At high temperatures, alcohol ages more quickly. It does not chemically do well with light, vibrations, and other conditions. One can easily see that wine has been contaminated when it turns into brown.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or have a few collections, it is important to invest in a good wine cooler or fridge. This keeps your bottles of wine safe to be displayed or consumed. In storing wine, the storage temperature needs to be consistent.

Unfortunately, rooms or areas in houses do not provide that kind of temperature. The ideal temperature for red wine is around 50° to 68° Fahrenheit. The average room temperature is too warm for red wine. For other wine such as white wine or chilled wine, the ideal temperature is around 42° to 50°. Keeping this wine in a refrigerator is not ideal since it is warmer than a standard refrigerator’s average temperature. The ideal temperature for a wine cellar is around 55°. You can have this if you have a cooler or fridge that is specially made for wine.

The problem with some of the best dual zone wine coolers & wine fridges is that they can be expensive. Choosing them can be a bit of a challenge because they all look similar. Nevertheless, if you plan to invest in one, you want to make sure that it is functional. That is because you are going to likely store rare and expensive bottles of wine.

Here in our review, you will see different units that have a dual-zone cooling feature. If you have not owned this kind of wine cooler, it features 2 different temperature zones. Therefore, it is perfect for wine collectors who have bottles of red and white wine because the temperature is both suited for these.

We consulted different winemakers, sommeliers, and restaurateurs to round up the best dual zone wine coolers & wine fridges. You will see coolers and fridges from different brands, so you can expect different features. Some are more expensive than models with one zone, but dual-zone coolers offer more flexibility.

Whether you are a beginner on wines or planning to add more to your collection, there is a wine cooler or fridge for you.

Here are our top picks for a dedicated wine cooler or refrigerator. You can learn more about these and other great models here:

Our #1 Pick: 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Red and White Wine Cooler Refrigerator by Kalamera 

Kalamera 24'' Wine Cooler Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in or Freestanding Fridge with Stainless Steel & Triple-Layer Tempered Reversible Glass...

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#Runner Up: 32-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler by EdgeStar 

EdgeStar 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler with Stainless Steel Trimmed French Doors and Digital Controls

Check Price

#Best suited for Bar: 172- Bottle Wine Refrigerator by Allavino 

 Allavino VSWR172-2BWRN Wine Refrigerator

Check Price

#Budget pick: 18-Bottle Dual-Zone Red and White Wine Cooler and Chiller Fridge by Ivation 

Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler/Chiller Counter Top Wine Cellar with Digital Temperature Display, Freestanding...

Check Price

#Upgrade Pick: 157-Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator by Kalamera 

Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator: Stainless Steel, triple-layered Tempered Glass Door, Electronic One-Touch Control with LED Display

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Dual Zone Wine Fridge Temperature and What for White vs Red Wine

The Ideal Temperatures for Storing Wine

Please take note that the shared information here is a general guideline to help you keep your wine. Nevertheless, this does not apply to all kinds of wines, so it will always be better to double-check.

There are many factors to consider for the ideal temperature of wines. Some of these are the amount of alcohol, fruit, and tannin. In general, wine can be kept at a temperature of 52° to 57° Fahrenheit. You just need to keep in mind that the storing temperature should not exceed 75° Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes beyond that, the wine will start to oxidize. As a result, it can alter the taste or appearance of the wine.

Moreover, the temperature of the wine storage should be as consistent as possible. Various temperature fluctuations can negatively affect the wine. For a wine to mature properly, it needs to have consistent temperature all throughout the year.

Storage Temperature for Red Wine

The ideal storage temperature for red wine is 55° Fahrenheit. You do not have to be very precise at this temperature. It can be 1° to 2° warmer or colder. This is still considered optimal. You just need to remember to keep the temperature consistent.

Storage Temperature for White Wine

The ideal storage temperature for white wine is 55° Fahrenheit. Similar to red wine, it does not need to be precise. A difference of several degrees is still considered optimal. Keeping it at a constant temperature is the key to maintaining it.

