Copenhagen Food and Wine Tours

Taste your way around Denmark's dazzling capital

    If you’re looking for a European city that combines historic palaces with colourful creativity and a distinct artistic edge, Copenhagen is just the place. Nestled on the shore the charming island of Zealand, the Danish capital is Scandinavia’s shining light, and a glorious place to visit at any time of year. Canals are lined with picture-perfect town-houses, grand sites such as Christiansborg Palace appear at every turn, and traffic-free plazas make Copenhagen an ideal destination for strolling and shopping. At night the city comes to life with quirky bars, live bands and trendy art exhibitions. To top it all off, Copenhagen is packed with classic Danish eateries, markets, boutique cafes, tasty street food stalls and unique dining experiences. 

    There’s no getting around it: Across the globe the Danes are renowned for their pastries. Freshly baked, hand rolled and delicately decorated, these Danish sweet treats are perfect as a light snack or indulgent breakfast. Of all the varieties of Danish pastries, Snegl is a local favourite in Copenhagen. It’s a delicious, sphere-shaped cinnamon swirl topped with icing sugar and best enjoyed with a strong coffee.

    Scandinavian seafood is known for being among the tastiest in the world, and Copenhagen certainly follows the trend. With the Limfjorden channel close by, Copenhagen’s cuisine boasts fabulous oysters that are full of flavour, as well as other seafood specialities including whiting and lobster. Pickled herring is another popular delicacy in the capital and comes in glass jars, with the herring preserved using traditional Viking methods. The fish is dried and salted before being marinated with pepper, mustard seeds and cloves, and is often served with bay leaves and onions. This fishy treat usually comes out for celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, but hungry foodies won’t have to look far to find some no matter what the time of year.

    For the more carnivorous visitors to Copenhagen, Stegt flæsk has recently been pronounced the national dish of Denmark. Traditionally, it’s pork belly fried and served with potatoes and parsley sauce, but the chefs in the capital tend to cook pork in an oven instead to slow down the process and protect the subtle flavours of the meat.

    For authentic snacks at affordable prices, Copenhagen the place to be. At almost every bakery and café in town you’ll find Smørrebrød, an open sandwich on Rye Bread, often topped with delicious herring, brisket or lobster. Whether you try a Smørrebrød that’s a little more innovative or one with a traditional ham and cheese topping, finish it off like the locals with a shot of Danish Schnapps.

    Speaking of which, it’s no secret that the Danes like a tipple. From creative cocktails such as a Black White Russian - the renowned classic but with added liquorice syrup - to local craft beer at one of many micro-breweries, Copenhagen is an ideal place to relax with a quirky drink. Chat with the locals in a bar, raise a glass and make sure you shout ‘Skal!’ (cheers).

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