Here at Foodie&Tours, we’re now under new ownership.

Things have been crazy this year, and we’ve been spending increasingly more time at home. Who hasn’t?

The more time we spent inside, the more kitchen appliances we started pressing into commission. Whenever we started using a gadget more, we also started to notice the flaws.

Oftentimes, we wished we’d done a little more research into these things before rushing in and ending up with a product that didn’t stand the test of time. Ever hear the saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice”? That’s often the case with kitchenware as we have found out about our loss.


We decided to embark upon Foodie&Tours so we can help you avoid the mistakes we made.

Our goal is simple: we’ll be bringing you impartial reviews of a cross-section of kitchen appliances from the wine cooler, toasters, and woks to air fryers and coffee machines so you’ve got everything you need.

We won’t be wasting your time with enormous buying guides filled with fluff. Instead, we’ll strip down the key pointers to focus on so you can buy the right kitchenware the easy way.

That’s the immediate plan and we’d love you to get in touch if you have any queries, feedback, or special requests.

In the bigger picture, we have a pretty cosmopolitan staff based in the US with writers working remotely from the UK. We also have a presence in Asia, a hotbed of culinary delights. So, over the coming months, we’ll be getting to the Tours part of Foodie&Tours. We’ll be bringing you mouthwatering recipes showcasing the best specialties from SE Asia, a culinary hotbed. We’ll be serving up classic recipes, unusual recipes, and some video footage, too.

So, we’d like to welcome you warmly to Foodie&Tours and we look forward to taking you on an eventful journey. Please take your time to browse our site and we’ll see you soon!

Who are Foodieandtours?

Proud to be a project with a team of professional, experienced authors, always displaying the most accurate information to consumers. Foodieandtours was originally founded by Tom Rethman – a person with high expertise, very knowledgeable in the field of product review and review.


In the project, Tom Rethman is the founder, strategizing and planning the implementation of content reviews and final content moderation before the content is published. With many years of experience in implementing various types of product reviews and reviews, Tom Rethman is always looking for associates with the same ideas and aspirations to build growing Foodie & tours, providing a lot of information. prices for readers.