If you’re always crunched for time, bagels are great for breakfast.

How do you find trying to slice a bagel with a knife, though?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll end up hacking it roughly and making quite a mess.

Buy a bagel slicer and kiss goodbye to this grief.

Today, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on these simple but devastatingly effective pieces of kit.

As usual, we’ll be showing you what you should look for when you’re buying bagel slicers, and we’ll also review the leading models on the market.

If you’re impatient, here’s a sneak peek at our 10 favorites… is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

I. Our Top Picks for Bagel Slicers

Products & FeaturesImage & Price

1. Our #1 Pick: Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer


2. Runner-Up: Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer


3. Koozam Stainless Steel Guillotine Bagel Slicer


4. Maison & White Bagel Slicer Guillotine


5. Hometown Bagel Knife


6. Lifetime Brands Bagel Cutter Slicer Guillotine

8. TableTop King Commercial Bagel SlicerTableTop-King-Commercial-Bagel-Slicer
10. Fox Run Wooden Bagel Cutter
7. Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife
9. Winco BGS-1 Commercial Manual Bagel SlicerWinco-BGS-1-Commercial-Manual-Bagel-Slicer

II. What to Look for When Buying a Bagel Slicer


With so many bagel slicers up for grabs, you might be tempted to pick the first one you see. They’re super-simple products.

They are indeed, but if you focus on the following factors, you’ll maximize your chances of getting the right slicer for you.

  • Design
  • Material
  • Convenience and Safety Features
  • Cleaning and Maintenance


Although these slicers have a guillotine, they’re not dangerous. Manufacturers have designed these slicers to be safe while also being effective in cutting the perfect slices.

You can also find models capable of different slicing techniques. Bagel knives and bagel biters are also available.

We especially like bagel slicers with adjustable handles for the perfect ergonomic experience.


You can find plastic and metallic slicers.

Check that plastic bagel slicers are BPA-free and food-safe.

Look for rustproofed, stainless-steel bodies and stainless-steel blades.

While plastic bagel slicers are cheap and easy to use, they are also often quite breakable. Stainless steel slicers, on the other hand, are built to stay the distance.

Convenience and Safety Features

One of the reasons to buy a bagel slicer is to eliminate the inconvenience of using a kitchen knife, something unlikely to slice your bagels perfectly.

The design of these slicers keeps safety uppermost, so check that any model you’re considering is precise but safe to use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Check that any slicer you’re looking at is dishwasher safe.


We told you there wasn’t much to think about before buying one of these slicers.

Now, let’s launch right into our reviews.

1. Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer


Slice your bagels perfectly with this universal slicer.

You can easily slice your bagels in half without spending much effort to spend.

This slicer is designed with protection and safety features in mind as well as precision. The safety shields keep your fingers out of harm’s way.

The 5086739 slicer is wide enough to cut different types of bagels.

The serrated cutting edges promote smooth slicing. It also has a nonstick XYLAN-coated blade, so you’ll get no messy cuts and no messy clean-up either.


  • Effortless slicing
  • No more messy cuts
  • Compatible with different types of bread


  • Cannot handle wider bagels

2. Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer


The Sweet Home Bee is a guillotine bagel slicer packing a sharp stainless-steel blade, offering you an effortless way to cleave your breakfast bagels in half without wrecking them.

Easy to use; all you need to do is lift the blade, pop in your bagel, then lower the guillotine to finish the job.

The firm grip and serrated edges help you to minimize the chance of any slip-ups or injuries.

Unfortunately, reports of the blade losing its sharpness over time prevent this from being the perfect slicer. Overall, though, it makes a smart choice.


  • Rustproof stainless-steel
  • Ideal for different bread and rolls
  • Strong and sharp blade


  • Blade loses sharpness over time

3. Koozam Stainless Steel Guillotine Bagel Slicer


The Koozam bagel slicer is a high-end kitchen gadget with a sleek design, stable build, and ease of use.

Get evenly sliced bagels every time with no mess and with no effort required on your part either.

The stainless-steel blade stays sharper for longer while the serrated edges prevent mashing.

The wide base provides you with great stability, and this slicer is super simple to use.


  • Stainless-steel build
  • Sharp blade for easy cutting
  • Comfortable grip and wide base


  • Blade dulls over time

4. Maison & White Bagel Slicer Guillotine


This Maison & White bagel slicer allows for quick and easy bagel cutting. This precision cutter works well with a variety of bread and rolls.

Despite offering such versatility, this is one of the most affordable bagel slicers on the market.

This kitchen gadget lets you cut your bagels perfectly, preventing burning half of the bagel. This allows you to toast the bagels just the way you want them.

With a safety guard, you eliminate the risk of cutting yourself.

