Summer or not, grilling is one of the best activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy if you love BBQ. However, we don’t always have the chance to grill in the open flame and outdoors for reasons like a bad weather or lack of time. But worry not! You can still grill meats, veggies and fish right at home with the best grill pans. It’s a kitchen essential that helps you prepare for that tasty lunch or dinner with love ones or with guests.

However, it is quite daunting to figure out what makes a good grill pan that you can count on for even cooking, tasty results and heavy-duty performance. That is why it pays off to read a buying guide that helps select a good grill pan that has the special qualities including on material and shape. To help you find the right grill pan, check out the following sections for what to know about it as well as the things to consider when shopping around for one.

 I. Our Top 5 Picks for Grill Pans 

II. What is a Grill Pan?

There is nothing quite more rewarding than spending some time to prepare food with your family especially children. And if you love indoor grilling, you might be trying to find the right grill pan on the market. Before going through our choices, let’s first define what a grill pan is.

Just as its name suggests, it is a special pan used for grilling food, including fish, meats and vegetables. It is a handy pan that lets you grill at home especially if you don’t have the chance to grill outdoors. A grill pan is a convenient to use kitchenware that lets you grill food indoors while it cannot replicate the flavor that open flame grilling can give. It is still a great addition to your kitchen for tasty grilled food.

III. What to Look for When Buying a Grill Pan

There are so many grill pans on the market, so they can be overwhelming to compare if you are unaware of the things that make them good. That is why you might want to check out a buying guide with the top considerations to look into for your guidance. The following are some pointers to start with your search.


You might want to pick a grill pan that has a long handle. It is quite obvious that it will help you lift the pan with more safety than going for one that has a short handle. A longer handle also lets you hold it while managing good being grilled with the reduced risk of burning your hand in the process.

So even if it may seem contradictory because it will add weight to the pan, a longer handle will still be more valuable and convenient than using a grill pan with a short handle. It might also help to find one that has a helper handle to help you with the lifting.

Body construction

There are different materials available to find on the market when it comes to the body of the pan. One of the best choices is cast iron, which has the ability of distributing heat evenly and retaining it longer. It also gets rid of any worries that the food is going to stick onto the surface.

But what seems to be a downside to this material is that it tends to be heavier than other materials are. Cast iron is also a superior material when it comes to the even cooking of vegetables and meats.

Some grill pans also have stainless steel or aluminum body for a lighter pan. However, you have to remember that they do not hold high temperatures well even if they heat well. You have to think about these things when considering the material of the pan.

Interior surface material

You might want to pick a grill pan that has a pre-seasoned, adding to the durability of the pan. On the other hand, there are also those that has nonstick interior, allowing for easy food release. In this case, it can also be told that this interior surface will also help in cutting the cleaning time. On the market, there are stainless steel pans; however, these options can be harder to clean than others are.

Exterior material

You should also find a grill pan that has an enameled exterior, enhancing the durability of the pan. It also allows for easier cleaning than others do. For aesthetics, enamel also works wonder because it can add color and life to your kitchen.


This aspect can be subjective. It can be based on your personal choice. Some people want a round while others a rectangular pan. Others want a square pan. Now if you want the pan to fit two burners, think about choosing a rectangular pan.

There you have the top considerations when picking a grill pan that you need to know if you want to make a more objective choice. Again, think about the shape, exterior surface, interior surface and material.

IV. Top 10 Best Grill Pans

1. Cuisinart CI30-23CR Cast Iron 9-1/4-Inch Square Grill Pan


The Chef’s Classic square grill pan is one of the top choices when it comes to quality and aesthetically pleasing grill pans. This variety has a wide enough cooking surface of 9.25 inches, making it ideal for average-sized batches of grilled food.

You might also want to check it out if you’re looking for porcelain enameled interior. It is one of the best for cooking because this material does not absorb any door or affect the flavor of food. I would also like to mention that this item has wide cast iron handles. It is a good thing because it just adds to the security and comfort of the grip.

When it comes to material, this model has a cast iron construction. It is known for even heat distribution and nice heat retention. Overall, check out the Cuisinart CI30-23CR grill pan for a quality and lovely looking pan for grilling.


  • Cardinal red color adds life to the kitchen
  • Doesn’t affect food flavor for its porcelain enamel interior
  • Comfortable and easy grip for its wide handles
  • Wide range of cooking options for its oven safe knob
  • Durable and strong finish matches any kitchen design


  • Enamel tends to start falling off after a couple of uses

2. Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle Pan with Easy-Grip Handles


If you’re shopping around for a reliable cookware that allows you to grill your favorite foods in one pan, you might want to check out this Lodge LPGI3. It is made of cast iron that allows for even heat distribution and fast cooking. You will appreciate this feature if you want to save time in grilling.

