If there’s one thing that wine enthusiasts have in common is the obsession for wine coolers and fridges. But are they worth the investment? The short answer is yes! Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your favorite wine in stylish storage.

A dedicated wine cooler is not only a luxury but also an affordable investment if you are a serious collector or simply want your wine a lot tastier. Connoisseurs, winemakers, and sommeliers can attest that any flavored wine tastes a lot better when chilled.

Investing in a wine cooler or fridge is also a great and cheap way to improve the aesthetics of your home.

Don’t fret if you’re not a wine veteran, as our article is a guide for both beginners and wine enthusiasts. So, just pour a glass of red wine and enjoy yourself as we introduce you to the best small wine coolers and fridges.

Types of Smaller Wine Coolers and Fridges

Investing in wine storage needs careful consideration to help you pick the most suitable one for your needs. This is important because there are numerous types of wine coolers and fridges in the market to choose from. Thus, you need to know the type of storage you want for your wine collection before you dive into your buying venture:

1. Single Zone Wine coolers

Single cooling coolers have one area for temperature control and another one for cooling. These fridges are designed to keep the ideal temperature of your wine.

They can accommodate up to 166 bottles and are perfect for first-timers in their wine collecting journey. However, if you only want a handful of red wine, consider buying a single-cooling fridge.

2. Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Dual-zone coolers are meant for those who have an overgrowing wine collection. Do you love both red and white wine? Then, it’s time to upgrade from a single to a dual-zone cooler.

Unlike the single zone wine coolers, the dual models feature two separate temperature zones for storing white and red wines. Built-in coolers are on the expensive side, and you may incur a high cost to install them. Although these coolers are expensive, there is no denying that they are a worthy investment.

3. Built-in coolers

Built-in coolers are luxurious to look at. You can integrate them into your kitchen and match them with your house interior. This is perfect for meticulousness about their home designs and wants to save valuable floor space.

However, these models are expensive partly because they don’t require ventilation around them like other models.

4. FreestandingCoolers

FFreestandingoolers are popular and come in a wide range of sizes to choose from. Unlike built-in coolers, these types of coolers take up valuable floor space; however, they can be placed anywhere.

Frfreestandingolers are available in the middle price range depending on what you need.

5. Countertop Coolers

If you don’t have enough floor space, you may want to consider getting a countertop cooler. It is also a wise investment if you enjoy drinking wine, but you are not a collector. Generally, countertop coolers can hold about 4 to 24 bottles of wine.

Countertop coolers come in a wide variety of sizes, depending on the space available. Before you make your purchase, it is wise to measure the space where you would like to place the cooler. Also, ensure to leave adequate space for ventilation because these coolers need adequate ventilation around them.

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Now that you know what type of wine coolers and fridges are available in the market, let’s look at our top 15 picks for the best small wine coolers and fridges in 2020.

1. (Our Top Pick) Nutrichef 12 bottle Thermoelectric 

NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Nutrichef 12-bottle thermoelectric cooler is a free-standing that holds up to 12 wine bottles. By looking at it, you know that this is specially made to last for a long time.

The quality of materials is uncompromised, and it features a stainless steel design. The shelves are also very durable, and the control panel is easy to use. This cooler is compact, yet it can accommodate your overgrowing wine collection. It is certainly meant for your red and white wine collection.

The design is also very sleek. It has a clear glass door with an airtight feature. Do you always leave your wine half-finished? Worry not! This unit allows vertical storage, allowing you to try another wine before finishing the previous one.

Something else that stands out about this unit is its quiet operation. This cooler runs with little or no vibration, allowing you to place it in the living room.

Things We Liked:

  • Its size saves a lot of space
  • Compact dual zone storage
  • Safely stores unfinished bottles
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Very Quiet operation

Things We Disliked:

  • It tends to be quite heavy and hard to transport

2. (Our Runner Up) Ivation 18 bottle thermoelectric cooler 

Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler

Are electric bills hindering you from buying wine coolers? Well, Ivation is the most cost-efficient cooler you can get in the market. This single-zone cooler comes from a reputable manufacturer and provides enough room to store 18 bottles of your most favorite wine.

