Galicia Food and Wine Tours

Discover the best kept gourmet secrets of Galicia

Galicia is unlike anywhere else in Spain, unlike anywhere else in the world...You will be amazed by incredibly beautiful beaches, a cozy coastline of tiny coves and impressive high cliffs. The delicious and succulent seafood is considered one of the best ones in the world. Be ready to discover long dense and unaltered wooded areas, wide valleys...Learn why this region is well known as the land of a thousand rivers

The region has Celtic heritage and Galicians consider themselves as having a Celtic identity and background (much more than 'Latin' or 'Hispanic'). And if you hear the unique sound of bagpipes, don’t think you have took the wrong plane destination Scotland!, bagpipe is the national instrument of Galicia! The festivals of the region are the best way to discover the creativeness of the 'Gallegos', its traditions, music, food and folklore.

Galicia is equal to scenic beauty and culinary delights: the land of gastronomic festivals that celebrate the abundance from the region’s sea and vegetable gardens. Taste the best seafood ever, everything of exceptional quality: percebes (goose barnacles), cigalas (Norway lobsters), vieiras(scallops), centollos (spider crab), nécoras (swim crab), bueyes de mar (large crabs), prawns... The pulpo a feria (octopus with potatos, olive oil and pimentón, a type of Spanish paprika) one of the most typical dishes in this region. But not everything is related with seafood. The culinary gourmet experiences will take you to unexplored regions, filled with amazing flavors and colorful dishes. 

And do not forget about wine...The Designations of Origin in this region are primarily for white wines. Discover amazing local wines, paired with tasty local products, discover the fiery Orujo gallego and, why not, indulge with sweet yummy liqueurs made with coffee and herbs. Galicia is a magical destination, a special region, a unique charming place with a particular strong character, a place that embraces culture, high gourmet experiences and adventure. A place to remember. 

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