Guatemala Food and Wine Tours

Enjoy the flavours of old world tradition in Guatemala

In some cities the old and the new collide with a seamless beauty. Lathered in a rich colonial history, Antigua happens to be one of those places. Beyond the old world markets and regal architecture of Guatemala’s must-visit destination, sunset brings a vivacious energy with salsa, reggae, calypso and jazz bursting from every club, bar and cafe. But music is not the only cultural phenomenon here. Since the settlement of the ancient Mayan civilization, food has been the heart and soul of Guatemalan life. And, just like their taste in music, the cuisine here is diverse, with everything from longstanding family street food stalls to western favourites with a Central American twist.

Home to towering volcanic mountains, Guatemala is a cultural gem where life seems to slow down. Although colonial rule ended in the early 19th century, the city has kept hold of its many Spanish tastes and traditions. Fused with the spices of Mexico and the succulent cooking of the Caribbean, you’re in for a foodie adventure packed with verve and colour.
Any visit to Guatemala should begin with a traditional breakfast. Think tortillas, plantain, eggs, papayas, mangos and avocado and you’ll begin to understand why your first meal of the day will never be the same again. For a flavoursome Guatemalan dinner, opt for Chiles Rellenos, a pepper usually stuffed with a variation of meat, cheese, rice and vegetables.

At high altitude and with warm temperatures year round, Guatemala is also famed for the coffee beans it produces. The brew here boasts rich aromas and a smooth, velvety taste, meaning that wherever you find yourself settling down for a mug of the country's most exported produce, you can be assured that you’ll be sampling the envy of coffee drinkers around the world.

One thing you will notice in Guatemala is the large number of expensive restaurants aimed at attracting western visitors. If you want to dine in one of these, a good tip to keep in mind is that the higher prices do not necessarily guarantee better quality. For more authentic cooking, it’s best to head to an Antiguan café or food stall. Here you can expect local ingredients served with the customary Guatemalan charm, and fewer tourists to match.

For unique dining experiences, Guatemala knows exactly how to impress. In this historic city you can find everything from art cafes to library lunches. And if you are short of time but wish to experience the buzzing Antiguan nightlife, venture to one of the many restaurants serving a delicious dinner finished off with a night of salsa dancing.

The foodie scene in the capital of Antigua certainly goes hand in hand with its vibrant, new world nightlife, without drifting too far from its historic origins. And, whenever you find yourself in awe of the baroque architecture and Guatemala's spectacular volcanic backdrop, the local cuisine has all the tastes and smells to bring you back to your senses.

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