The ideal way of keeping your collection of fine wine is by having a great storage unit specifically for them. Investing in the best built-in wine coolers is the finest thing you can do to keep your wine safe, secured, and at its best taste. Your growing collection is a sign that you can now expand them better with a reliable wine refrigerator. These coolers will not only keep your wine taste good; they will also protect wine from vibrations that can alter the chemical composition of your wine.

Can I store my wine in a regular refrigerator?

The simple answer is no, you can’t store it with the rest of your daily food and drinks. Wines are chemically different from those consumables. It also needs a different temperature and a level of humidity from the rest of the food products and drinks inside your regular fridge.

What are the advantages of having a wine cooler?

Having a wine cooler has a lot of benefits for a wine collector. Having a specific storage unit keeps you confident that your special alcohol is safely stored, with no risks of being spoiled or damaged. Here are other benefits of having a wine cooler:

  • It keeps your wine at the right temperature specifically for them, at 41-65 F.
  • It provides long term storage for your wine. You won’t be pressured to consume all the wine right away because the cooler can keep your drink at its best state.
  • Wine coolers encourages a slow and proper aging of wine.
  • Holds wine suitably, with no other adjustments compared to cramming it up in your regular refrigerator.
  • It is available in multiple sizes for storing your wine with the other wines.

What is the difference between a built-in and a free-standing wine cooler?

A built-in wine cooler can be recessed in a cabinet. It still follows specific measurements to enough clearance on opening and having the exhausts can be made.

The free-standing wine cooler on the other hand, as the name implies, cannot be settled with cabinetry. It stands independently and might need a bigger space for the wiring and exhaust to be installed properly.

The type of wine cooler you will be having will depend largely on the space you currently have, the number of win you currently and will likely buy in the future, and your own personal preference.

What size should I get?

The size of the wine cooler that will suit you depends on the space that you have at home and the number of wine bottles you intend to store in it. You should also consider where you will put your wine cooler. This is a versatile equipment that can be placed on top or under a counter. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

The 8 Best Built-In Wine Coolers

1.Our #1 Pick: Kalamera Stainless Steel Wine Fridge


Add this seamless and compact wine cooler in your home to keep your wine in their best state. The classy design of this built-in wine cooler will keep your home bar, entertainment area, or kitchen look appealing to guests. The glass is also tempered for durability, but is still very clear to charm your guests with its classy look.

The Kalamera is known to provide even cooling without any temperature fluctuations. It has an energy-efficient compressor that quietly works in its nook.

You won’t have a problem storing your wine as this has a 46-wine capacity. It has 5 wood shelves made of beech that securely keeps your wine safe and still.

What I love about this wine cooler is that works quietly with no vibration.  That way, wine sediments and its chemical composition won’t be disturbed at all.

It also uses a dual-zone thermostat with conveniently placed push buttons. You can easily adjust upper and lower zone temperatures with ease all the time.

The Kalamera has a temperature memory feature that quickly restores the cooler’s temperature in cases of power interruptions.

The only downside of this wine cooler is how it is fixed on having blue light. It looks cool and calming but some would want to prefer a neutral light to match their own home’s interior. The overall performance and value for money of this wine cooler exceeds expectations. This is a must have for wine enthusiasts with a growing collection.


  • Seamless and compact design with a tempered glass
  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Stores 46 bottles of wine
  • Works on a dual-zone thermostat with a temperature memory feature
  • Works quietly with no vibrations


  • Fixed blue light

2. EdgeStar CWB1760F Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler


Everything about the EdgeStar Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler is what every wine collector would love. The sophisticated look of this cooler makes it standout wherever you place it. It has classy French doors that are tempered for strength. The touch panel and digital display will give you that techy and modern vibe.

The convenience of the EdgeStar wine cooler is unmatched because it has adjustable leveling legs with a slide-out shelving mechanism. It also has an air-cooled and safety lock technology, keeping you wines safe and secured with the right temperature.

You get the best of both world with a 3-layer metal shelf and 5-layer shelf on the other side, both with wooden fronts. This accommodates 17 bottles of wine and 53 standard sized cans.

The downside wine lovers would note in this cooler is how it can be noisy while keeping your wines at their best state. Nonetheless, it is a great investment for its price and is an elegant way of storing fancy drinks.


