Buenos Aires Food and Wine Tours

The city of tango and delicious meat

    Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a lively cosmopolitan city that feels almost as if you are travelling Europe. Known for fiery tango dances and vibrant nightlife, Buenos Aires is the perfect destination for travelers to enjoy various actives along side palatable gastronomy.

    Stroll down the lively neighborhood of La Boca to get a feel for the area’s rich culture by witnessing tango, stopping at museums, and enjoying the picturesque buildings. Continue your visit by walking down the historical and traditional neighborhood of Montserrat and by visiting the infamous Plaza de Mayo while enjoying Alejandro Bustillo’s architectural work. Tour the largest neighborhood in Buenos Aires – Palermo, where you can visit the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires and go for a nature walk, have a picnic, or rollerblade in Parque Tres de Febrero. Stop in some of the restaurants in the various neighborhoods to get a taste of the delectable food, do you want some Bife de chorizo?

    A visit to Buenos Aires would not be complete without indulging in the local cuisine and drink. Try some empanadas while you are on your way to walk Buenos Aires, is one of the most distinguished food cities. Its cuisine comes from various influences such as beef from cows raised in the pampas, Italian influences, and even native Indian ingredients.

    One important staple of the area is Beef, which is popular among the locals to eat at weekend asados (barbeques). Another important staple of the area is a sandwich called choripán, which is filled with delicious chorizo (a type of sausage). Also get a taste of milanesas – a typical dish where different types of meat are breaded and fried

    Pair your delectable cuisine with a palatable assortment of drinks. Start your morning drinking some Mate and eating Medialunas. Tour local wineries to learn about the process of wine making and to taste typical wines of the region such as Malbec, which is known for its dark purple red color and fruity flavors. Alfajores and dulce de leche are popular desserts in the city, try some and you will never regret.

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