Egg Cookers are an essential tool if you want to enjoy delicious eggs in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking to whip up breakfast sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, or omelette masterpieces, an egg cooker can help you do it all with ease.

You are an egg lover but hate the mess, time and effort it takes to cook them just right. A good egg cooker can make life a whole lot simpler with perfect results every single time. Check out our list of the 6 best egg cookers on the market today and find one that will be your ideal kitchen companion!

The 6 Best Egg Cookers for Perfect Egg Style
The 6 Best Egg Cookers for Perfect Egg Style

List of The 6 Best Egg Cookers Reviewes

1.DASH Rapid Egg Cooker Our #1 Pick:

  • This state-of-the-art cooker provides an easy way to prepare up to six eggs to perfection in a fraction of the time it would take boiling them on the stovetop.
  • No more guesswork and tedious stirring, the digital touch control panel gives you the ultimate control over your meal’s texture and taste. Simply choose soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs and then let the Dash do the rest!
  • Boasting an impressive 6-egg capacity and virtually zero cleanup, this appliance is perfect for busy families and those with picky eaters.
  • Its rapid cooking preserves their nutrition and color – no more brownish yolks! And because this device is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, you know that it’s built to last.
  • It’s compact and lightweight – just 1lb – so it’s ideal for small kitchens, apartments, college dorms and RVs.
  • You can choose from trendy colors to customize the look even more.
  • The egg cooker also includes all the accessories you need to make your life easier – a poaching tray, omelet tray, egg holder tray, measuring cup, recipe book and access to a recipe database.
  • All of the non-electric parts are dishwasher safe too, making cleaning simple.

2.BELLA Rapid Electric Egg Cooker Our #2 Pick: 

  • With its 7-slot capacity tray, you can cook a variety of items like omelets, boiled and poached eggs – the possibilities are endless!
  • No more sticking your fingers in boiling water to peel eggs: the cooker features a clear lid so you can keep an eye on cooking progress.
  • An indicator light with an automatic shut off function and ready buzzer will also let you know exactly when your food is done.
  • Its convenient 360-watt heating system, you can guarantee delicious perfection for breakfast every time.
  • Clean up is easy thanks to the included trays and measuring cup that are both dishwasher safe.
  • This versatile and compact device allows you to prepare several types of egg dishes quickly and easily – from omelets and poached eggs to scrambles, deviled eggs, frittatas, and more! It’s perfect for creating delicious egg-based meals for family and friends that can be enjoyed for any occasion.
  • This egg cooker comes in four stylish colors that will fit with any kitchen style or decor. It’s a great gift for holidays such as Easter or Mother’s Day, or even as a surprise for an eggs-uberant friend.

3.Chefman Egg-Maker Rapid Poacher

  • The Chefman Egg-Maker Rapid Poach, you can boil, poach, and steam up to 6 eggs at once faster than using a traditional stovetop method.
  • Avoid wasting time trying to estimate how much water is needed for your desired egg style by using the included measuring cup.
  • And be ready for breakfast in minutes with the ready buzzer that buzzes when your eggs are finished cooking – plus you don’t even have to wait for them to cool down because of its tray lifting tool, so you can serve up a hot brunch complete with freshly cooked eggs.
  • This compact and easy-to-clean egg cooker is perfect for any kitchen, college dorms, travel, and more. With two videos included as well as a BPA-free lid, cooking and poaching trays that are top rack dishwasher safe, you’ll never have to fight over whose turn it is to do the dishes.
  • The Chefman Egg Maker not only cooks eggs to hard-boiled perfection or creates tender poached eggs – it can also steam a variety of vegetables!
  • This cETL approved product with advanced safety technology allows for long lasting durability, and a one year warranty is provided by Chefman for your peace of mind.
  • With 360 Watts of power and 120 volts, this incredible product can poach up to 7 eggs at once. Simply fill the water reservoir and add the appropriate amount of vinegar – in minutes you’ll be rewarded with perfectly poached eggs that are sure to impress.
  • Step-by-step instructions and an accompanying PDF User Guide make it easier than ever to use this revolutionary appliance!

4.BELLA Double Tier Egg Cooker

  • POWERFUL: 400 watt heating system with Power switch and indicator light for hassle free cooking
  • FAMILY SIZED MEALS: Cook up to 12 whole eggs, 4 poached eggs or an omelet
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Boiling trays, poaching tray, omelet tray and measuring cup with piercing pin included
  • EGGS TO YOUR PREFERENCE: Measuring cup with piercing pin to cook eggs to your preference and prevents cracking
  • EASY CLEAN UP: Dishwasher safe lid, trays, and measuring cup

5.Elite Gourmet EGC007CHC# Rapid Egg Cooker

  • Its fast boiling time, easy-to-peel shells, and versatility, this innovative egg cooker is perfect for your kitchen.
  • Simply fill the measuring cup to desired doneness, press the power button and within minutes your eggs will be ready. Everyone can use this appliance safely with its built-in timer, buzzer and auto-shut off features. This egg cooker’s rapid boiling method saves you time without compromising the delicious result.
  • An incredibly versatile and efficient egg cooker that can make up to 7 eggs for all your breakfast needs. With this product you get a removable egg tray for hard, medium or soft boiled eggs; a two-egg poaching tray that can cook several poached eggs at once; an omelet tray for making different types of savory omelets; a measuring cup with firmness markings so you can easily gauge how boiled your eggs are; and a color instruction manual with 16 delicious recipes.
  • Simply add water up to the appropriate marks in each tray according to the directions on the manual and choose between hard, medium, or soft boiled eggs with just one switch.
  • With its two-year limited warranty and US-based customer service team available at any time, you won’t have to worry about unexpected hiccups or minor problems down the line.