The cooler is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as it features a matte finish and a frosted glass door that would fit perfectly with whatever interior you have in the house.

It also has a thermoelectric system to guarantee that you won’t experience spoiled wine. Plus, the cooler is insulated with solid polyurethane foam that controls the humidity. Finally, the frosted tempered glass helps prevent harmful sun rays that may spoil the taste of wine.

If you are the type who drinks wine occasionally or with guests, this is a reliable and sound investment. You will also love the fact that it’s super quiet and has less vibration. This is thanks to the energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system.

Things We Liked:

  • Minimal light
  • Sleek modern design
  • Runs quietly and efficiently
  • Very User-friendly
  • Maint stable temperatures.

Things We Disliked:

  • May not accommodate 18 bottles

3. (Upgraded Pick) Kalamera 15″ 30 Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Kalamera 15'' Wine Cooler

Want to store a month or two supply of wine? If so, then this Kalamera 30 bottle cooler is a very suitable choice. This model is our upgraded pick as it has a 30-bottle capacity and impressive features that will make your investment worth it.

This model is a single-zone and comes with a one-touch LED control display that is easy to use. In addition, the temperature can be adjusted between 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

With its double-layered door and stainless steel frame, your wine will remain in excellent condition by utilizing the proper chilling temperature. In addition, it has a memory function that is easy to use and a LED light with a specific feature.

The security lock is a unique spec that helps prevent kids from sneaking out a bottle of wine. It is not too small for beginners and not too big for wine enthusiasts. The design is top-notch and certainly meant for wine lovers!

Things We Liked:

  • Accommodates 30 bottles of wine
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Features a lock for safety
  • Temperature memory function
  • Versatile installation.

Things We Disliked:

  • Temperature setting can sometimes be inaccurate

4. (Our Budget Pick) Nutrichef 15 bottle FreeFreestandingler 

15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator - White & Red Wine Fridge Chiller Countertop Wine Cooler

If you are looking for a more affordable cooler to store your red and white wines, you may want to consider the Nutrichef 15 bottle cooler. This unit comes with four high-quality racks and one standing rack at the bottom for better chilling.

The product is equipped with thermo-electric technology. This feature is responsible for quiet and smooth operation. However, a fridge with a thermo-electric function should be placed indoors and not in the garage. This is because they efficiently heat up with direct sunlight.

We love that the control panel is technologically advanced, which makes it exceptionally easy to control. For example, you can easily set the temperature you want, ranging from 41-64 Fahrenheit.

If you are worried about your wine door interfering with the quality of a wine because of “he “open and “close” action, then you will appreciate the design of this coolThere’sre’s no need to open the fridge when adjusting temperature because the digital touch control is just located outside.

Apart from ease of use, the unit is also designed with child safety in mind. It comes equipped with a control panel lock feature that automatically locks itself after 20 seconds.

Things We Liked:

  • Easy to use
  • Quite an energy-efficient unit
  • Stylish stainless-steel design
  • Highly affordable
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Child safety lock feature

Things We Disliked:

  • A bit bulky

5. Arbois 15 wine inch cooler

Aobosi 15 Inch Wine Cooler, 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Another dual-cooling cooler that is crafted with an attractive design is the Aobosi cooler. This cooler comes with two zones with different temperature settings for both the red and white wines. The upper zone has a temperature range of 41-54 degrees F, while the lower zone has 54- 68 degrees F.

The Aobosi, 15-inch cooler, has an exquisite stainless design that complements most home decors. The stainless steel construction is also corrosion and rust-resistant, eliminating the need for regular cleaning and maintenance. In addition, it is a free free-standing cooler with a tempered glass door.

The item has a powerful compressor, so it runs smoothly and quietly. If you are afraid that the quality of your wine may be affected by a sudden power interruption, well, you will be pleased to know that this unit restores temperature until the power comes back.

The shelves are made from birchwood, which means it is odorless doesn’t readily absorb moisture. Additionally, the unit has a charcoal filter to eliminate foul odor. The downside, however, is the brightness of the LCD. It is pretty bright and constantly turns them off.

