Girona Food and Wine Tours

A fantastic variety of dishes and landscapes to explore

Every foodie in the world must pin Girona on their map of gastronomic getaways. To begin with, this is where the Michelin-starred El Celler de Can Roca is located, but there’s a lot more to enjoy. The great diversity of its cuisine is due to the combination of traditional and avant-garde dishes using products of the highest quality from both the sea and the mountains.

Northern Catalunya is home to the ancient city of Girona, which sits proudly upon one of the many rolling hillsides that punctuate this beautiful part of Spain. The region boasts classic Catalan food alongside breathtaking medieval architecture for an altogether more laid back approach to hospitality than the bustling streets of Barcelona to the south. A visit here will see you sampling stunning wines and delicate dishes in a location befitting some of the finest food in Europe.

Girona’s historical significance has left behind a wealth of wonders for keen foodies to discover, and the province is now a beacon of Catalan cuisine as well as being renowned for the sumptuous wines produced in the Empordà region. Classic dishes include the delicious Catalunya staple of Pa amb Tomaquet, as well as the delightful temptation of Xuixo – a sugar dusted pastry filled with crema catalana.  The sheer variety of wines produced in El Empordà mean you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to tastings and tours, whilst the region’s most famous exports are probably its aromatic, full-bodied reds, carefully aged to enhance the delicate notes of fruit spiced straight from the vine.

Girona is also the home of what is arguably the ultimate foodie experience, as what many consider to be the best restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca, is located in the city’s suburbs. The three Roca brothers serve fantastic ‘freestyle’ food, and a visit is destined to be genuinely unforgettable. However it’s no great surprise that you’ll be lucky to get a table at El Celler without booking months in advance, but fear not! There are countless alternatives; Girona is equally as popular for its buzzing tapas scene, as the cobbled streets fill every evening with hungry foodies hopping from bar to bar, and one of the aforementioned Roca brothers even runs a locally famous Gelateria on the side if you’re hunting for dessert.      

Simply put: Girona has it all. Over recent years its fascinating medieval history has been tastefully added to with a modern take on Spanish cuisine, and it has become a must visit destination for those who want to experience the real Catalunya. Away from the bustle of touristy Barcelona you are free to enjoy the region’s finery in style at a slower place, and with a heady blend of culture, atmosphere and culinary excellence there’s no doubt that Girona is now a true foodie’s paradise.

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