Ibiza Food and Wine Tours

Indulge in the gastronomy of the White Island

A short flight from mainland Spain’s sun-soaked east coast, the island of Ibiza is a hugely popular destination for travellers seeking a touch of Mediterranean paradise. As waves roll in over white sand beaches, with the sky an almost permanent blue above, you’ll probably find yourself thinking that there aren’t certainly better places to embark on a foodie adventure.

As you would expect from a location surrounded by crystal clear, abundant waters, Ibiza is pretty big on seafood, with classic dishes making the most of the fresh produce available all year round from the Mediterranean. Among the popular fish enjoyed by the locals you will find succulent cod and meaty swordfish, whilst sea bream baked in salt has been a mainstay on the island for hundreds of years. Don’t fear though meat lovers, local game and sausages do occasionally make an appearance, especially in the hearty stews which tend to be served during the winter months, when temperatures often plummet to as low as 15˚C!

Due to its popularity with tourists, you’ll also find many traditional Spanish dishes on a typical Ibizan menu, and although you’ll never be too far from a paella or gazpacho, rest assured that they will each come with their own charming Ibizan twists. Popular eateries include several restaurants with growing reputations such as Es Terral, which offers French interpretations of classic dishes of the Med.  

It’s not just edible treats that can be found in Ibiza. The island is also home to several renowned vineyards, with a proud wine producing heritage dating back to the 8th century. The art of wine production has been passed down here for generations with very little outside interference, meaning you will have the rare opportunity to taste some of the Med’s unspoilt vintages. Because of Ibiza’s relatively small size, a lack of space to expand the wine industry has led to quality taking precedent over quantity, with indigenous vines being nurtured to the highest possible standard, to delicious effect! Full bodied, aromatic reds are developed alongside refreshing whites in the regions of Sant Mateu, Buscatell and Sant Josep.      

Overall, Ibiza is enjoying a blossoming reputation as a foodie paradise. Very few places in the world can offer wonderful, fresh ingredients, intoxicatingly fused with authentic culinary style in such an eye catching destination. Ibiza, you sense, will very soon become a must visit location for all lovers of food and wine keen to indulge in a little sun alongside their supper. 

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