Budapest Food and Wine Tours

The city of Hungarian food dishes and beauty

The second largest river in Europe that has gorgeous views known as River Danube divides Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The city is gorgeous with multiple activities for everyone to enjoy. Budapest’s historically rich culture, stunning architecture, artfulness, and natural beauty – paired with delicious cuisine to complement your vacation create an atmosphere perfect for foodies.

Take a cruise on the Danube River to marvel at the beauty and the history of Budapest. Discover the historical landmarks in Budapest by water. Take a tour of Buda Castle to reveal some of the history of Hungarian kings in Budapest. Shop with locals and taste traditional Hungarian food at Central Market Hall (also known as Great Market Hall). Relax in one or many of the various baths that Budapest offers throughout the city. Visit a variety of restaurants to taste the best of the delectable food in the area.

Budapest is one of the best destinations to taste some of the most delicious local gastronomy of Hungary. Typical Hungarian dishes are normally based on meats, fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, bread, and dairy products – including a variety of cheeses. It is also typical to find a variety of meats mixed together to create the perfect combination for your palate. Hungarian cuisine also consists of a variety of soups that the locals love. Spices such as paprika are also important to the culture of Hungary.

Some of the most typical dishes in Hungary include Pörkölt, Gulyás, and Paprika Chicken. Pörkölt is a meat stew originating from Hungary that is typically eaten as a main course during lunch or dinner. Gulyás is a delicious Hungarian goulash that consists of a soup or stew of meat and vegetables and seasoned with paprika and other spices. Paprika chicken is a typical dish eaten in many homes in Hungary. 

Budapest is also a great place to try local beverages while tasting local dishes. Drink local beers, wines, and other drinks with the local gastronomy in the area. Local teas and coffees are also a favorite among locals. Go to various cafes to enjoy the drinks of this region.

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