Things We Liked:

  • Convenient free-standing
  • Temperature memory function
  • Beautiful and durable design
  • 28 bottles capacity
  • Easy to clean

Things We Disliked:

  • On the heavier side
  • Bright LCD

6. Danby DWC172BL 1.8-Cu.Ft. 17-Bottle Counter-Top Wine Cooler

Danby DWC172BL 1.8-Cu.Ft. 17-Bottle Counter-Top Wine Cooler

The Danby cooler is an excellent choice for those who prefer a countertop cooler to meet their wine storage needs. This cooler is a dual unit, and it has a capacity of up to 17 bottles, making it great for those who have just begun collecting wine.

The unit comes with a reversible door. Thus you can place it at any corner of your house. Furthermore, it is equipped with an adjustable and removable rack which will allow you to have a standing and horizontal placement.

The memory function feature is commendable, too. If you are prone to disaster or power cuts, this is a much-needed feature. Likewise, your fridge will automatically go back to its average temperature even you’re not around or on vacation.

The chilling temperature varies from 43 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the ideal temperature choice for all types of wine. The shelves are made from black wire, and the countertop is scratch-resistant. The tempered glass is also a great spec.

Things We Liked:

  • LED light is very pleasing to look at
  • Stylish design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great value for money

Things We Disliked:

  • Accommodates only a handful of bottles

7. Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine cooler

Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler/

Do you want your guest to be amazed at your wine collection? This Antarctic Star unit is specially designed to fit wherever you want to place it. The unit is aesthetically pleasing and fits well in the dining room, kitchen, or even your fancy wine cellar.

It has a free-standing and is vast enough to store an adequate supply of wine. Furthermore, the cooler is perfect for both red and white wine and beverages as well. Hence, you can store a variety of wine flavors and drinks in one storage.

The space-saver horizontal shelves can still accommodate beyond the 26 bottle limit. On the other hand, the glass door depicts a classic design because of its vintage color finished. The soft LED lighting adds to the beauty of the more excellent and functions well without compromising the taste of wine.

Things We Liked:

  • It can be placed anywhere in the house
  • Classy and luxurious design
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact design
  • Excellent blue soft LED lighting
  • Adjustable temperature for convenience

Things We Disliked:

  • It May get loud at some point

8. hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator 120 can use the mini-fridge

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler - 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine

For a top-notch and comprehensive wine rack, this unit can hold a whopping 120 standard-sized cans. If you are fun of throwing parties, you can flaunt this to the guests. The glass frame is very durable and accessible for everyone. It has a sturdy and stable rack that prevents spilling and dropping.

The unit has an advanced temperature control panel that lets you set up and monitor your chilling temperature. It is very compact, perfect for a dorm unit, apartment, or condominium. The features are all-powerful and highly efficient at a reasonable price.

The auto-defrost function and whisper-quiet compressor are welcome additional features. It’s rare to have a quiet fridge with compressor technology. Hence, this should be appreciated. Additionally, since it is a compressor cooler, it is durable enough to be placed outdoor.

You will love this mini fridge if you enjoy drinking chilled beverages now and then.

Things We Liked:

  • It has a sleek and compact design
  • The Control panel is easy to navigate
  • Safe and strong rack
  • Ideal for smaller spaces

Things We Disliked:

  • A bit heavy even with the small size

9. Edgestar 18 bottle built-in white cooler

EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

This model from Edgestar is a very slim cooler that would perfectly fit in your small unit. It would not take much space even if you place them in the kitchen or bar. In addition, it comes with a reversible door. Therefore, you can place it in any corner of your house.

Its slim design makes it a perfect built-in or under-counter cooler. It also has an advanced digital controller featuring a 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. The slide feature of the single zone shelves is superb too. It is easy to clean and very durable.

It has a single-zone cooling system, and the temperature can easily be adjusted from 40 to 65 degrees F. This cooler is crafted from stainless steel that is rust and chip-free. Additionally, it comes with a built-in filter, UV protector glass frame, and a powerful circulation fan.

Overall, this is the item suitable for those looking for a technologically advanced cooler.

