For the always on-the-go people, bagels are just the perfect breakfast. Everyone, including adults, appreciate it. Bagels are just so good because it’s special, especially if baked perfectly. It has this firm chewiness that everyone loves. And there is nothing quite like a yummy bagel for a snack, too. There is just so many reasons people love bagels. If you do, you might be finding the best bagel slicers.

Using an excellent one, you can slice your favorite bagel to the right thickness that you want. With it, you’ll love your bagels and its texture even more. But then, it can be time-consuming and stressful to find the right slicer if you don’t know what to look for. In this buying guide, we’ve compiled the top picks on the market and what makes them as an excellent bagel slicer. Using it, you’ll have a better idea on the factors to check when comparing your options. If you’re ready, let’s start. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

 I. Our Top 5 Picks for Bagel Slicers 

II. What to Look for When Buying a Bagel Slicer?


On the market, you will find plenty of options for a bagel slicer, so it can be hard to figure out the right one for your needs. Others can slice different bagel sizes, but the rest just cannot. In addition to the varying sizes that these kitchen tools can slice, they also have different qualities and uniqueness that make one better than the other. For this reason, it will be helpful if you would know the things to look so that you can compare and weigh your options well.


You will find these slicers having a guillotine, but they’re not dangerous. The manufacturers have designed these slicers to be safe, while also being effective in cutting the perfect slices. On the other hand, you can find models that have different techniques in slicing, too. Besides, there are bagel knives and bagel biters to find on the market. And speaking of design, you will find models have comfortable to grip handles, which have safety guards. These are added in the design elements to ensure that you will keep yourself out of potential injuries. For better results, you might want to find a bagel slicer with an adjustable handle.


You can find plastic and metallic slicers. If it’s plastic, check that it’s BPA-free and food-safe. It can also be a great idea to find one that has rustproofed stainless-steel bodies and stainless-steel blades. If you prefer plastic, though, you should check that it’s easy to use and lightweight and that it’s not easily breakable. Or else, you might end up buying a new one soon. Thus, it might also be a good idea to find a stainless-steel model, which is stable and durable.

Convenience and safety features

One of the reasons to buy a bagel slicer is to eliminate the inconvenience of using an old kitchen knife, which might not slice your bagels perfectly. In that case, more people opt for a bagel slicer. It is convenient and safe to use. These slicers have a great design, allowing for more efficiency. One can slice your bagel to your desired thickness, while also eliminating any dangers. Many quality ones are with safety guards to keep your fingers and hand out of harm’s way. But then, you must keep both safety and precision in mind. You should look for a bagel slicer that can offer the best these features.

Cleaning and maintenance

Another thing that we liked a bagel slicer to have is ease of cleaning and maintenance. No one wants a hard to clean tool. That is why it is vital to ensure that the slicer is easy to clean and does not require much effort to do so. Or else, we’ll end up more frustrated than relieved in the use of such a tool. When comparing your options, check that the slicer is dishwasher safe or not. If it’s dishwasher safe, you can have peace of mind that you don’t have to spend too much time in cleaning up the mess later.

Consider these things when looking for the right bagel slicer for your needs so that you can decide better.

III. Top 10 Best Meat Slicers

1. Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer


Slice your bagels perfectly using this universal slicer. It is one of the most functional choice around because it lets you slice effortlessly. You can slice your bagels in half without much effort to spend. But then, it is not just for precision. This slicer is also with protection and safety features, and that is thanks to its safety shields to keep your fingers out of harm’s way.

The 5086739 slicer is wide enough to cut different types of bagel rolls. This versatility in performance makes this bagel slicer one of the best around, but that’s not all. It is integrated with a safety shield and a cradle that can hold the bagel in place.

I also liked that this slicer allows for smooth slicing, and that’s thanks to its serrated cutting edges. It also has a nonstick XYLAN-coated blade, allowing for durability and smooth slicing all the time. Using this kitchen gadget, you can eliminate messy cuts.


  • Effortless slicing
  • Safety shield
  • No more messy cuts
  • Compatible for different roll types
  • Smooth and even slicing


  • Cannot handle wider bagels

2. Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer


The bagel guillotine slicer is another top choice because of its robust construction and quality performance. The Sweet Home Bee is your solution to quick and simple bagel cutting, and that’s thanks to its sharp stainless-steel blade, offering you with simple and effortless slices of your bagels. That is also without messing with the shape of the slicer. This model is easy and simple to use, so it makes life easier. All you must do is to lift the blade and put the bagel inside. Next, you can lower the guillotine, and you’re done!

The bagel slicer can also keep your hands safe, so you don’t need to worry about cutting your fingers any more. You can count on it not only for precision but also for its safety. It is designed with a firm grip, offering you full control of its operation. The blade also has serrated edges, while also keep your fingers safe. It can help you prevent injuries and accidents.

However, there were reports about its blade losing sharpness over time. Overall, it is a great choice for its excellent design and solid performance.