You might be surprised that storing wine is simple. Some types of wine are best stored at 53° to 54° while some at 56° to 57°. These differences are not very significant when it comes to storage. However, to succeed in maintaining wines, you need to have durable and stable storage so that these are not exposed to extreme and erratic changes in temperature.

Tips on Ideally Storing Wine

  • Because it can affect the cork and wine, bottles of wine should not be placed together with anything that has a strong scent.
  • Providing good ventilation for your wine storage is recommended so that odors will not penetrate the wine.
  • It is best to keep the wine in the dark and vibration-free storage. Moreover, you should avoid moving wine bottles too frequently and quickly. This can cause the wine to be spoilt.
  • Exposure from direct light fixtures or sunlight can damage the wine.
  • You can opt to wrap or cover your wine bottles with a cloth if you cannot completely keep them away from direct light. Also, you can put them in a carton box.
  • One of the factors that affect wine is the humidity level. Having a humidity level that is too high, molds can grow, and the bottle labels become loose and damaged. The humidity level recommended is not more than 70%. Using a thermo hygrometer, you can check the humidity level. It can help you know if you need to humidify or dehumidify. You can install a dehumidifier to control a room’s moisture.
  • Storing your wine in a horizontal position maintains the cork’s right moisture, so it lessens the risk of getting dry. Also, because of shrinking, air can go in your wine bottles.
  • To protect your wine bottles’ labels in moist or humid storage, you can use cellar sleeves or plastic protectors.
  • When you drink your wine, it is good to make temperature adjustments. Depending on the temperature, it allows the wine to adapt.
  • It is not a good idea to place a wine bottle in a freezer since the extremely cold temperature is bad for the wine. The wine can be damaged if it is frozen. Moreover, if the bottle expands, it can shatter the bottle.
  • One of the most crucial pieces of advice in storing wine is to purchase and keep the wines you want. With the right storage, collecting wines is a leisurely and relaxing activity.

Top 12 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers & Wine Fridges is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

Our #1 Pick: 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Red and White Wine Cooler Refrigerator by Kalamera 

Kalamera 24'' Wine Cooler Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in or Freestanding Fridge with Stainless Steel & Triple-Layer Tempered Reversible Glass...


This wine cooler from Kalamera is one of the most elegant wine coolers in the market. This is our top pick because of its unique and amazing features. The dual-zone temperature feature is ideal for keeping red and white wine.

If you have a large collection of wine, this chiller has a big capacity. Wine coolers with compressors tend to be noisier, but with this Kalamera wine cooler, it is generally quiet and does not produce vibrations. Therefore, it will not disturb you or your wine.

Many agree that its design is beautiful and well-thought. You can install this built-in cooler in any part of your home. You can place it in your kitchen, home bar, or entertainment room. It looks elegant because of its black and gray finish and the handles and door made of stainless steel.

The glass door protects from UV rays coming from the chiller. The LED lights make it easier to see your collection. The temperature range is vast, so it is great for your red and white wines. The auto-defrost feature is beneficial since it maintains the cleanliness of the unit and keeps it dry.

Things We Liked:

  • Has a large capacity
  • It has a sleek finish
  • The door is reversible
  • Has a child safety lock feature
  • Great for storing red and white wine
  • Can be installed as a freestanding or built-in unit

Things We Disliked:

  • Too small for 46 bottles
  • Light has to be manually turned off or on
  • Expensive

2. Runner Up: 32-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler by EdgeStar

EdgeStar 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler with Stainless Steel Trimmed French Doors and Digital Controls


In terms of aesthetics, this wine cooler from EdgeStar might look the same as other wine coolers. Nevertheless, it has a different take on typical wine coolers.

First, the double-door feature is wonderful. It makes the machine look classy. It has stainless steel French doors with double-pane glass that is tinted. Therefore, it protects your wine from direct sunlight. The left and right zones have a temperature range of 54 to 64° Fahrenheit.

Its interior has LED lights installed. The different doors for every zone are beneficial. When you get a bottle of red wine, the white wine’s temperature is not affected. This feature enables it to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels. It is a freestanding wine cooler, so looking for a place to install it is easy.