This model is also unique that it is reversible to work as a griddle or grill pan, giving you more options on how you will use it. And for convenience in lifting the pan safely, it is with easy grip handles. I also liked that it has a large enough cooking surface to grill a large batch of food.

This product is also seasoned that gets better the more you use it. Overall, the Lodge LPGI3 is one of the top choices for a quality and reliable grill pan that lasts.


  • Added versatility for its reversible grill and griddle
  • Seasoned cookware for ease of use
  • Easy lifting for its two handles
  • Large enough cooking surface
  • Quality made in the USA pan


  • Takes a longer time to warm up

3. Le Creuset Cast Iron Signature Square Skillet Grill


The cast iron grill pan and skillet grill is one of the top choices in this category. It is a recommended pick among chefs and cooks because it can offer superior heat distribution as well as retention, allowing for faster cooking. I would like to note that this pan is with ridges that allows for lovely grill marks on your steaks. These ridges in the design will also let lower fat cooking.

In addition, this product is easy to lift and transfer from one place to another because it has an opposite helper handle. When it comes to elegance, it is one of the most eye-catching because of its long-lasting and colorful exterior. This feature will help in resisting cracking and chipping. Check out the Le Creuset skillet grill if you want to take advantage of these features for your grill pan.


  • Elegant matte black color
  • Even heating for its enameled cast iron
  • Great heat distribution for cast iron material
  • Resists cracking and chipping for its exterior enamel
  • Helper handle for convenient lifting


  • Not for those looking for a larger rectangular pan

4. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid


The grill pan that comes with a tempered glass lid is a lovely addition to anyone’s kitchen! It lets you create savory grilled meats that have marks on them as if you have grilled them outdoors and on the charcoal. I would like to note that it has a ribbed bottom design for healthy cooking and low fat grilling. It will help you cook not just delicious but also healthy food for your loved ones.

In addition, it is a great pick for those who are looking for a seasoned cookware. The more you would use it the more it will get better, as the manufacturer also claims. The manufacturer didn’t use any harmful or synthetic coatings. This model is also with a tempered glass lid that lets you monitor the food that you’re cooking easily without taking the lid off. Overall, it is a topnotch choice among cooks and chefs that want a reliable and high-performance grill pan.


  • Square-shaped elegantly designed grill set
  • Seasoned for better performance
  • Quality made in the USA pan
  • Tempered glass lid for easy food monitoring


  • Rougher finish than expected

5. Cuisinart Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Round Grill Pan


The round grill pan is another great choice because it has solid performance features. One of which is its large cooking surface that allows for cooking more. In addition, it is convenient to move from one place to another because of its cool grip handle. More so, the item is designed with a drip-free rim for easy pouring and less cleaning time.

The Cuisinart 635-24 is also ideal for a one-dish meal, including fish, chicken and beefs. In addition, this item is with a tempered glass cover, allowing you to monitor what’s inside without removing it. You can also expect for professional results for its nonstick performance. It has Quantanium coating that is safe, too. Overall, the grill pan is one of the best choices if you are shopping for a reliable grill pan that can last longer. It will also help you cook one-dish meals in addition to grilled meat, fish and veggies.


  • Quantanium interior for nonstick performance
  • Stay cool to the touch handle
  • Drip-free rim
  • Ideal for one-dish meals
  • Even heat distribution


  • Nonstick wears away in time

6. Lodge 10.5 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan


Do you love grilling meats, steaks an bacon? If so, you might want to check out the Lodge square grill pan that lets you do that. It can give you professional results without any worries because it is easy to use and is made of quality materials that allow for even cooking.

One of its unique features is its cast iron material, which is recognized for its good heat distribution properties. It is not only useful in faster cooking, though, because it also looks good for its timeless and classic appeal.

The 10.5-Inch grill pan is also easy to clean and maintain. It is already pre-seasoned that also allows for a better performance. In addition, you can have peace of mind that it will last long for its cast iron construction. Overall, I would like to recommend the pan for its superior features and quality construction.


  • Easy draining for grilling meats and steaks
  • Superior heat distribution and retention
  • Healthier and less oil cooking
  • Pre-seasoned for superior performance
  • Quality cast iron material


  • On the heavier side

7. OXO Non-Stick Square Grill Pan


The OXO CC002666-001 is a good grill pan that helps make savory grilled meats and vegetables. It is with the solid performance features that offer you with better results. In addition, I would like to note that the grill pan has a lovely black finish and color, making it a nice addition to your kitchen no matter your decoration.

More so, you can look forward to long-term use of this pan that is made of hard-anodized aluminum. This material is reliable for heat conduction that results to even and fast cooking. This model also has three layers of nonstick materials that ensure of better performance in terms of an effortless food release.