  • Rustproof stainless-steel
  • Safety shield and safe grip
  • Ideal for different breads and rolls
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and sharp blade


  • Blade losing sharpness over time

3. Koozam Stainless Steel Guillotine Bagel Slicer


The Koozam bagel slicer is a high-end kitchen gadget that you can count on for its excellent design, stable construction and ease of use. If you’re looking for a bagel slicer that will not put you down, you might want to check out this KOOZAM slicer. It will eliminate the mess and uneven slices. Using it, you can look forward to perfectly sliced bagels.

The stainless-steel blade stays sharp for a long time and serrated edges can prevent mashing. In this case, you can have peace of mind that your rolls and breads will be cut evenly without the mess. I also liked its wide base, providing you with an excellent stability. It is one of its best features that you can rely on when comparing similar products.

However, there were users noting that its blade is losing sharpness over a couple of months. But then, it’s not the general feedback. Most people recommend this slicer for its overall performance.


  • Stainless-steel corrosion proof
  • Affordable and high-quality slicer
  • Sharp blade for easy cutting
  • Comfortable grip and wide base
  • Serrated edges prevent mashing


  • Blade losing sharpness

4. Maison & White Bagel Slicer Guillotine


If you’re looking for an excellent slicer guillotine, you might want to check out the Maison & White bagel slicer, which allows for quick and easy bagel cutting. It is a precision cutter that you can also use for different types of breads and rolls. It is also one of the most affordable yet quality choices around.

This kitchen gadget lets you cut your bagels perfectly, preventing burning half of the bagel. In this case, you can toast the bagels based on how you want it. This tool can also promote the perfect cutting of your breads, while promoting your safety. It can prevent the risk of cutting your fingers and hand in the process. It has a safety guard, so it can eliminate the risk of cutting yourself.

However, there were quality control issues reported, though. But then, these are isolated cases that do not make up the reviews of most users. Overall, this slicer is one of the most valuable picks on the market for it quality construction.


  • Promotes safety
  • Cuts bagels perfectly
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used for other breads and rolls
  • Excellent design


  • Quality control issues

5. Hometown Bagel Knife


Are you looking for a quality bagel knife? You might want to consider the Urban Trend bagel slicer that is easy to clean and use, saving you time and effort in cleaning up the mess later. This knife can let you slice different rolls and breads effortlessly.

This model is also designed with your safety in mind. It can keep your finger out of harm’s way, improving overall safety. You can keep your palms and safe away from the blade all the time. Now, you can cut breads and rolls using this full-size bagel slicer. Finally, it is easier to store and clean than a regular machine is. You can keep it in a drawer, utensil older and countertop. It can save you storage space, too.

On the cons, it’s not the most durable around, though. But then, it is simple and straightforward to use. Overall, it is another excellent choice when finding the right bagel knife that can last long and give you a reliable service.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Safety and protection features
  • Blade stays sharp
  • Serrated knife prevents uneven slicing


  • Not the most durable around

6. Lifetime Brands Bagel Cutter Slicer Guillotine


Lifetime Brands is another top of the line choice when comparing different guillotine slicers. This model is packed with solid features and offers a reliable performance for a long time. Using this slicer, you don’t need to worry about cutting yourself again, keeping your palm and fingers safe. With it, you can reduce the risk of an injury or accident in the kitchen. In addition, it has an action blade that can help you slice your breads and bagels consistently, while also promoting safety for its finger guards.

But then, it might not work well on moderate-sized bagels, though. Still, this guillotine cutter is one of the top choices around. Also, this slice is safe for the top-shelf dishwasher, saving you effort and time in its use. Nevertheless, every kitchen must have it for perfectly sliced bagels all the time. It is also an excellent kitchen gadget for bagel lovers.


  • Ideal as a gift
  • Nonstick coated blade
  • Acrylic safety shields
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Doesn’t work well on moderate-sized bagels

7. Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife


If you love breads, baguettes and bagels, you might want this Tablecraft bagel knife, which is more affordable than a machine slicer, in many cases. Yet, an item like this one can last long and serve you for years. One of those things I liked about this bagel knife is its versatile to slice or cut buns and English muffins.

It is also an affordable and quality knife that will let you slice perfect breads and rolls. This item is also one of the most reliable around for its ease of use and convenience. With it, you can have peace of mind that you’ll also get a quality bagel cutter at an affordable price.

This bagel cutler also has a plastic guide for a centered slicing. Also, this item has an ergonomic and soft grip handle and a nonslip grip. It can offer you with comfort and safety all the time.

On the cons, it is not the most durable around, though. Overall, it is one of the most versatile and easy to use around, so you might want to check it out when comparing your choices.


  • Versatile for slicing bagels, breads and other rolls
  • Patented bagel cutter
  • Designed with a soft grip handle
  • Nonslip grip offers comfort
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Might not be the most durable around

8. TableTop King Commercial Bagel Slicer


Are you looking for an easy to use bagel slicer? Would you like to cut your bagels and breads like a pro with a bagel slicer? If so, you might want to check out the TableTop King commercial slicer. For one, it’s easy to use that you don’t need advanced skills to start using it.

