Foodieandtours is an expert Blog on kitchen appliance reviews. Our team consists of professional chefs, mechanical-electrical engineers, appraisers, and product reviewers. We have a lot of experience to provide accurate analysis and comments on food (grilled, steamed, fried, ..) and drinks (coffee, beer, wine, spirits, carbonated drinks). Juices, etc.) are created or preserved by cooking utensils(Woks, Pans, Pots, Ovens, Toaster, Air Fryer, Steamers, Barking,..), and other appliances used in people’s home kitchens. The articles will help readers understand the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of device, the difference between them, skills and knowledge to note to help readers make appropriate, accurate choices, and The most beautiful way to avoid mistakes brought to your family’s kitchen.

Who founded Foodie & Tours?

Chef Tom Rethman originally founded Foodieandtours on a winter day in 2019. We have a multinational staff based in the US with writers working remotely from the UK. We are also present in Asia, a fascinating culinary hub. Tom Rethman is the author of most of the articles sharing reviews of Cookware, tips for using and cleaning them. He is a master at using tools and assistive devices. Under our professional team of engineers, material experts (sound insulation, heat insulation, carbon, ceramic, Teflon, crystal, Steel, ..) the reviews become more insightful and have high objective value for readers. We won’t waste your time with huge buying guides. Instead, we focus on the main points so you can buy the right Kitchen Appliances easily. We’ll also bring you mouth-watering classic recipes, unusual recipes, and some of the most delicious specialties from culinary centers around the world.

Foodie & Tours’ vision and mission

From time immemorial, food was still scarce, forcing people not to have the right to choose food. Later, through millions of years of evolution, the world became more civilized, so the first basic knowledge about the field of eating was formed, creating the first concept of food culture: cuisine. Cuisine evolves continuously, and new dishes are created by innovation and cultural interaction. In parallel with the development of culinary culture and scientific progress globally, processing techniques, inventions, and appliances in the kitchen have been born more and more, more modern and optimal. Better and more artistic.

And we are here, with our long experience, will help you learn the features, uses, usage, kitchen tools, kitchen equipment, machinery, and tools to help you. So you create delicious dishes with attractive, eye-catching flavors. We also help you have a great time in your kitchen and turn it into an artistic place with everyday parties. Everything is here for our readers to enjoy, from tips and advice that will be very helpful for beginners, important notes,.. everything is here for our readers to enjoy. We believe that everyone can become the best chef and even professional success with the love of their own small kitchen.

From tips and advice that will be very helpful for beginners, everything is here. For you to enjoy. And our goal is to give you the right information to get there. All you need to do is follow the articles posted here. We will make everything very detailed and explain in the easiest way to understand. So you will no longer have to wonder when reading our article. At, our team will accompany you every step of the way on the journey to conquer the great small kitchen.

Foodie & Tours’ Achievements

After a development period, now has more than 10,000 organic visits per month, with many keywords at the top of Google, Bing search. We always develop and update a lot of articles related to kitchen utensils to bring a lot of useful knowledge to our readers.

This is a platform where all kitchen lovers can enjoy useful information and find new strategies to get better at this hobby every day! So follow us, and you won’t regret investing the time to read our well-documented articles and tutorials.
If you have an idea related to the Cooking theme that you think we should touch, please contact us and let us know about the topic. We are ready to communicate to create the largest community of cooks and professional chefs online! All the products you will see on this platform will be selected based on our extensive experience and unbiased reviews. This is the shopping guide platform you can trust and rely on!

Contact us using the form available on the website, and our team will reply to you as soon as possible. When you are part of the community, anything is possible. So just love cooking and make the most of it by applying the information you read on this site!

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