People trying to live a healthy lifestyle adjust their diet. In many cases, they include high protein and low-fat foods. A favorite among them is tofu. It is one of the best sources of protein while also being low in fat. However, it can be full of water. To solve this problem, they use the best Tofu Press.

If you love tofu in your recipes as a substitute for meat, you might also be looking for the right Tofu press that can remove the water from it. With this kitchen gadget, you can cook more flavorful dishes because tofu can soak up the marinade better. Of course, it goes without saying that it can help transform your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary, offering you limitless cooking opportunities.

Below, we’ve researched about and reviews the highest-rated tofu presses to help you decide later. With this information, you can compare these presses and choose one that will match your needs. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

I. Our Top Picks for Tofu Presses

Products & FeaturesImage & Price

1. Our #1 Pick: EZ Tofu Press Removes Water from Tofu


2. Runner-Up: TofuPresser The Original Simple Tofu Press


3. TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press


4. YARKOR Tofu Press


5. Mangocore Plastic Tofu Press


6. Glue Theory Simple Drip Tofu Press

7. YARKOR Tofu Press Safe for DishwasherYARKOR-Tofu-Press-Safe-for-Dishwasher
8. That tofu thing Tofu Pressthat-tofu-thing-Tofu-Press
9. Kimono Kitchen Solid Wood Tofu PressKimono-Kitchen-Solid-Wood-Tofu-Press
10. Raw Rutes Stainless Steel Tofu Press (Ninja)Raw-Rutes-Stainless-Steel-Tofu-Press

II. What to Look for When Buying a Tofu Press


Tofu presses are designed and made to help you optimize tofu quickly and easily. They make your tofu more suitable for dishes because it’s able to soak up yummy marinades and sauces. In addition, they can make your tofu firmer and meatier in texture. However, it can be a challenge to choose one because there are many of these devices available. In the following, we’ll discuss a few important pointers to remember when selecting one.

How it works

One of the basics in choosing a tofu press is its mechanism. You must know how it works to select which one is easier and more convenient to use based on what you intend to achieve. Compare your options by starting with the reviews highlighted below to know how it works.


Its ease of use is another thing to consider when comparing your options. While it is not mandatory to have this kitchen gadget, it can be valuable for your kitchen if you want your tofu without water. It is especially when your recipe is calling for it. However, the tofu press should be easy to use because we don’t like spending much time pressing the tofu to achieve our desired result. Thus, we must consider its ease of use when thinking about which tofu press to buy. It can also help if it doesn’t have many components to avoid any confusion for its use.

Additional features

You can also think about any extra features you want the tofu press to have. However, not all additional features can be useful. Some may be unnecessary, and that can make the tofu press hard to use.


You must also consider the style of the press that you’re looking to buy. For instance, there are plate-style presses where you put your tofu between two metal or plastic slabs. Then, you just need to tighten the tofu using the screws included. They are easy, simple to use, and space-saving. However, for its downside, you must tighten the screws often to achieve desired tofu texture.

On the other hand, there are box-style presses that also work simply. You only place your tofu into a metal or plastic container. To press the tofu, these types usually have a spring load or a heavy plate to push the tofu block down. This action will remove water from the tofu and make it dense. For its downside, these types can only handle certain tofu sizes. Thus, they might offer limited flexibility in terms of the tofu shape or size.

Tofu type

What kind of tofu to press? Another thing to consider when buying a tofu press is the tofu to press. There are many consistencies and textures of tofu. Using a press, you must choose tofu that is suitable for pressing. But in general, you need to press tofu used in salads and stir-fry. For the best results, choose firm tofu for excellent pressing results because it can keep its firm shape while you’re pressing. Do not try to press silken or soft tofu because it can turn into an unappetizing paste.

III. Top 10 Best Tofu Presses

1. EZ Tofu Press Removes Water from Tofu


You can prepare tofu in numerous ways especially that it can be used to substitute for meat. So, if you’re a vegan and love cooking with tofu, you might want to check out this pressing device. It can remove water from tofu effectively so that your tofu can be meatier and have a better texture.