6.Presto 04633 Electric Egg Cooker, 12

  • With its convenient design and user-friendly features, you can make up to 7 hard, medium, or soft boiled eggs in minutes! Easily fill the measuring cup with water to indicate your preferred doneness then press the power button to get started. You’ll be surprised at how much time and effort you save!
  • This innovative cooker will produce eggs with an easy-to-peel shell everytime—no more frustration over cracked shells or inconsistent results.
  • Not only that, but the Elite Gourmet cooker offers you unparalleled versatility! Whether preparing omelets for the family’s breakfast or scrambling some eggs to make a veggie wrap for lunch on-the-go, you’ll have it all covered with this must-have kitchen appliance.
  • The inner steaming tray also doubles as a convenient poacher for holey delights like deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches.
  • Outfitted with 7 customizable egg trays and 2 removable poaching trays, you can easily boil, poach, scramble or make omelets out of delicious fresh eggs.
  • The included clear lid and color-coded instruction manual with detailed recipes give you all the guidance you need to get the perfectly cooked egg for any breakfast application.
  • With a 2-year limited warranty and US-based customer support team ready to answer all your questions, you can trust that Elite Gourmet has been providing quality kitchen appliances for over 35 years.

Tips and guide to buying the Best Egg Cookers

Size: Consider the size of your kitchen and the number of people you’re cooking for when selecting an egg cooker. If you have a large family or want to cook enough eggs for your entire extended family, then go for one that has multiple trays and can accommodate larger quantities.

Material: Look for egg cookers that are made of food-grade materials like stainless steel, BPA free plastic, or aluminum. These are the safest and most durable materials to use when cooking your eggs.

Functionality: It’s important to find an egg cooker that has all the features that you need. Consider if you want a device that can poach, scramble, steam, or make omelets. Make sure you choose a device with all the functions you need and as many features as possible to get the most out of your device.

Ease of Use: It should be easy to use and come with clear instructions on how to operate it safely. Look for egg cookers with straightforward user interfaces and one-touch button operations for a simpler cooking experience.

Price: Egg cookers vary in prices so you should be able to find one within your budget. Make sure to read reviews and compare the features of each device before making your purchase.

Voltage: Egg cookers require electricity to operate, so make sure the voltage and power requirements match your kitchen’s specs before buying.

Ease of use: Look for a product that is easy to set up, understand and operate. Some cookers come with instructional manuals and recipe books to help you get started.

Safety features: Consider an egg cooker with safety features such as auto shut-off and buzzer alarms to prevent overboiling.

Warranty: Look for a cooker that comes with a good warranty from the manufacturer in case of any defects or malfunctions. This way you can get it replaced or repaired if needed.

These are the 6 best egg cookers for perfect egg style, each offering something unique to suit the needs of any home chef. Whether you’re looking for an egg cooker that can make multiple dishes at once or one with extra safety features, these options will help you find exactly what you need.


Q: What is the best egg cooker?

A: The Elite Gourmet Egg Cooker is one of the best egg cookers on the market. It has seven customizable trays and two removable poaching trays, making it perfect for any kitchen need.

Q: How do you use an egg cooker?

A: Most egg cookers are quite simple to use. Follow the instructions on your cooker or refer to the included manual for detailed steps on how to operate it.

Q: How long does it take to cook eggs in an egg cooker?

A: The amount of time it takes to cook eggs in an egg cooker depends on the type and size of egg you’re cooking. For example, boiled eggs usually take about 8-10 minutes while scrambled eggs might take 2-3 minutes.


Welcome to the Elite Gourmet EGC007M# Rapid Egg Cooker – a convenient and easy way to enjoy your eggs any way you please. Outfitted with 7 customizable egg trays and 2 removable poaching trays, you can easily boil, poach, scramble or make omelets out of delicious fresh eggs. The included clear lid and color-coded instruction manual with detailed recipes give you all the guidance you need to get the perfectly cooked egg for any breakfast application. With a 2-year limited warranty and US-based customer support team ready to answer all your questions, you can trust that Elite Gourmet has been providing quality kitchen appliances for over 35 years. Invest in the Elite Gourmet EGC007M# Rapid Egg Cooker today for fast and fresh meals that are always perfectly cooked.

The 6 Best Egg Cookers for Perfect Egg Style

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