Berlin Food and Wine Tours

Cultural Center of Germany with delicious cuisine.

Berlin, the capital and cultural center of Germany, is a city that has the perfect mixture of city life and of nature. This historical city dates all the way back to the thirteenth century. Known for its wonderful art, vibrant nightlife, modern architecture, historically rich culture, and fantastic gastronomy, Berlin is the perfect place for foodies to enjoy.

Visit the infamous wall that divided Berlin during the Cold War known as the Berlin Wall. Enjoy the impressive architecture of Brandenburg Gate and learn the history behind the eighteenth-century neoclassical monument. Visit the Holocaust Memorial to understand the turbulent history of the city and appreciate how far they have come. For a more relaxed atmosphere, visit the various parks and gardens the city has to offer. Walk down the streets while enjoying the delectable cuisine the city offers.

Of course, foodie vacations would not be complete without enjoying the regional foods and drinks that the locals love in the area. Berlin’s cuisine can be defined by simplicity and the usage of pork, goose, fresh fish, peas, beans, and potatoes. The meals that are eaten by people in this region are delicious and hearty.

One of the most typical dishes in Berlin is Currywurst. This dish features both curry and chili. The chili in the currywurst features ketchup, Worcester sauce, and curry powder. Another typical dish of Berlin is Eisbein, which is a dish of pickled ham hock. Berliner is also a typical dish of the region, which is a pastry similar to a donut without a hole and usually filled with marmalade or jam filling.

Pair your delicious food with the drinks that the city has to offer. It is common to drink beers in Germany and that is no different when traveling to Berlin. Berlinoffers a variety of beers to choose from and you can generally find a beer throughout the night.

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