Andalusia Food and Wine Tours

A delightful feast for all your senses

To many the southern province of Andalusia is awash with historical intrigue and cultural significance. Despite this, its modern reputation is one of quintessential Spain; think tapas, flamenco and bullfighting and so much more. The region stood on the frontier between Islam and Christianity until the late 15th century and everything here, from the wondrous architecture to exotic dishes of rice, saffron and seafood, has been influenced by that millennium-long clash of religious ideology.

Visitors are also staggered at the changes in scenery to be found in Andalusia. It’s difficult to believe that its southern tip, only 16km away from Morocco, is in the same province as the snow-tipped mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the beautiful olive groves of Jaen. For a host of reasons the region has become one of Spain’s most prominent destinations, and if you’re looking for a place to savour traditional food, wine and culture, Andalusia, a place where all that and more has been etched into the nation’s fabric over hundreds of years, is an ideal foodie getaway spot.

Wherever you choose to visit; be it hip Granada, sun-soaked Malaga or medieval Cordoba, there are certain culinary concepts and flavours that will always be by your side in Andalusia. Lovers of meat and seafood will enjoy generous offerings of Gambas al Ajillo,Jamon Serrano and Paella made with rice grown in the outskirts of Seville. For those who enjoy a tipple, the region is also famous for its wine, particularly the sweet variety best served with dessert, whilst you can’t leave without a taste of Andalusia’s world famous Sherry, made near Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz.                                               

Andalusia’s foodie culture is much like that of the rest of Spain, with traditional evening nibbles of tapas preferred amongst the locals in what has long been the most important social event of the day. It’s easy to join in, although an impossibly diverse region offers plenty of choice, whether you want to visit upper class eateries in flamenco-mad Seville, dine on the world’s finest tuna in Barbate or enjoy stunning shellfish at sunset over white sand beaches in Malaga.

All in all, the possibilities in Andalusia are as broad as the region itself. With world leading cuisine and ingredients embedded into a host of fabulous cities, a foodie tour here can become anything you want it to be.

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