Edinburgh Food and Wine Tours

Scotland's capital with delicious food

    Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is the second most populous city in Scotland and is the seventh most populous in the United Kingdom, with various activities for many different people to enjoy. Known for its natural beauty and impressive architecture, it is the perfect destination for anyone to take pleasure in. Edinburgh’s deep history, gorgeous buildings, natural allure, and stunning art – paired with delectable gastronomy create an atmosphere for foodies to enjoy themselves in all aspects of this destination.

    Travel to Holyrood Park to enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountains. From there, climb to the highest point in Edinburgh, known as Arthur’s Seat where you can witness the beauty of the whole city from above. Walk inside of the Holyrood Palace to feel as if you were royalty yourself. Visit various neighborhoods and tour various museums while stopping at different restaurants and cafes to enjoy the local food and drink in the area.

    Don’t forget to enjoy the typical gastronomy of Edinburgh, as it is a great place to taste some of Scotland’s finest dishes. Scotland is known for a variety of cuisine. The location of Scotland creates an atmosphere perfect to eat a variety of dishes such as fresh produce, tasty dairy products, fresh seafood, and much more. 

    The most typical dish of Scotland is Haggis, which is a pudding that contains sheep’s pluck, onions, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt, and stock enclosed in the animal’s stomach although it is now common that the dish will come in an artificial casing instead. The locals love this dish so a true foodie must taste it in order to get a feel for the true local gastronomy of the area. Other traditional foods you must try while in Scotland include delectableoatcakes and delicious locally baked teacakes.

    In addition to the local food you will indulge in in Edinburgh, drinking the local drink in the region is also a must. When in Scotland, do as the Scottish do and partake in drinking the regional drink known as Scotch Whiskey or more simply, Scotch. Beer connoisseurs will also enjoy drinking the popular local beer that Scotland has to offer.

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