Things We Liked:

  • Technologically advanced compared to competitors
  • Slim and space-efficient design
  • Spacious enough for 18 bottles
  • Frist-free
  • Soft LED blue lighting

Things We Disliked:

  • A bit pricey
  • Not entirely quiet

10. Vinotemp VNTIL-OW002 2-Bottle Open Wine Cooler

Vinotemp VNTIL-OW002 2-Bottle Open Wine Cooler

Not much of a wine lover, but want to impress your visitors with your choices of wine? This 2-bottle wine cooler is a pretty good investment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It has a small, open design and looks like a coffee maker than the usual wine cooler.

With its 30 x 50 x 30 width, you can easily place it on the table, the countertop, or on top of your fridge. It is also lightweight and movable, making the installation easier for you—such a great piece, especially if you don’t have much space in your home.

The temperature level varies from 41-66 degrees F. This is powerful enough considering its size. For your red wine, we suggest you place them on the top shelf. It is more chilled there and has a low LED light.

The only downside we could point out in this unit is its price. The unit comes at a high price considering that it is a 2-bottle capacity unit. Nonetheless, it performs the same as other coolers, and we find the design to be exquisite.

Things We Liked:

  • It saves a lot of space
  • Quite Functional
  • Reliable touch screen digital control panel
  • Exquisite design and aesthetic

Things We Disliked:

  • It only holds two bottles of wine

11. Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Wine Cooler/Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator

Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Wine Cooler

If you are looking for a countertop unit for your beer beverages and wine collection, look no further than this top-notch unit from the Antarctic. The unit features stable and strong shelves capable of holding a handful of wine and a half dozen beer bottles.

This unit has one of the best cooling systems, with a 40 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Hence keeping your wine chill is never a problem.

The unit also runs smoothly and quietly. So you can enjoy your day without disturbance from the usual cooling sound of fridges. It is also easy to install with its movable legs and removable shelves.

The wine cooler is designed with blue LED interior lighting that showcases your wine collection beautifully. The reinforced door also offers a tight seal and ensures the ideal humidity level.

Things We Liked:

  • Quiet cooling sound
  • Removable and adjustable shelves
  • No annoying vibration
  • Customizable temperature
  • Adjustable LED light

Things We Disliked:

  • A bit wide and small in height

12. Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator with Lock

Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Ivation bottle compressor wine cooler is a unique model that comes with a temperature range of 41 to 64 degrees F. Unlike most models, this wine cooler features a lock and easy-to-use touch controls that let you adjust and view the temperature settings.

It is a single unit but is extensive enough for both white and red wine collections. If you want to have a well-maintained and chilled wine, it is recommended you go for the 55 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. However, since it is a single fan feature, we recommend you place your favorite flavor on the first lever rack.

The unit is UV-resistant and guarantees that your wine will not be damaged by outside heat. Since it has a thermoelectric system, it won’t have big vibrations sound. It performs quietly while also keeping your wine in its best condition.

Things We Liked:

  • UV-resistant feature
  • Very compact and easy to transport
  • Technologically advanced with various features
  • Soft interior lighting
  • Ensures temperature stability

Things We Disliked:

  • Few issues with the temperature control

13. Vremi Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler – 100 to 120 Can Mini Fridge

 Vremi Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler - 100 to 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine

Having to see a bottle of wine or beers from the glass door makes your selection easy even before you open the cooler door. This unit is meant for all types of drinks, whether it is wine, soft drinks, or beers.

Although compact in size, Vremi can accommodate about 100 to 120 wine canned beers. The storage capacity would vary, of course, if you make this unit an all wine chiller. The 3.2 feet compact cooler is made from stainless steel and comes with LED light for a more convenient wine viewing.

The control panel is easy to navigate and quite user-friendly. It has auto-defrost, and you don’t need to take your wine out if you want to drink at the moment. It also makes cleaning easier after ice build-up. For lovers of wine and beer, this is a wise investment.

