Cádiz Food and Wine Tours

Indulge in fresh fish and sherry of Spain's oldest port city

Cadiz is an ancient port city strategically positioned in the southwest of Spain. It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the country, rich in history, traditions and culture. The city is a picturesque mixture of the marine and the historical, with high walls, gardens and towers visible from the sea, and many narrow cobble-stoned streets, alleys, squares and churches.

Cadiz’s unique location, almost surrounded by the sea, makes it the perfect location for indulging in some excellent seafood. In fact, much of the city’s cuisine is based around fish. Whilst you can still find plenty of well-known Spanish dishes, including tapas, Cadiz boasts some quite unusual specialities which you won’t find elsewhere. Tortillitas de camarones, little fried shrimp fritters, are one such speciality, whilst ortiguillas fritas are a rather curious local food – fried, battered sea anenomes, fresh from the sea. In fact, many popular dishes in Cadiz simply let the excellent quality fish do the talking. Bluefin tuna is a particular delicacy, as are fat and juicy oysters. Fish in Cadiz is notoriously fresh as fishermen head out everyday and bring back their catch for locals to snap up at the market. Most dishes need only a quick drizzle of Spanish olive oil or a squeeze of lemon before you can enjoy them at their best.

Of course, there is much more to Cadiz’s cuisine, and meat eaters too will find plenty to chew on. Carrillada, or pork cheek, is very popular, and chicharrones (roasted pork belly) is sold all over the city, cold and often with a tangy, spicy sauce. If you have a sweet tooth, a range of typical pastries and puddings are on offer to tempt you. Try alfajores, a type of sweet Arab pastry, turrón (Spanish nougat) or pestiño (honey coated fritters). 

The heart and soul of the city is the market (the Mercado Central de Abastos), where Spaniards haggle over fresh fish and regional fruit and vegetables. The rincón gastronómico offers local wines, craft beers, delicious seafood, freshly baked pastries and countless other nibbles. Cadiz’s quaint little squares are also the perfect place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, beer or of course sherry! Embrace the Spanish tradition of merienda (an afternoon snack) and enjoy a pastry, cake or other sweet or savoury snack during the late afternoon at one of the countless cafes dotted across the city.

Cadiz offers a wide range of different restaurants and cafes, from quaint tapas bars to international cuisine and typical Spanish home cooking. Get a taste of the real Cadiz with one of our wine or food tastings, a tapas tour, or another foodie experience.

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