Cancun Food and Wine Tours

A mexican paradise surrounded by amazing food

    Lined with white sand beaches and the sapphire waters of the Caribbean Sea, Cancun is a now-thriving mix of nightlife, glitz and sophistication. The district of Zona Hotelera is bursting at the seams with luxurious escapes and trendy seafood restaurants, while the old town remains a piece of Mexico as it has always been; local markets, quaint colonial buildings, friendly cafes and authentic restaurants serving delicious food.

    It’s not unheard of for even the most adventurous of foodies to find Mexican food too hot to handle. Fortunately, cuisine in Cancun has a mixture of European influences, making the dishes here a lot cooler than you might expect. Instead of going overboard on the chilli, herbs and spices such as cilantro, cumin and cloves provide the savoury canvas for most local dishes.

    The Mexicans see lunch as the most important meal of the day, which goes a long way to explaining why it’s both the largest and the most social. Dinner is usually just a light snack, so the charming old town after midday is the best place to be to immerse yourself in Cancun’s foodie culture. But as you’d expect of a city that welcomes thousands of Western visitors each year, a variety of restaurants serve  international cuisine throughout the day.

    Beginning downtown, El Centro delights the senses with dazzling aromas of fresh herbs and spices and a handful of historic sights to see. Here you will also find Yaxchilan Avenue, a foodie hub filled with reputable eateries popular with the locals. In Zona Hotelera, luxury restaurants line Boulevard Kukulkan and enjoy gorgeous lagoon views, live serenades and delicious food. This part of the city has unique dining experiences on offer, including seaview restaurants with their very own swimming pools, and a number of exclusive venues dabbling in molecular gastronomy.

    It’s almost impossible to visit Mexico, let alone El Centro, and not come across a taco or tortilla stand. Since the dawn of Mexican cooking, many dishes have relied on corn as their foundation. Along with beans and peppers, cornflour tortillas can be discovered around the city with fantastic combinations of tropical fruits, homemade guacamole and fiery chillies.  

    Ceviche is a local favourite in Cancun and many of El Centro’s restaurants have taken the refreshing, fishy dish to new levels, whether you choose to dine in a glamorous restaurant or street food shack. The hotel zone boasts even more fabulous seafood options, with indulgent feasts of fresh lobster, shrimp and octopus on offer throughout the year.  

    With live music and sunset beach parties every night, it’s easy to label Cancun as a simple place that never sleeps. But that wouldn’t do justice to the foodie scene that’s emerging along Mexico’s coast. When Cancun isn’t busy not sleeping it stops to eat, with fine seafood, an eclectic mix of European and South American influences, and gastronomic experiences that will take your breath away.   

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