It can remove water from tofu faster than presses with an elastic band and springs that might take some hours. I also liked that it is functional for use in different bricks sizes. It is also useful for pressing small land large portions of tofu. The press also comes with centering marks for ease of use. Finally, it has this stainless-steel grommet on its top plate, allowing for smoother pressing.

However, it might not be the most durable around, though. Overall, I recommend this item for its excellent design, including the centering marks for ease of use. It is also affordable and with top of the line components.


  • Promotes a better texture and flavor for tofu
  • Affordable and with quality components
  • It comes with centering marks
  • It can be used for different tofu sizes
  • No springs to wear out


  • It might not be the most durable around

2. TofuPresser The Original Simple Tofu Press


If you’re looking to remove water from tofu without any hassles, check out this tofu press, one of the simplest and easiest to use in this category. It can help make your life easier because you only need to turn the knobs to apply the pressure you need for your tofu. In addition, the simple tofu press can slowly remove water from the block of tofu while ensuring it will not fall apart.

This press is also easy to clean and is made of BPA-free plastic material. In addition, it is lightweight, and quality is checked for heavy-duty performance. Using it, you can also achieve a meatier tofu texture for your dishes. Finally, I liked that it can help us get that dry tofu for the perfect crisp and crunch we want.

However, it feels flimsy and might break over time, but I believe it will last long with proper use. It is also made in the USA, not in China. This item will not break or crack that easily under pressure.


  • No need for heavy objects or paper towels
  • Promotes better flavor and texture for your tofu
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Removes water from tofu in 15 minutes
  • BPA-free HDPE plastic


  • Feels flimsy

3. TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press


If you’re looking for a reliable tofu press that can remove water out of tofu, consider this gourmet press or marinating dish. You can remove moisture not only from tofu but also from other foods. Using it, you can remove water in the tofu block. I also liked that it’s easy to use. All you need to do is slide the spring-loaded plate under the tabs and then wait for a minute before pouring out the accumulated water.

Another thing that I noticed in the design is its transparent color, making it so easy to see the inside of the press. Without any mess, the press can remove moisture from food, so you might want to check it out if you’re looking for convenience. However, I find that this item can be fragile, so you should be extra careful handling it. For example, its arm can break if you applied too much pressure on it.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Affordable and quality
  • Can remove the water without the mess
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • Can be fragile

4. YARKOR Tofu Press


This tofu press is one of my favorites. I liked its overall design and performance in that it meets every demand. It will not break that easily, even with pressure. Another thing you can appreciate is its BPA-free construction, so you don’t need to worry that it will release any toxic chemicals and compounds on food. It is made of food-grade materials, so it’s always safe to use.

Also, the Yarkor press is easy to clean, saving us effort and time in the process. Especially if you’re busy that cannot spend much time on it, you should include this item on your list. You don’t need additional bowls/plates to drain the water. I also recommend the press for those who want an effective way of removing the water from the tofu, allowing you more possibilities with what to create.

However, I just want to comment on some of the components that feel flimsy. But then, I don’t think it will become a problem if you would handle it properly. Overall, you will appreciate that this tofu press is easy to use and store. It is also not hard to clean. Finally, it is made of high-quality and food-grade materials.


  • Safe to use with food-grade materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Takes minimal space
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to store


  • Some components might break with heavy pressure.

5. Mangocore Plastic Tofu Press


Improve the taste of tofu, and let it absorb all the flavors from that sauce of marinade. It is why you need this press mold that will press out the water from the tofu, allowing it to get more flavor from the dishes that you’re making. I recommend the Mangocore press mold to achieve excellent results. Press that tofu block without any hassles using this press, which many choose for the total solution that it can offer.