I also liked its sturdiness. This feature just ensures that this bagel slicer will last a long time to serve you for many years. It also gives you more out of your spending, too, when you choose this bagel slicer. I would also like to mention that it’s easy to clean and store. It is also lightweight and space-saving that it won’t take up much space in your countertop.

However, it is not wide enough that large bagels cannot fit the slicer. Overall, it is a convenient and easy to use slicer. It also doesn’t take up much space on the counter and is sturdy enough.


  • Space-saving and lightweight
  • Durable to last for years
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to store


  • Not wide enough

9. Winco BGS-1 Commercial Manual Bagel Slicer


Winco is a reliable brand that is trusted by thousands of users from around the world. This product is a top-rated choice as a large bagel slicer. For one, it is a commercial-grade slicer, promoting convenient and fast slicing.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty slicer, you might want to consider this product that is also suitable for food service venues. This model is also with a nonstick blade that promotes cleaning and precise slicing. On every slice, you can get even sliced bagels for its serrated edges.

I also liked that it has a clear guard that promotes safety. It can also protect your fingers and hands from injuries and accidents. In addition, this item has a wide base for accommodating different sizes, while also keeping stability when it’s in use.

However, it can be tricky to use for first timers, but a little familiarity with it goes a long way. Plus, it will not take much time until you learn how to use it.


  • Commercial grade slicer
  • Easy to store
  • Promotes fast and safe slicing
  • NSF-certified and quality
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Can be tricky to use for first timers

10. Fox Run Wooden Bagel Cutter


One of the things that you’ll like about the Fox Run 4089 is its durable build, giving you peace of mind for using it for a long time. This product is made of a smooth and sturdy rubberwood, promoting stability and strength. Another thing is that it’s easy to use. All you need is to put the bagel inside it to slice the bagel with a knife through the side slots for an even and perfect cut.

You can also count on the bagel holder that can promote ease and safety. It can also prevent the knife from slipping when in use. Thus, it can also protect your fingers from cuts and injuries.

However, this product is not wide enough to cut a wide range of bagel sizes. Overall, I would like to recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality essential kitchen gadget. It has a sturdy build and ease of use features.


  • Safety features
  • A must-have for every kitchen
  • Ideal as a gift
  • Reputable brand
  • Quality and durable build


  • Not wide enough


What is a bagel slicer and how does it work?

A bagel slicer is a kitchen gadget that works in a straightforward process. It can eliminate any uneven and messy cuts because it is made with a sharp blade, typically stainless-steel. Its design is serrated, depending on the model you’re buying. This slicer allows you to cut your bagels effortlessly and safely. With it, you can eliminate the hassle of not slicing in the thickness you desire, too. In many cases, it has a cradle that holds the bagel, while safety shields can protect you from injuries away from the piercing blade.

What are the different types of bagel slicers?

Slicing your bagels may seem easy; however, it is not for many bagel lovers. The same applies for you if you don’t like uneven and messy slices for your favorite bagel. For this reason, you might be looking for a bagel slicer. Check out the following for the types of bagel slicers.

Bread knife

It is the basic cutting tool that you might have been using if you don’t have the specialized bagel cutter. However, it can be hard to use this kitchen tool, especially that it can also cause injuries. Children cannot use them safely, too. A kitchen knife can also cause a kitchen accident.

Special bagel knife

You can find special knives that can be used for cutting different rolls and breads. A few of these include rolls, muffins, baguettes and other types of pastries. This knife is different from an old kitchen knife, as most of these knives are with a protective cover. Typically, its blade has two plastic holders. Using it, your hands are out of harm, while you’re having the perfect bagel for snack or breakfast.

Bagel slicer

It is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets that you can use daily, whether for commercial or residential use. Such tools are also common in coffee shops serving pastries, rolls and different breads. It has a guillotine blade, which can cut the bagel into two evenly. This tool also has an easy to grip and ergonomic handle.

How to use a bagel slicer?

It is easy to use. You only need to put the bagel in the machine and start cutting. You can also check out the instructions from the manufacturer for any additional steps.

How to make a bagel slicer?

Take the burden off your shoulders because you can simply buy an affordable bagel slicer like those featured earlier. If you don’t want to use a slicer, you can also use a special bagel knife. Get started in the selection process using our buying guide earlier.

Where to buy bagel slicer?

This gadget is also available in improvement and appliance stores. It is available in online shops, including Amazon and eBay, and other online marketplaces. Finally, you can get them on the websites of the manufacturers.

V. Conclusion

For a bagel lover like you, there is nothing quite more satisfying than using the best bagel slicers. So, if you liked to get the most out of your bagels, you should compare and weigh your options well using the above reviews of the finest products on the market. But then, also make sure that you know the factors to check when buying this kitchen gadget so that you can choose the right one to meet your demands. At the end of the day, find a durable, quality and easy to use slicer. You should also look for one that lets you clean it with ease and convenience. To find the right bagel slicer, get started and compare using this buying guide today!

The 10 Best Bagel Slicers

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