Bangkok Food and Wine Tours

Experience the intensity of Thailand's capital

    Where to begin with Bangkok? Golden Buddhist temples spiralling towards the clouds, small villages that have been almost untouched for 200 years, dazzling skyscrapers that represent the move into the 21st century, floating markets and exhilarating nightlife. An easier place to start is with the food. The cuisine here has been influenced by generations of tried and tested methods, and remains a much-loved favourite of people all over the world. But no matter how many times you have sampled a pad Thai or a red Thai curry, nothing compares to experiencing it Bangkok style.

    Nestled along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok has been a go-to destination for those wishing to experience Thai culture for centuries. Whether you are here as part of an extended trip or on a quick stopover, you will not be able to resist the refreshing aromas of authentic Thai cuisine at almost every turn.

    With its roots embedded in Buddhism, Thai cooking originally consisted of plant and fish based recipes that were mostly baked and grilled. But as Chinese settlers migrated into Southeast Asia over one thousand years ago, stir-frying techniques and the use of a meat soon became instilled into Thai cookery. Yet despite its Eastern influences, Thai cuisine has managed to maintain its own distinctive flavour using coconut milk as a replacement for ghee and dairy products to create a definitive creamy texture.

    In Bangkok today, thriving food markets can be found across the city. Yaowarat road is a bustling hub of foodie activity, lined with street food stands offering a mix of Chinese and Thai dishes. Here you will find an array of dim sum, barbequed chicken in peanut butter and a variety of tropical fruit juices and smoothies. Try a traditional egg noodle soup or a pad Thai packed with fresh garlic and chilli that will tantalise your taste buds for hours.

    Although Bangkok’s favourite sweet treat lod chong, may not look appealing, its green, stringy exterior belies the fact that this is one dessert definitely worth trying. Lod chong is created using tapioca flour and a sweet pandan paste, and is served with coconut cream, coconut milk, jack fruit and ice. It’s the perfect way to refresh your palate after a spicy dinner, and is an ideal treat to cool you down beneath the beating Bangkok sunshine.

    Opulent riverside temples and spectacular architecture make Bangkok an incredible, enlightening cultural destination all year round, but the food scene is well worth a visit in itself. From traditional noodle huts to historic culinary tours taking you through generations of Buddhist heritage, wherever you wish to begin in Thailand’s famed capital you’ll be guaranteed an unpredictable, tasty adventure.

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