Foodie&Tours Destination Ambassador

Learn about the exciting opportunity to become the first and only Foodie&Tours Destination Ambassador in your destination. Our brand is expanding worldwide and we are looking for passionate foodies and culinary experts that want to join us in this amazing business! The opportunity of showing your destination, your culinary traditions and your culture to the world.

We select the best Foodie Ambassador in each destination, who should show:

  • Passion for gastronomy and their hometown.
  • Great English communication skills, talent for storytelling to connect with our customers.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Vision to design the best sustainable tours in your destination.
  • Ability to commit and follow through.

If you are interested in showing travelers the best of your destination and region, if you want to have the chance to work for yourself while also being a valued part of an exclusive international foodie entrepreneur network that works following a unique successful formula, Foodie&Tours is the right thing for you.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Foodie&Tours Destination Ambassador!

  • Become the first and only Foodie&Tours Ambassador at your destination and enjoy the benefits that come with this exclusivity.
  • Have your own destination web domain and a tech team helping you build the best website.
  • Encourage sustainable tourism and foster a respect for local traditions
  • Obtain free access to the Foodie&Tours engine program and manage your bookings and sales
  • Benefit from the Foodie&Tours marketing strategy and its social platforms
  • Enjoy having more than 20 sales channels.
  • Receive the best foodie training sessions at the beginning and continuously.
  • Access our foodie specialists support service 7 days a week. (Customer service, Tech department, Marketing Specialists, Content Creators, Gastronomic Consultants)
  • Share your local traditions exclusively and watch travelers fall in love with your destination while being part of an international community that shares your values and understands the fast-growing tourism experiential sector

Mireia Pascual

“Foodie&Tours is the perfect business model to change your lifestyle, now I have my own business with all their genius ideas!”

Naiara Garro
San Sebastian

“If you want to manage a great idea and have the freedom to create and work, Foodie&Tours gives you that!”

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