It can also be an ideal gift for a tofu lover or yourself. In addition, I recommend this kit to anyone who would like to try making tofu at home. It already comes with a cheesecloth and a mold.

However, the plastic can emit an odor upon unboxing it though. But then, there is no doubt that this item is one of the top picks around for its ease of operation and easy storage.


  • Includes a cheesecloth
  • Straightforward operation
  • No odor and made of food-grade plastic
  • Durable and affordable
  • Homemade tofu maker


  • Plastic material emits an odor upon unboxing

6. Glue Theory Simple Drip Tofu Press


The tofu press is another product to check out for its reliability and performance. Some of its features include a drip tray and a strainer. That makes it ready to use out of the box. Ease of use is one of the first things to compare when finding a tofu press because no one really appreciates one that complicates things.

I also noticed that this tofu press offers a simple solution to homemakers that want to remove water from tofu without any hassles. You might also want to check it out for its safe and BPA-free materials, along with its food-grade stainless-steel components.

On the cons, the tofu press is a bit expensive, though. But if you would look at its features, you will be convinced that it is indeed one of the finest choices around. It comes with a strainer and a drip tray and is made of BPA-free materials.


  • Unique and patented design
  • High-quality and heavy-duty performance
  • No mess operation
  • BPA-free materials
  • It comes with a drip tray and strainer


  • A bit expensive

7. YARKOR Tofu Press Safe for Dishwasher


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, clean tofu press, you should consider the dishwasher-safe YARKOR tofu press. Now, you can remove water from tofu so that you can make it more delicious and flavorful. With this cool kitchen gadget, nothing can stop you from creating wonderful dishes with your tofu.

The tofu press has a transparent design, allowing you to see the entire pressing process. It can also squeeze water out without any mess.

However, it might not be able to accommodate many tofu sizes, though. Still, it is one of the top recommendations around for its excellent and classy design. It is also convenient to use and easy to clean.


  • Classy and elegant design
  • Transparent design
  • Can remove water easily
  • No harmful chemicals and food-safe materials
  • It makes tofu more delicious


  • It might not accommodate many tofu sizes

8. That tofu thing Tofu Press


That Tofu Thing made tofu pressing easier and more convenient because its solid design makes the entire process a breeze. Even restaurants use a device like this because it’s able to make firm and tasty tofu. And once done with the pressing, you can start soaking the tofu on your marinade so that it can soak the entire flavor. Moreover, this tofu press is made in the UK and can serve you for the years to come.

On the cons, That Tofu Thing press might suffer from damage with heavy pressure, but you can check it out if you are looking for a heavy-duty and quality press. It is original, simple to use, and dishwasher safe, too.


  • It gives you full control of the pressing process
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • British-made and original
  • Durable to last long
  • Efficient in removing water from the tofu


  • Not the most durable around

9. Kimono Kitchen Solid Wood Tofu Press


If you want to remove water from tofu in a matter of minutes, you should consider this Kimono Kitchen bamboo tofu press. It is made of solid wood and added with stainless steel for enhanced durability. One of the things I also liked about it is its eco-friendliness and sustainability. It is also not designed with plastics, so you should consider it if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and safe alternative press.

However, it is quite more expensive than the others are. But if you would think of it, the bamboo press is unique and unlike plastic presses. Therefore, it feels more natural to be using a bamboo press.


  • Can remove excess water in minutes
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Quality made in the USA
  • Made of solid wood and stainless-steel
  • A great alternative to plastic presses


  • More expensive than others

10. Raw Rutes Stainless Steel Tofu Press (Ninja)


Raw Rutes is another reliable brand for tofu presses that perform. One of its best offers is the Ninja press, which is made of top-notch stainless steel, making it one of the most durable presses available. However, it is not all because this tofu press is also without any cheap components or rubber bands. I also liked that it has no springs or moving parts that can soon wear and make the press render non-functional.