Things We Liked:

  • It has an LED display
  • Beautifully designed
  • There is a security lock for every door
  • Has auto-defrost feature
  • Can be installed freestanding or built-in

Things We Disliked:

  • Not energy-saving enough
  • The warranty can be longer

3. Best Suited for Bar: 172- Bottle Wine Refrigerator by Allavino

 Allavino VSWR172-2BWRN Wine Refrigerator


Allavino’s high-end wine refrigerator has caught the attention of some people. The attention it is getting is very complimentary, which is not surprising.

Its capacity of 172 bottles is great for bars. What makes it more enjoyable is that it can hold 172 bottles in reality. Therefore, aside from those who own a bar business, people who collect wines professionally and as a hobby will like this.

The overall design of this cooler is elegant. Although it has a large size, it will not be an eyesore since its design can complement virtually any interiors. Not only that, but also it can complement your other home appliances. The structure is also sturdy, so you can expect to have this wine refrigerator for a long period.

Things We Liked:

● Sophisticated design
● Has 14 durable and well-spaced wine racks
● Huge capacity
● Easy-to-read screen display and simple controls
● Has a rack for big wine bottles

Things We Disliked:

● The shelves cannot be adjusted
● There are several degrees difference between the actual temperature and temperature displayed

4. Budget Pick: 18-Bottle Dual-Zone Red and White Wine Cooler and Chiller Fridge by Ivation

Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler/Chiller Counter Top Wine Cellar with Digital Temperature Display, Freestanding...


If you want your wine to age steadily, this wine cooler from Ivation is a good choice. Since there are fewer vibrations and noises, your wine can age without its environment affecting it. It protects your bottles of red and white wine because it consistently maintains temperature.

The cooler lets you set the temperature and the preservation time you prefer for your wine. This quality wine cooler is made of solid polyurethane and free of CFCs. The thermal pane doors are tempered smoked.

The humidity levels remain the same since the interior does not cause any odor. Also, this protects the cork of your wine from becoming dry. Because it has a thermoelectric cooling feature, it lessens energy use compared to compressor-based models.

The LED screen looks modern and makes it easy to set the unit. The lighting in its interior is soft so that the cooler can complement any room. In case you have concerns, you can rely on their customer support.

Things We Liked:

● Has removable shelves
● Great temperature range to store wines
● Has good insulation and provides good UV protection for your wines
● Excellent customer service
● Easy LED controls

Things We Disliked:

● Not energy-saving
● Not ideal to placed in warm areas
● More clearance space is needed

5. Upgrade Pick: 157-Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator by Kalamera

Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator: Stainless Steel, triple-layered Tempered Glass Door, Electronic One-Touch Control with LED Display


Do you need a wine fridge that does not take up much speed? This Kalamera freestanding wine cooler is tall and can hold a lot of wine bottles. Nevertheless, it does not use up a lot of space. It is ideal if you have a small or large area for a wine fridge.

Aside from saving you floor space, it has a dual-zone thermostat feature, so you have 2 different storage zones for your wines. You can accurately set the thermostat because the controls are one-touch. Its state-of-the-art and quiet compressor helps give consistent temperature.

Your wine is also protected from sunlight and harsh UV rays because of the 3-layered transparent glass door and soft LED light. You can install it as a built-in or freestanding cooler. You can get the dimensions you need so that you can use it as a built-in cooler.

Things We Liked:

● Great visibility because of the interior lights on every zone
● Has an effective dual cooling technology
● Has an elegant design
● Tolerable noise
● Easy installation

Things We Disliked:

● The upper zone temperature is a few degrees different from the existing temperature.
● When loaded, the shelves are difficult to move

6. 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Built-In or Freestanding Wine Cooler by Kalamera

Kalamera 46 Bottle Dual Zone 24'' Built-in or Freestanding wine cooler/refrigerator with Stainless Steel


This Kalamera wine cooler has a stainless steel structure so you can expect it to be durable. It also has a built-in design so that there is additional stability. It also operates quietly and has fewer vibrations. Therefore, the wine composition is not disturbed giving it a fresh and rich flavor. Its design gives the unit a luxurious look. It is not only functional but also aesthetic.