Things We Liked:

  • Black tinted tempered glass frame
  • Auto-defrost feature
  • Digital touch controls
  • Ease of maintenance
  • It meant for both beer and wine bottles

Things We Disliked:

  • Not for built-in use
  • A bit heavy

14. Kuppet 27 Bottles Compressor Freestanding

KUPPET 27 Bottles Compressor Freestanding Wine Cooler

No vibrations, this Kuppet cooler is the most compact and convenient dual cooling system you’ll ever see in the market. In addition, it has a matte black finished perfect for your minimalist or contemporary interior.

The specs of his unit are notable and make it stand out from the rest. It has an accurate temperature compressor technology, superb LED lights, a ventilation grill, and a built-in fan. The temperature is stable and very ideal for aging wines. You can easily customize your ideal chilling effect from 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since it produces no sound, it won’t affect the daily routine in your house. As a result, you can place it in any room. In addition, it is ideal for placing this fridge outdoors because compressor-based coolers are way more durable than thermo-electric ones.

For a dual cooler from a brand you can trust, this cooler is worth the try.

Things We Liked:

  • Capacious inside
  • Multifunctional
  • Great sealing
  • Exceptional design
  • Super quiet

Things We Disliked:

  • Top-shelf is small

15. Aobosi 15 inches 30 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Built-in or Freestanding

Aobosi 15 inch 30 Bottle Wine refrigerator Built-in or Freestanding

You are looking for a wine cooler that features both a built-in and freefreestandingign? The Aobosi 30-bottle fridge will let you do both options. With this feature, you can easily keep your fridge in your kitchen cabinet and likewise flaunt it anywhere when you feel like doing so.

The design and quality are superb without compromising on functionality. For example, it can provide quick cooling for 30 bottles and has a temperature memory function to restore the set temperature automatically. Also, the unit has a stainless trim, a beechwood 6-layered rack, and a glass door that would never fog.

It is a dual-zone design. As a result, it’s easy and safe to store many flavors of wine. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate larger bottles of wine. The unit also has an intelligent touchscreen control panel that is responsive and easy to use.

For top-notch quality, powerful features, and gorgeous design, this is the brand you can rely on.

Things We Liked:

  • Both built-in and free-standing be placed over and under the countertop
  • Huge wine bottle capacity
  • Beechwood racks
  • Smart control panel

Things We Disliked:

  • Limited placement since the glass door is irreversible

Built-in & Under Counter Wine CoolBuyer’ser’s Guide

Best Small Wine Coolers and Fridges1.jpg

Now that we are done reviewing the best wine coolers, it is now time to know the qualities you should consider in buying a chilling system for your wiLet’set’s take a look, shall we?

Size or Bottle CapacLet’set’s start with the basics. Fridges are significant, but there are also mini-fridges. While wine fridges are way smaller than the standard refrigerator, they can still take up some space. For this reason, you have to consider the area where you will place your cooler. Is it small, or large and for family use? If you have a tiny space, a single cooler is appropriate and vice versa.

  • Built-in vs. Freestanding Wine Coolers

FreeFreestanding built-in types can also affect the size and space. Freestanding is a type f cooler that can stand alone. Built-in, on the contrary, are also knowns as under top. This type f fridge can be placed installed within the cupboards and cabinets.

With free-standing, you have the freedom to place them wherever you want. Suppose you are the type of person who wants to flaunt your investment. Free-standing is going to be your best option. But if you want your wine to be highly safe and away from children, a built-in type is ideal.


Wine coolers are expensive. But it can also be cheaper than your standard refrigerator at home. If you want to estimate the price, several factors have to be considered. These can be the size, the type, and the capacity.

The best wine coolers, of course, are expensive. Are you willing to sacrifice the quality of your cooler to save money? These are things you should weigh out before deciding to finally buy a cooler.

Temperature TechnolWine’sne’s biggest enemy is heating. With heat, the taste of your wine is altered, and it could be easily spoiled. In wine coolers, there are two things you should consider: is the cooler compressor-based or thermo-electric? For some, it doesn’t matter, but it is essential.

