years to come.
  • Clean up is a breeze with its premium non-stick surface that prevents sticky messes, with an easily removable drip tray beneath it for even easier clean up.
  • You can immerse the entire griddle in water when cleaning since the Control Master heat control keep it separated from the electric heating element.
  • For added convenience and storage abilities, simply open latch clips to detach handles from griddle base–no tools needed!
  • It’s spacious 231 square inch cooking area lets you cook everything from breakfast dishes to dinner entrees–and its shallow depth allows food to cook quickly.
  • Not only does this high-quality griddle work great on your countertop, but when its handles are removed, it stores away in most 18-inch kitchen cabinets too!

2.BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle

  • This griddle is designed with a professional cook in mind, so you can make perfectly cooked meals in no time.
  • Not only does it feature an advanced 1500 watt heating system and cool touch handles, but comes with a unique ceramic non-stick coating that’s 8 times more durable and 30 percent faster than standard non-stick coatings.
  • The Healthy-Eco coating contains no harmful chemicals like lead or cadmium, so you can feel safe while using it. With its titanium ceramic coating, clean up is also a breeze – all that’s left to do is whip up something delicious.
  • The BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle lets you make 10 eggs at once – perfect for when you have guests over! And if this isn’t enough to help your meal prep routine start running smoothly, BELLA has additional kitchen essentials like air fryers, waffle irons, toasters and more – so there’s bound to be a kitchen solution just perfect for your lifestyle.

3.Presto 07047 Cool Touch Electric Griddle

  • Enjoy stick-free cooking, easy cleaning and a greater degree of versatility with this high-quality griddle.
  • Featuring a premium nonstick surface, this griddle helps to ensure that your food won’t stick or cause you aggravation. Cleaning up after use is also a breeze – detach the heat control for full immersibility and dishwasher compatibility.
  • The cool touch features make it safe for everyday use as well: no accidental burns here!
  • Its big 10-1/2 by 16-inch cooking surface makes it perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • With its low profile design, this griddle can also double as an attractive buffet server so you can serve your delicious creation in style. In addition, it has a useful built-in backstop ledge that makes creating and serving food even easier.
  • Not to mention the Control Master heat control feature which maintains the desired cooking temperature automatically – guaranteed efficiency every time!

4.Presto Ceramic 22-inch 07062 Electric Griddle with removable handles, Black, One Size

  • Extra-large griddle-great for every meal and entertaining
  • Special textured ceramic cooking surface provides enhanced nonstick performance and easier cleaning
  • Removable handles for easy cleaning and compact storage
  • Control Master heat control maintains desired cooking temperature
  • Heavy cast aluminum griddle is virtually warp-proof
  • Fully immersible with the heat control removed

5.DASH Deluxe Everyday Electric Griddle

  • Prepare delicious meals faster and easier than ever with the Dash Deluxe Everyday Griddle. With a family-sized cooking space of 20” x 10.5”, this electric griddle is perfect for making anything from pancakes and quesadillas to burgers and eggs.
  • Its state-of-the-art Heating Probe allows for precise temperature control, making it easy to get perfectly cooked results every time.
  • Plus, the PFOA-free non-stick heating plate surface provides an even cook for consistent results.
  • And when you’re done cooking, cleanup is a breeze – the removable Cooking Plate and Drip Tray are both dishwasher safe!
  • Stylishly designed in trendy color options of Aqua, Black, Gray, and Red, the Dash Deluxe Everyday Griddle also makes a great gift!
  • It includes anti-slip feet, drip tray, removable nonstick heating surface, recipe book and recipe database access—everything you need to make meals quickly and easily.

Tips and guide to buying the Best Electric Griddle


Before buying an electric griddle, you must measure the size of your stovetop or counter space to make sure it can accommodate the griddle. Depending on the model, electric griddles come in various shapes and sizes – from small 15-inch units up to extra large 22-inch models.

Nonstick surface:

Nonstick surfaces are essential for easy cleanup as they prevent food from sticking and burning. Look for griddles with a nonstick coating that is PFOA-free to ensure the safety of your family.

Temperature control:

Most electric griddles come with adjustable thermostats, so you can set the temperature according to your preferences. Some models even have a built-in thermometer for accurate temperature readings.

Additional features:

If you’re looking to get the most out of your griddle, look for additional features like removable heating plates, cool-touch handles backstop ledges and more. These will help make cooking easier and safer.


Q: What is the best size electric griddle?

A: The best size electric griddle will depend on your needs and how much space you have available. If you’re cooking for a large family, a larger model would be more suitable. For smaller households, a 15-inch unit would be enough.

Q: Do I need to season my electric griddle?

A: Many electric griddles come pre-seasoned, however it’s still a good idea to season your griddle before using it. This will help the nonstick surface last longer and make cleaning easier.

Q: How do I clean an electric griddle?

A: First, make sure the griddle is cool and unplugged. Then, use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to wipe down the surface. Finally, rinse with warm water and towel dry.

Q: Can I leave an electric griddle on all day?

A: No, it is not recommended to leave your electric griddle on all day. They should only be used for short periods of time and always plugged in when not in use.


In the end, you want to make sure that the electric griddle you purchase is your catered to your needs and preferences. It should have the features and qualities necessary for it to be convenient, efficient, and durable enough for frequent use. By thoroughly researching various electric griddle models from all of the best brands and then determining which model has all the functions wanted, you can make a well-informed decision on what type of electric griddle best suits your lifestyle. Research how each one could help improve your cooking methods, so that in the end, you are able to get a long lasting electric griddle that will allow you to cook delicious meals with ease. Taking these tips into consideration will ensure that you find an electric griddle that is perfect for whatever kitchen needs you may have.

5 Best Electric Griddle : The Complete Buying Guide

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