Depending on your wine collection, you can adjust the shelves of this dual-zone cooler. Because of the LCD display, you can easily regulate the temperature. The upper zone can be regulated from 40° to 50°, while the lower zone can be regulated from 50° to 66°.

Things We Liked:

● Has a large capacity
● It has a sleek design
● Has reversible doors
● Offers different temperatures zones
● Has a child safety lock feature
● Flexible installation

Things We Disliked:

● The feet could not be adjusted for leveling
● Light has to be manually turned off or on
● Expensive

7. 29-Bottle Wine Cooler by NewAir

NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler, 29 Bottle, Stainless Steel


You can put this wine cooler from NewAir at almost any part of your house because of its small footprint. Giving it a classic look are its wooden shelves, black cabinet, and stainless steel borders.

Its dual-zone feature has a temperature range between 40 to 50° in the upper zone and 50 to 66° in the lower zone. It comes with a digital control panel for temperature regulation and soft blue LED lighting.

Aside from that, it also has a plastic tub and carbon filter control humidity level. It is also equipped with a fan that lessens erratic temperature changes.

Things We Liked:

● The shelves are deep
● Very quiet
● Holds temperature well
● Has a great size

Things We Disliked:

● The warranty could be longer
● Reports of compressor breaking down after several months

8. 18-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler by Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler


If you want a more affordable wine cooler option without the need for a large capacity, this 18-bottle wine cooler from Wine Enthusiast can be an option.

Wine Enthusiast is considered one of the best wine refrigerator manufacturers. This is great for small wine collections.

The racks are made of metal. The bottles are held in place, easy to access and identify since the labels can be seen easily.

It also has an advanced compressor that lasts twice longer compared to coolers with a thermoelectric feature. The compressor also functions quietly and effectively, so constant temperatures are maintained.

Things We Liked:

● A very beautiful unit
● Great built and quality
● Provides convenient wine storage
● Has removable racks

Things We Disliked:

● Has no lock
● Lower zone does not have a light
● Larger bottles may be more difficult to fit

9. 33-Bottle Dual-Zone Freestanding Wine Cooler Refrigerator by Ivation

Ivation 33 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/Lock | Large Freestanding Wine Cellar For Red, White, Champagne & Sparkling Wine | 41f-64f...


This freestanding wine cooler refrigerator from Ivation has thermopane glass that is double-paned and UV-resistant. Therefore, aside from maintaining the inside insulated, it also protects your collection from harmful UV rays that can damage tannins and your wine’s taste.

You can reorganize the shelves to accommodate different wine bottles. You can turn the light on and lock it easily through the digital display. Even when it is dark, you can see the temperature because of the bright display. Moreover, the LED light is energy-saving.

Things We Liked:

● Remains generally silent
● Gives accurate temperature
● Compact size
● Does not take too much floor space

Things We Disliked:

● Shelves made for Bordeaux style bottles
● Wines with long bottles may not fit

10. 24-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler by Whynter

 Whynter WC-241DS 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Coolers, Black with Stainless Steel Trim


Many users love this dual-zone wine cooler from Whynter. Aside from being a great piece in their homes, most of them love how dependable the cooler is. It is safe to say that many wine enthusiasts would love it.

Its storage design is space-saving. It can hold up to 24 bottles to its 6 shelves made of stainless steel. Each shelf can hold 4 standard wine bottles. What makes it even better is that the shelves are removable, making it easy to put bigger wine bottles. Moreover, the thermostat is adjustable for each zone.

Even though the design may look basic, it matches easily with your other home decors and appliances. Also, you do not have a large space for it. Another great feature is that it operates quietly. There is no need to worry about others getting disturbed because of the noise.

