Benefits of Decanting Champagne Wine

“Every wine needs to be decanted before tasting – even Champagne.”

People often ignore the Champagne decanting because this will lose the precious air bubbles in the wine when the truth is that these bubbles are inherently “sticky” together and are difficult to lose. Accordingly, the decanting of wine helps Champagne develop flavor notes and increases the sweetness, and helps to smoothen the air bubbles, thereby turning the wine experience through the sight and smell of wine.

Aeration also helps to release subtle aromas that are not always apparent in the first glass when Champagne is poured. Interestingly, many well-known Champagne producers also advocate serving Champagne in large wine glasses instead of the traditional slender long glasses, since then the larger surface area of ​​the white wine glass enhances aroma.

The decant is the first step in the process of opening a bottle of Champagne. I’ve always found the Champagne decant to be an important element in the delightful experience of this sweet alcoholic beverage!

champagne glass

Champagne is renowned for its high quality and finesse, but sometimes the bubbles can get a little too aggressive. The solution? Decanting your bubbly! By exposing it to air before serving or drinking.  You will tame any over-aggressive fizziness in your drink and soften the core of young Champagne. It’s easy enough to do at home (just keep an eye on those pesky corks!), so why not give this technique a try next time you crack open some bottles of wine with friends? And don’t worry about taking up valuable refrigerator space – decanted drinks are best served cold!

Benefits of Decanting Champagne Wine

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