  • Compressor-based

This is larger and way powerful than thermo-electric. It can be comparable to refrigeration but only smaller. If you have a huge collection of wine, this feature is important. Your collection would need a strong and stable cool temperature that your Thermo-elect could don’t give. Why? Because most thermo-electric coolers have a maximum of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Thermo-electric

One notable action of thermo-electric is the quiet sound. Compressor-based has pretty loud vibrations and constant low sounds that are not ideal for some. Thermo-electric is very energy and environmentally efficient. So if you are someone who finds saving the planet and energy bills a big deal, then consider this factor. Thermo-electric is a lot more expensive than compressor-based. 

Power consumption

Our electricity bill is always on our minds every monWe’vee’ve already said that thermo-electric is more energy-efficient than compressor-based, but power consumption can be a factor too.

You can refer to the sizes to determine how much power it consumes. The standard wine cooler can use up to 90 watts of power. Smaller size coolers, however, can use up to 770 Watts. If your cooler is large and is equipped with a thermo-electric feature, it will consume 140 watts a day.

Other Features

Additional features cost more money. However, additional features can also mean more convenience, safety, and style attributes. The following are some useful additional features that may help you in your best wine cooler hunting:

  • UV Protection

You must keep your wine away from direct sunlight. UV rays affect the wine flavor and also cause discoloration. So, if you plan to place your cooler outdoors, a UV-Protected cooler is a must-have.

A UV-protected cooler blocks the sunlight from coming into the fridge. If you are fond of a glass door fridge, make sure that it is UV resistant.

  • Lock

If you have kids and curious teenagers at home, a locked cooler is a wise investment. It will give you peace of mind and keep adult drinks from getting into the wrong hands. It is also an amazing feature for serious wine collectors who want to keep their valuable wines in a safe place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the appropriate temperature for my wine?

A: Unlike beer and soda, placing wine at any temperature can affect its quality. To determine the appropriate temperature for your wine, you should know the type of wine you have. Here are the temperature ranges for different types of wines.

  • For white, pink, and sparkling wine – 45 degrees Fahrenheit
  • White, fruit red, light wine – 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Full-blooded red – 55 degrees Fahrenheit

Wine coolers have a control panel located from the outside of the glass door to help you check the current temperature of your cooler. This prevents you from opening the door because it is not advised to open it frequently as it can affect the quality of the wine.

Q: Can I really achieve the best aging wine through a wine cooler? If yes, how?

A: Yes, you can. To ensure your wine achieves the best aging taste, follow these instructions:

  • Keep your wine at a maintained temperature of between 50 to 70 degrees F
  • Keep the surroundings clean, whether in the fridge or the wine cellar
  • Store in a dark place
  • Keep it in a stable position

Q: Which area in the house is the best space to install my wine cooler?

A: Your wine cooler can be placed anywhere, depending on the type and your preference.  The most popular areas to install a wine fridge are the wine cellar, kitchen, living area, front yard, and tasting room. When installing free-standing, ensure to leave adequate space for ventilation.

Q: What is the perfect environment for aging wine?

A: The perfect environment for aging wine is dark, cold, and a bit damp.

Q: Can I install my free free-standing fridge under the tap?

A: Yes, but it is not advised. The free-standing are designed to dissolve heat from the back, which arises from electric power. But, again, heat is the enemy of wine. If you still want it to be installed under the tap, make sure to leave a 2 to 3 inches gap from the wall. The gap will not let you achieve the built-in appearance, but at least you have maximized your space.


We hope we have helped you in choosing the best wine cooler for you.

If you have carefully read everything, you will realize that it is quite easy to buy the best cooler because there are not many factors to considWe’vee’ve provided you with all the pros and cons to help you balance out what you like and dislike in a cooler at a glance.

Beyond the design, size, and capacity, you must decide which type of cooler you need. Is it the dual-zone or the single one? If you are a serious collector, invest in the dual-zone. If not, go for the single zone cooler.

What we have to say……

This article is about our personal preferences. We wanted you to make a worthwhile investment. Thus we carefully researched the best wine cooler you can avail in the market. We wish, by now, you can decide the ones suitable for your wine interest. To continue enjoying your wine hobby, and we hope to see you in our next review!

The 15 Best Small Wine Coolers and Fridges of 2022

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