Hong Kong Food and Wine Tours

Savour every moment in vibrant Hong Kong

    With towering skyscrapers and bright city lights, it’s clear that Hong Kong is a thriving metropolis happy to cater for visitors. Yet if you wander into the handful of Song Dynasty villages or peaceful urban parks, you will soon rediscover the city’s classic oriental heritage. From listening to Cantonese Opera in a traditional bamboo theatre to singing your heart out in a karaoke booth, Hong Kong is a mecca for entertainment whatever you’re looking for. If that’s not enough, then this exceptional city is also regarded as one of the culinary capitals of the world, with bustling Chinese food markets, incredible street food and luxury, once in a lifetime dining experiences - all guaranteed to arouse the senses like never before.

    In Hong Kong, the flavours of Cantonese and Sichuanese cooking collide in a gastronomic explosion of savoury and sweet. If you’re thinking of rice and noodle-based dishes, topped with shrimp, chicken and a variety of exotic meats and vegetables and drizzled with a hoisin or sweet and sour sauce, then you’re on the right lines. But you’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s on offer. It’s difficult to appreciate all this city serves up until you have experienced it for yourself. Combine these traditional local favourites with French, Japanese and Malaysian influences, and Hong Kong offers a guaranteed culinary adventure.

    While Peking Duck originates from Northern China, Hong Kong prefers the traditional Cantonese Roast Goose. The city has managed to keep the ingredients used to marinate the goose a secret for generations, but some precise combination of soy sauce, Shaoxing wine and sugar helps create a dish rich in flavour. The goose is usually cut into smaller pieces and completed with a plum sauce.

    It is said that Hong Kong’s famous Pheonix Tallons contain collagen and enough calcium to improve and radiate the skin. In case you didn’t know, this local favourite is actually chicken’s feet, steamed in bamboo and fried, and served in a spicy chilli sauce.

    Another dish believed to have health benefits is snake soup. Again, like many delicacies throughout China, this is an unfamiliar dish for western visitors. Although it may not be what you would immediately associate with Chinese food, it’s a local favourite in Hong Kong eaten on a regular basis. If you really wish to throw yourself into the culture of this city, pluck up the courage and tuck into this hearty broth of mushrooms, seafood, lemon leaves and snake meat.

    If the exotic and unusual cuisine of Hong Kong isn’t your thing, then dishes such as egg waffle offer a moment of respite. Visitors flock to the street food stalls for a bite of these amusing looking bubble shaped waffles, made with a sweet egg based recipe which is fried to create a cake-like texture. Residents often eat them plain, but you can choose to add fruit or a variety of sauces to take the heat of an otherwise fiery culinary scene.


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