Things We Liked:

● Provides good circulation because of the fan
● Quiet operation
● Gives stable temperature
● Offers storage flexibility

Things We Disliked:

● The lower zone can be a bit sensitive to external temperature

11. 56-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler by EdgeStar

 EdgeStar CWR5631FD 30-Inch 56 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler


The EdgeStar wine cooler has 4 different cooling zones to match the ideal temperature for each type of wine easily. The temperature can be set from 41 to 64° Fahrenheit. Each of these cooling zones has a temperature display that you can easily control.

The wine is also protected from sunlight and UV rays because of the tinted glass. Therefore, your wine can age properly. The doors are reversible, so you can opt to have a French door structure.

Things We Liked:

● Good for freestanding, under the counter or flush installation
● Has carbon filter, so no dirt or odor are going in the cooler
● Has a very efficient compressor
● Provides UV protection because of the glass panels
● Has soft blue LED light

Things We Disliked:

● Some reviews say that it had a problem with the bottle capacity

12. 51-Bottle Dual-Zone Built-In or Freestanding Wine Refrigerator by Aobosi

 【Upgraded】Wine Cooler Dual Zone,Aobosi 24 inch 51 Bottle Wine refrigerator Built-in or Freestanding with Fashion Look,Quick and Silent Cooling System...


When you get this wine fridge from Aobosi, you will have convenient and efficient wine storage. Aside from looking beautiful because of the beech wood, the shelves are durable to keep your wine bottles. There are no scratches, and the bottles can be taken out easily because the track is ball-bearing.

You will not have any problems keeping you red and white wines, so this wine refrigerator is remarkable. For these wines, you can set different temperatures. Moreover, the blue LED lighting highlights your collection.

Because it has a vent, there is no need to worry about overheating when installing it under your counter. If you have stainless steel appliances, this Aobosi cooler will be perfect. The air is clean in its interior because of the carbon filter. There is also a safety lock, so kids will not open it and cause the temperature to change.

Things We Liked:

● The soft blue lights look amazing
● Compact size
● The racks give it a vintage feel
● There is a lock installed

Things We Disliked:

● A bit expensive
● Had issues with the capacity

Dual-Zone Wine Coolers Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for


Here are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a dual zone wine cooler:

Size and Capacity of the Bottle

Before you search for the best dual zone wine coolers & wine fridges, you have to check the available space you have. Wine coolers and fridges come in various sizes, so you need to decide on a model based on the space you plan to allot and the extent of your wine collection.

If your space is not a lot, a great option would be to get built-in units. Small wine coolers can hold around 6 wine bottles at the least. Large units, on the other hand, can hold around 100 to 200 wine bottles.

In simpler terms, you should pick a wine cooler big enough for your collection and consider more space if ever you add more.

Wine Cooler Type

The wine cooler you choose will basically depend on the needs. In general, there are built-in, freestanding, countertop, or integrated wine coolers. For freestanding types, they are more flexible and can be placed in any kind of space.

These are also more affordable and can hold up to 150 wine bottles. Nevertheless, they need ample ventilation so that air circulates well to prevent overheating. Built-in wine coolers have standard measurements that can be placed next to your cabinets or under your countertop.


To have a better and improved taste, you should serve wine at the right temperature. Even though you do not need to be very accurate with the ideal wine temperature, you still have to regulate it properly.

For wine coolers, you can opt to get one with a single-zone and a dual-zone. Single-zone coolers are great for people who only get one bottle of wine at a time since it only has 1 temperature zone.

Door Number and Types

You have a lot of door choices for your wine cooler. You can choose from self-closing, ones with left or right hinges, reversible, and French doors, among many others.

Depending on the space you have, there are wine coolers that have reversible doors. Therefore, these are more flexible in terms of installation and convenience. A self-closing door is a good option if you want to save more energy.

The number of doors for the model depends on the wine-bottle capacity and size. Some units have a single door. Others have 2 or 3 doors.


When choosing a new home appliance, noise is one of the most important considerations. Many wine coolers have similar technology with kitchen refrigerators. Therefore, the same level of noise is similar. Nevertheless, if you want a quiet unit, you can check out thermoelectric wine coolers.