On the downside, it is expensive, so you might want to look for another tofu press if you’re looking for one a bit in the low- or mid-range price. You can compare those that we’ve featured earlier; they are with varying prices. Choose one that can suit your budget.


  • One of the most durable around
  • Easily removes water from tofu
  • Excellent addition to any kitchen
  • Stainless-steel and no cheap plastics
  • It can be used to make homemade tofu


  • Expensive


What is a tofu press, and how does it work?

A tofu press is a piece of easy-to-use machinery that is meant to be used manually. It is inevitable to squeeze out or remove the excess water from your tofu. This is being done so you can put in some flavor to the tofu. Also, it will allow you to marinade it better before cooking. Pressing increases the texture of the tofu and is important when it will be fried.

Without a tofu press, you’d have to recourse to using paper, kitchen towels, and even cheesecloth to wrap the tofu in and get the excess water out. A tofu press can make this easier because and more sanitary. A tofu press works by exerting weight to squish the excess water out of the tofu. It will press with more strength and pressure so you can get things done quicker.

What are the different types of tofu press?

There are several kinds of tofu press that you choose from. Your choice ultimately depends on your need and preferences. It’s a good idea to weigh in these tofu press options before purchasing your unit.

Plate Style – this tofu press style works similarly to the clamp style, where you use two plates or blocks joined by huge screws. You will turn the screw knobs to allow the two plates to meet. As the two are pressed together, your tofu becomes squashed, and the water is squeezed out of it. This type is compact, easy to use, and very cheap.

Box style – as the name implies, you’ll be using a bulkier tool to press your tofu. This uses a spring or a weight to push down your tofu block until it becomes dry. The good thing about this is you don’t need to attend to it by the minute. Instead, you just set up your tofu press, and you can attend to other things. The drawback, though, Is you are only limited to one size, the size of the box.

How to press tofu?

Depending on the type of tofu press you have, you can press it by turning and tightening on the screw so the tofu can get squished between two plates, or you can also use any kind of alternative weight to squeeze the excess water out of your tofu. Note, though, that pressing is best suited for firm tofu and not the softer ones. Those with softer textures won’t be able to hold their shape and will just fall apart.

How long to press tofu?

Without a tofu press, pressing the tofu for 15 minutes should be enough, but if you want direr and firmer tofu, then you can go as far as 30 to 60 minutes. If you are using any kind of tofu press, you just need to do it for 10 to 15 minutes.

How do you press tofu without a press?

To get the excess liquid from your tofu and find yourself without a tofu press, you can just slice the tofu in half like a book. Put a few pieces of paper or dish towels under the tofu slabs and a couple more on top. Place something heavy on top of the tofu. You can use a couple of books or even a skillet with a bag of flour to weigh it down. Press the tofu for about 15 minutes; longer if you want a drier result.

If, after the initial cycle, the paper towels become too wet, you can do a second round following the same process but using a fresh layer of towels. One more thing to keep in mind is to be conscious of the weight. You want the pressure to be applied, but you don’t want too much of it that you’d end up with smashed tofu.

Where to buy tofu press?

A tofu press can be bought in your local department stores like Walmart that sells kitchen tools. Sometimes you can also find that some organic and natural food stores have them handy. For your convenience, you can also purchase your tofu press online. Amazon has a wide variety of brands and types that you can click and add to your cart. You can also directly go to the manufacturer or brand’s website and order your tofu press there.

V. Conclusion

Tofu is an impressive food because it is high in protein but low in fat. It’s almost always a part of someone’s healthy diet. But if you’re looking to press tofu and make it firmer for your recipes, you should use the best Tofu Press. Using this press, you can cook a wide range of dishes where you also plan substituting meat with tofu. First, however, you should consider the things to look for when finding one. Check the type of press, ease of use, and its mechanism. Finally, refer to the top recommendations and compare their features, pros, and cons. With this buying guide, we’re hoping you can pick the most suitable press for your needs.

Top 10 Best Tofu Presses of 2021 – Review by Foodieandtours

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