Overall, this slicer is one of the most cost-effective models on the market.


  • Cuts bagels perfectly
  • It can be used for various types of bread
  • First-class build


  • Customer care is questionable

5. Hometown Bagel Knife


Are you looking for a quality bagel knife? If so, the Urban Trend bagel slicer is easy to use and just as easy to clean.

This knife lets you slice through assorted rolls and bread effortlessly.

This model is also designed with your safety in mind. So you can keep your palms and safe away from the blade all the time.

This slicer is a snap to store. Just toss it in a drawer, and you never need to worry about butchering your bagels again.

Although this bagel knife is not the most durable on the market, it’s cheap and well worth further investigation.


  • Safety features impressive
  • Blade stays sharp
  • A serrated knife prevents uneven slicing


  • Not the most durable slicer

6. Lifetime Brands Bagel Cutter Slicer Guillotine


Lifetime Brands delivers a top-notch guillotine slicer that deserves a place on any shortlist.

Safety guards should keep your fingers safe from harm. As with all slicers, though, you should take care when using this thing.

This thing might run into trouble with more substantial bagels, though. Still, this guillotine cutter is one of the best choices around.

Also, this slicer is safe to pop on the top shelf of the dishwasher, saving you time and hassle.


  • Non-stick coated blade
  • Acrylic safety shields
  • Easy to clean and store


  • It doesn’t work well on mid-sized bagels

7. Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife


If you love bread, baguettes, and bagels, treat yourself to this Tablecraft bagel knife. Much more affordable than a bulky, standalone slicer, you can carve your way through buns, English muffins, and anything else along those lines.

This bagel cutler has a plastic guide for centered slicing. The ergonomic soft-grip handle with a non-slip grip gives you comfort and safety at all times.

Despite questionable durability, this is a pocket-friendly bagel slicer that rates a mention.


  • Versatile for slicing bagels, bread, and other rolls
  • Designed with a soft grip handle
  • Non-slip grip


  • Could let you down over time

8. TableTop King Commercial Bagel Slicer


Are you looking for an easy-to-use bagel slicer? Would you like to cut your bagels and pieces of bread like a pro?

If so, check out the TableTop King commercial slicer. Easy to get started even if you’ve never used a slicer before.

Lightweight and space-saving, it won’t take up too much space on your countertop.

On the flip side, this slicer is not wide enough to deal with large bagels.


  • Space-saving and lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Rugged enough for years of use


  • Not wide enough

9. Winco BGS-1 Commercial Manual Bagel Slicer


Winco is a reliable brand trusted by thousands of users worldwide.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty slicer, this model is suitable for use in a commercial setting. The non-stick blade is a snap to clean and slices precisely. The serrated edges are a welcome touch.

The transparent guard keeps safety uppermost. This also protects your fingers from injuries.

The wide base gives you all the stability you need.

While this slicer has a shallow learning curve, you’ll soon be up and running.


  • Commercial grade slicer
  • Promotes quick, safe slicing
  • NSF-certified


  • It can be tricky to use for first-timers

10. Fox Run Wooden Bagel Cutter


The Fox Run 4089 is durable and built to last. Made from rubberwood, this slicer is strong and stable.

Just slip the bagel inside, and you’ll get a perfect cut every time.

You won’t find this knife slipping in use either.

The drawback here is that you won’t be able to cut a large variety of sizes.


  • Great safety features baked in
  • Highly reputable brand
  • Enviable build


  • Not wide enough for all bagels


What is a bagel slicer, and how does it work?

A bagel slicer is a kitchen gadget that eliminates uneven and messy cuts thanks to a sharp blade, typically stainless steel. The blade is often serrated.

What are the different types of bagel slicers?

Bread knife

Use this simple cutting tool if you don’t have a specialized bagel cutter. However, this is not your best option.

Special bagel knife

You can find special knives for cutting bread, rolls, muffins, baguettes, and other types of pastries. Unlike traditional kitchen knives, these have a protective cover. In addition, the blade usually has 2 plastic holders keeping your hands are out of harm while giving you the perfect bagel for snacks or breakfast.

Bagel Slicer

These slicers have guillotine blades that cut the bagel in half evenly. This tool also has an ergonomic handle and is a staple in coffee shops.

How do I use a bagel slicer?

Just pop the bagel in the machine and start cutting. Refer to the instructions for the slicer you choose.

V. Conclusion

We hope today’s look at the best bagel slicers has given you all you need to know to find the right slicer the easy way.

Bookmark Foodie&Tours before heading off, and be sure to come back soon. We all just returned from our latest tour so expect a deluge of content over the coming weeks as we all get back down to business. We’ll see you soon!

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