Most electric home appliances can take up a big chunk of your electric bill. That means having a wine cooler means more energy consumed. To have the right temperature, a wine cooler needs to be turned on.

It is recommended to get energy-saving wine coolers to save more from your electric bill. You can look for units that are certified by Energy Star.

These units use up 20 to 30% less electricity. You can also check features that save energy, such as a thermoelectric cooling feature, triple-pane glass, or LED lights.

Cooling Technology

Since it is a wine cooler, you can expect a cooling technology feature, right? However, this is still one of the factors you should check. Wine coolers have a thermoelectric cooling feature or a built-in compressor. The most common cooling technology used on wine coolers is a compressor. This is because it utilizes a refrigerant that is similar to standard refrigerators.

Aside from giving constant temperature, another advantage of using wine coolers with compressors is that these are powerful. However, units like this are more expensive, bulkier, and make louder noises.

Thermoelectric wine coolers give the cooling of the models by utilizing the Peltier effect. Even though there could be temperature fluctuations, these are compact, affordable, quiet, energy-saving, and have lesser vibrations.


There are many wine coolers and fridges offered in the market, so it will be better to compare the prices and pick the one within your budget.

Similar to other products, there are varying prices for wine coolers. However, it is not difficult to find one that is within the price range you want.

The prices differ depending on the number of zones and the number of bottles it can hold. Even though you have a budget to follow, it is not a good idea to get very cheap units since these could get damaged more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: What wine cooler should I get? A thermoelectric cooler or with a compressor?

Q: Using a cooling node with a ceramic tile allows electric current to pass through and heat up the tile for thermoelectric wine coolers. As a result, the opposite end will be cool.

These coolers also have fans inside so that cool air is adequately dispersed. Moreover, because there is no compressor, they are quieter.

The downside is that it can only provide a lower temperature than 20° Fahrenheit than the area where it is located. For compressor wine coolers, there is no temperature limitation.

Therefore, when you purchase a wine cooler, you can remember these. Freestanding coolers have thermoelectric cooling features, while built-in units have compressors that have a larger capacity.

A: Which is better, a built-in wine cooler or a freestanding wine cooler?

Q: This depends on your needs and preferences. If you install your wine cooler in a stable area, you can look for the built-in models.

Nevertheless, if you want your visitors to see it, you can go for freestanding types. You just need to remember that the freestanding ones are made to dissipate heat at the back. This is to make the unit longlasting and prevent overheating.

A: What are the ways of cleaning a wine cooler?

Q: To start, you need to turn off your wine cooler by unplugging it. Then, you remove the parts and wine bottles.

You can now start cleaning the inside using a mild soap. You can also make a solution by combining warm water and baking soda.

Lastly, you clean the outside using a mild detergent and rinse everything off by wiping the areas cleaner with a soft cloth. It is recommended to avoid using much water in cleaning since it can damage the electrical components.

A: What kind of temperature zone cooler is best for me?

Q: If you have a wine bottle collection, you can get the dual-zone wine coolers since these can hold multiple bottles. If you just drink wine casually and only keep a bottle often, you can opt for single-zone models.

A: I want to make my freestanding cooler a built-in one. Is this possible?

Q: Yes, it is if you have 2 to 3 inches extra space on every side underneath your counter. This extra space is needed so that heat can disperse and give ample ventilation to the unit.

A: What is the serving temperature for red and white wine?

Q: The temperature for sparkling wines, rosés, and dry white wine is around 40° to 50° Fahrenheit to get the best flavor.

For fruity reds and full-bodied and light white wines can be served at around 50° to 60°. You can store it at 55° so that the aroma is preserved. Serving temperature of 60 to 65° and a storage temperature of 55° is needed for ports and full-bodied red wines to keep its natural flavor


It is without a doubt that wine is one of the most delicious and exquisite drinks. That is why it is crucial to preserve its pure and natural taste.

To do this, you need to invest in a quality wine cooler. As you have read, there are many features, designs, and types available. Nevertheless, all of them have one primary function. That is to keep your wines’ goodness and make them better as they age.

The 12 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers and Fridges of 2021

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