  • Sophisticated design with French doors
  • Tempered glass doors
  • Digital display with a touch panel
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Stores 17 wine bottles and 53 standard sized cans


  • Can be a bit noisy when operating

3. Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler 30 Bottle Built-in


Starting a wine collection is made easy with another model of Kalamera Wine Cooler 30. It can hold up to 30 bottles of your favorite wine in different sizes.

The seamless look of this cooler will make you kitchen or home bar look classy and luxurious. It is made of a stainless-steel frame with a durable glass door that’s double-layered with tempered glass.

Restoring your cooler’s previous temperature after a power interruption is made easy with its system’s temperature memory function. It will keep your wine collection in great taste by quickly adapting to its optimal temperature.

What I like about this wine cooler is that it can work as a built-in or a free-standing cooler. Installation is hassle-free and it gives you the freedom to be installed at the most convenient place in your home.

Setting the temperature is quick with its LED control display. It provides your wine a temperature ranging from 40-66 F.

A setback you can find in this wine cooler is how the shelves can be a bit flimsy than its competitors. You might need to make sure that it can hold your wines with enough support and not just cram every bottle inside. Beyond that minor downside, the Kalamera Wine Cooler 30 is the perfect one newbie wine collectors can start with. It fits most spaces and it looks good on most kitchen designs.


  • Can hold up 30 bottles of different kinds of wines
  • Seamless and luxurious look
  • Glass door is double-layered with tempered glass
  • Has a temperature memory function
  • Works as built-in or free standing with an easy installation process


  • The racks aren’t as durable as the others

4. EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler


Worried that wine coolers can take a huge space in your home, but also uneasy of keeping your collection in your regular fridge? This petite wine cooler from EdgeStar will be the solution you are looking for. It has a single door that can fit up to 30 bottles of properly arranged wine.

The accessible controls of the cooler make you make the adjustments in an instant. It is also user-friendly and will provide you with accurate temperature inside.

What I like about this wine cooler is how the glass is tinted to keep the sunlight from getting in the wines. The wines can cause potential harm, so having these glasses tinted keeps the warmth and its UV rays away from your wine. You can still your favorite fancy drinks while keeping them safe inside.

The internal fan evenly flows and circulates the air inside the cooler, making sure all the bottles get proper cooling.

Whether you install it as free standing or built-in, it won’t be a bother with this cooler. It also has a rubber bushing that absorbs vibrations, keeping your wine free of any movement. Noise from its compressor is also absorbed by this rubber bushing.

The temperature can sometimes fluctuate with this cooler, but setting it frequently can make sure the wines are evenly cooled. The elegant design makes this an addition you would want to keep for life.


  • Fits 30 wine bottles
  • Accessible controls
  • Tinted glass to keep the sunrays away
  • Has an internal fan that keeps circulating air even
  • Rubber bushing absorbs noise and vibrations


  • Temperature may be inconsistent sometimes

5. Antarctic Star 15″ Wine Cooler


Wine lovers who don’t like cramming up their precious bottles inside coolers will like how the Antarctic Star Wine Cooler is spacious inside. It can hold up 28 bottles of wine, in varying sizes. The space inside is also accommodating so you won’t have a hard time putting in and taking out your wine.

I like how it blends seamlessly in kitchens with its sleek design. It comes with a double-layered glass door, durably protecting your wines from the harmful rays of the sun.

The advanced cooling system keeps your wine’s taste at its greatest. It leaves your wine undisturbed with minimal noise and vibration. It keeps wines settled at temperatures from 41-68F.

Shelving of the Antarctic Star Wine Cooler is among its best features. It has wooden racks made of beech that just seems to make wines look chic and sophisticated inside. An added blue light makes you see your wines clearly at night.

If you aren’t a fan of the blue light, that can be a setback that you should take note. But overall, that light gives off a calming and cool vibe on your place, making the look of the wine as elegant as possible.


  • Spacious inside, fitting up to 28 bottles of wine
  • Sleek design that blends easily in most bars and kitchens
  • Advanced cooling system inside
  • Low vibrations and noise from its compressor
  • Elegant shelving


  • Fixed blue light

6. Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator


Your guests will fancy the way you store your wine in your kitchen or bar at home. The Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator will store your canned drinks and wines, in an elegant and well-arranged manner, without spoiling them.

