Avignon Food and Wine Tours

Taste world-class wines paired with bright and hearty dishes in the Ancient Papal Town

Avignon is a small, charming French city, situated in the heart of glorious Provence. Among the mountains, lavender fields, tiny towns and endless countryside, Avignon is an oasis of relaxation, fine food and wine and ample opportunities to soak up French culture. The Palais de Papes (palace of the popes), the Pont d’Avignon bridge and the ancient city ramparts are just some of the characteristic monuments Avignon is famous for. Outside the city, the warm climate, fertile countryside and proximity to the sea make the Provence region one of the best in the world for food and wine.

Whilst you can experience excellent cuisine all across France, Provence (and Avignon in particular) has its own special charm. From simple, rustic country food to haute cuisine, Avignon has many regional specialities to choose from. Foie de veau en persillade, for example, is a typical dish of veal liver in a light, fresh parsley sauce. Pieds et paquets is also a characteristic regional peculiarity – tripe and pig’s trotters cooked in an old-fashioned French style. Of course you must also try the famous provençal saucisson (sausage), many varieties of which are sold in both restaurants and markets in the city. A traditional charcuterie plate is a perfect way to sample some of the very best French sausages and cured meats, and is a must when visiting Avignon.

There are many places to eat in Avignon, from good value local places to top restaurants offering excellent gastronomy. The one thing you can be sure of is fantastic food wherever you go. As it’s a small city, quaint little French restaurants are easy to find.

During your stay, be sure to also try some of the fantastic wines from the region. The city is full of quaint little enotecas (wine shops) selling some of the best wines produced in and around Avignon. Côtes du Rhône wines are popular all around the world – mostly red although some whites and roses are also produced. Châteauneuf-du-Pape red and white wines are also produced nearby thanks to the stony ground which retains the heat needed to grow the very best grapes required.

Find out more about the food and wine culture of Avignon with our wine tasting experiences, vineyard visit, and wine tours.

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