Cape Winelands Food and Wine Tours

Stunning views and great wine all day!

    Situated at the foot of the iconic Table Mountain, Cape Town is a photographic paradise with plenty to see and do. The famous summit overshadowing the city attracts thrill seekers throughout the year looking to try their hand at climbing, abseiling and paragliding. But if these activities seem a little too extreme, a visit to the coast or the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens might be more appealing. Here you can soak up the area’s natural beauty and take in some fresh air without the need for adrenaline. Along with beautiful beaches, secluded coves and azure waters, Cape Town is also home to celebrated vineyards, and is the ideal destination for wine tastings and foodie experiences.

    With influences from Indonesia, the Netherlands and India, traditional dishes in Cape Town usually consist of chillies, ginger and dried fruit. Prior to the settlement of the Dutch in the 17th Century, cuisine in Cape Town was pretty meat-heavy, but with the introduction of new farming techniques, Cape Town food was transformed with colourful fruits and vegetables and the introduction of several herbs and spices.

    One dish you won’t be able to avoid in Cape Town is the Cape Malay curry, which is exactly what it sounds like; a Malaysian curry, Cape style. Since the movement of Indonesian people in the 17th Century, this recipe has become a Cape Town speciality. Turmeric, cinnamon, saffron and chilli are combined with chicken to create a fragrant, spicy favourite. You’ll find this dish on the menus of most South African restaurants in the city.

    Another South African staple is Biltong, a snack made with dried and cured beef or game with a touch of pepper and brown sugar. It’s a quick and simple nibble that’s packed with protein - in many ways the perfect energiser for a day exploring the surrounding summits.

    Any fan of barbeques is going to feel at home in Cape Town. A braai is a barbeque with a strong South African twist. The atmosphere at a braai is energetic and friendly and they are a regular occurrence in Cape Town during summer. Sosaties a crowd pleaser served up at most braais, a tasty skewer made up of curried lamb, onions and apricots.

    Many foodies come from far and wide to enjoy the vineyards of the Cape, just thirty minutes from the city centre and offering a variety the world’s finest wine. Chenin blanc, pinotage, complex Bordeaux blends and sophisticated shiraz are all grown here, and there are countless options for tastings and tours. Spectacular sunset wine experiences are a treat, so be sure to book one and spend some time learning from the experts.

    With a spectacular backdrop of elegant scenery, Cape Town embraces its European and Indonesian influences while adding its own distinct touches. Whether you are visiting world renowned wineries, hiking Table Mountain or relaxing by the beach at a local braai, this city offers plenty to delight the senses.

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