Cusco Food and Wine Tours

The archeological capital of the Americas with tasty food

    Cusco, the capital of the Cusco Province, is often regarded as the archeological capital of the Americas and rightfully so. With its stunning mixture of colonial and ancient Incan architecture, Cusco is worthy of being called the archeological capital of the Americas. Cusco’s beautiful natural scenery, traditional handicrafts, and mild yearly temperatures – all alongside fantastic gastronomy create an atmosphere perfect for foodie vacations.

    Travel to the northern outskirts of the city to discover the deep Incan history rooted in Saksaywaman. Marvel at the impressive architecture in the city while also taking in the beauty of the nature. Take a trek on the Inca Trail to reach the world-renowned Machu Picchu. Visit the various churches in the region and stroll down the streets while enjoying the typical cuisine of the city.

    Of course, foodie vacations would not be complete without indulging in the local cuisine. Andean Cuisine adapts a diverse variety of native ingredients while also being open to other influences. Cusco is one of the best regions in Peru regarding gastronomy and it is typical that dishes will use potatoes.

    To taste typical dishes of the region, try delectable dishes such as adobo, puchero, or huatia. Adobo is a delectable pork stew made with corn beer generally consumed by locals during New Years Day. Puchero is a stew generally eaten by locals during the celebration of Carnival in February and is made from delicious lamb and vegetables. Generally eaten in June, a hautia dish consists of potatoes, sweet potatoes, oca (a native tuber), and a famous Andean hot sauce (uchuckuta) for the perfect combination for your palate.

    Pair your food with typical drinks of the region. Sip on Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru in the beautiful city of Cusco. Pisco Sour uses Pisco as the base liquor and adds either key lime or lemon juice, syrup, ice, egg white, and Angostura bitters to make the perfect cocktail combination. Try Cusqueña beer to taste beers like the locals. Sip on other cocktails and local drinks in the beautiful Plaza de Armas.

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