Loosen up your regular fridge as this wine cooler also accommodates other canned beverages. It can hold 33 bottles of wine and 96 cans of other beverages at their own optimal temperatures.

The 2-door cooler isn’t just for the looks, each will hold a designated temperature to keep your wine separate from the rest of the drinks. It has Independent Temperature Control technology to make sure each will hold temperatures appropriately to your desired setting.

The Smart Temperature technology is also a feature you don’t want to miss. It quickly restores temperatures when there is a sudden power cutoff.

Durability can’t be questioned as this has stainless steel frame and strong transparent French style doors. It will look great on any kitchen, man cave, bar, or dining room.

As it works quietly in keeping your beverages cool, the transparent glass can be warm to touch. That minor issue shouldn’t alarm you, as it just suggests it is working well. But of course, that can be bothersome to other wine enthusiasts. Overall, the performance is superb and is great for storing a variety of your home beverages.


  • Stores wines and other beverages
  • 2 doors with separate temperatures
  • Smart Temperature technology
  • Durable stainless-steel frame and French style doors
  • Stylish for kitchens, bars, and man caves


  • Glass door can be warm to touch

7. EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler


Having a great and dependable wine cooler can be a hassle as it can take another space in your home. But the EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler is compact, making sure your wine collection keeps its delectable taste.

You can skip being worried about your wine collection having no place to store in. This can hold up to 53 bottles of wine if they are properly arranged inside. Accepting wines and keeping them in place won’t be a problem at all.

The soft interior lighting will keep your bottles seen with a tinge of cool vibe. The classic shelves will also have that elegant feels when you slide them out. Showcasing your treasured wines has never been this fancy

Having the controls very accessible for you to see and adjust directly is among its strongest features. It has a great touch control with a digital display for all the setting you will make.

The unwanted UV rays of the sun can stay out of your collection. The tinted glass ensures you that you can see you bottles, without the sunrays reaching them.

Noise can be irritating and unfortunately, that is one of the setbacks of having this wine cooler. However, the all the other features make a great value for your money. It can hold a lot of beverages and does a great job in keeping them cool as they age.


  • Holds 53 bottles of wine
  • Elegant design with soft blue interior lighting
  • Touch control
  • Digital display
  • Tinted glass to keep UV rays away


  • A bit noisy

8. EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler


Your standard bottles of wine can have a new home with the EdgeStar Dual Zone Wine Cooler. Aging and settling your bottles of wine can be stress-free with this bar and kitchen companion.

Elegance is unparalleled with having a black cabinet and a black dotted matrix. The stainless-steel doors even add a luxurious ambiance wherever you place this wine cooler.

The door lock in each French-styled door makes the other wines unbothered whenever you choose a wine on the other side. It keeps the temperatures still, making sure they are settling peacefully.

Monitoring and adjusting temperatures will be a breeze because the controls are very accessible. It also has an intuitive touch control system that is very easy to use. The display is also digital, providing you with accurate information all the time.

The glass is also tinted for your convenience. If your wine cooler is stationed where the sun can hit them, you don’t have to worry about the UV rays getting in the wine. This will keep sunlight at bay with its glass door tint.

One of the things that wine enthusiasts will appreciate is how quiet the compressor works. Your wines will stay unfazed with the noise, but will still do its job of keeping them cool.

The lights could have been improved as they are minimal and cannot cover the entire collection. However, the overall performance is outstanding. It would be wonderful piece of kitchen appliance you will appreciate.


  • Elegant black cabinet with stainless steel rim
  • Easy monitoring with accessible controls
  • The glass doors are tinted
  • Quiet compressor
  • Door lock on each side


  • Light is low for 2-door wine cooler


A bottle of wine is probably one of the most rewarding drinks you can take on any day. Having a wine cooler can be one of the best things you can invest, especially if your collection just started growing. The built-in ones are easy to install and will seamlessly join any cabinet or counter you have at home. The best built-in wine coolers will bring elegance and will keep your fancy drinks stored in a safe manner. Their aging won’t be disturbed and their taste will generally be preserved until you open them. Enjoying a bottle of finely aged wine will never be the same with these sophisticated wine coolers.

The 8 Best Built-In Wine Coolers

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