This item is also oven safe for up to 390°f, making it more versatile than other grill pans on the market are. It is also good for use in stovetops but not induction. You can also expect for healthy cooking for its high ridges.


  • Scratch-resistant nonstick surface
  • Comfortable and easy to grip handle
  • Oven-safe up to 390 degrees F
  • Ideal for most stovetop types
  • Drains away fat fast for its high ridges


  • Not for induction use

8. Cuisinart Hard-Anodized Nonstick 11-Inch Square Grill Pan


If you’re looking for a reliable grill pan for your favorite meats, you should consider this Cuisinart GG30-20 because of its features. You might want to check it out for its hard-anodized construction, making it ideal for long-term use and heavy-duty performance. This model is also known for its great heat conductivity for less energy usage. That said you could also cut the time in cooking so that you will have more time for your family.

The 12-inch pan is also made with durable nonstick ceramic-based interior surface. It is safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This material does not also release toxic fumes when used with high temperature. When it comes to ease of use, you can count on its stainless steel handle that is made of 70% recycled material.

Overall, you might want to check it out for its energy-saving construction and eco-friendly and stay cool handle. It is also easy to clean for its smooth exterior finish and can offer convenient storage.


  • Stay cool to the touch handle
  • Easy and quick food release
  • Nonstick without petroleum, PTFE and PFOA
  • Large 12-inch cooking surface
  • Oven safe for up to 300°F


  • Heavy

9. Calphalon Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Square Grill Pan


Another ideal choice for a grill pan is this CAPHALON item, which can offer a large cooking surface of 11 inches. You might want to check it out if you are also looking for an elegantly designed black grill pan to match any kitchen design.

One of its unique characteristics is its hard-anodized construction, giving it a heavy-duty performance. The 11-inch pan is also known for its durability and even heating qualities. You can also depend on it in terms of easy cleaning because it is dishwasher safe.

In addition, this item is with three layers of nonstick coating for better performance. Its two layers can enhance its heavy-duty performance while its third can help release food quickly. More so, you can count on it for convenience and easy lifting. It is designed and made with stainless steel handles that can stay cool for added safety, too.


  • Hard-anodized construction
  • Even heating and nonstick performance
  • Deep ridges for grill flavor
  • Lighter weight material
  • Stay cool to the touch stainless steel handles


  • Doesn’t retain heat well

10. Cuisinel Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid


The Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid is another to consider if you would like to use a versatile pan that you can use in all stovetops including induction. You can also use it on top of a grill, making it ideal for grilling indoors or outdoors. That performance alone makes this pan a great choice for many especially those who also want to sauté, fry or grill on their pan.

The pre-seasoned skillet is a decent pick in the category for its solid features like its pre-seasoned surface, which can get better the more that you use your grill pan. In addition, you will appreciate that it comes with a scraper and handle cover, making it more convenient to use. It is also made of premium cast iron, offering you a lifetime performance and effortless cooking.


  • Comes with a pan scraper and handle cover
  • Can be used even in induction stovetops
  • Silicone handle grip for easy lifting and hold
  • Even and precise heat distribution
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors


  • Chipping issues

V. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a grill pan?

Start with the selection process with the material in mind because it also has to do with the durability of the cookware. You can find a wide range of options when it comes to materials. The most known ones are made of cast iron and hard-anodized aluminum.

Aluminum can be lighter in weight, but not so excellent in terms of heat retention. On the other hand, cast iron can be heavier, but it is good in heat distribution and retention. Nevertheless, both materials are good and common for grill pans. You can begin with the selection process using our buying guide earlier.

How to use a grill pan?

You can use it for grilling meats, veggies, bacons and fish, and the others can also be used in cooking one-dish meals. Some can also be used for frying and sautéing. On the other hand, there are grill pans that can be used as a griddle pan, too.

Can I clean up a grill pan in the dishwasher?

Yes, but not all of them. You might want to refer to the user manual that comes with the product that you have chosen. However, you should hand wash to extend the lifespan of your pan even if the maker says that you can clean it using a dishwasher.

Is nonstick safe?

Yes, it is generally safe, but for proper guidance, read the label or specifications to ensure that the pan is not made with harmful chemicals.

VI. Conclusion

Are you ready to make tasty steaks and grilled chicken right in the comfort of your home? If so, pick the best grill pan from the above reviews. However, make sure to consider your choices by looking into the material, shape and surface material, among other things you deemed useful for a grill pan.

Nevertheless, you can get started by referring to our top 10 reviews of the highest-rated grill pans on the market now. By referring to this guide, you can make an informed choice because you’re able to figure out how to compare and what to look for in a grill pan. Buy yours today!

The 10 Best Grill Pans

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