Jabugo Food and Wine Tours

Journey to the Source of Some of the Best Ham in the World: Jamón de Jabugo

    Tucked away in the stunning Sierra de Aracena y los Picos de Aroche Natural Park in the Spanish province of Huelva is the sleepy town of Jabugo. This wonderful destination is surrounded by a chain of mountains covered in forests of pine, horse chestnut, oak and poplar trees, creating an environment perfect for hiking, mountain biking or bird watching. The area also has a lot to offer travelers with an interest in geology or botany, due to its rocky landscape and diversity of flora. The nearby village of Aracena is home to a 13th century medieval castle, a mining museum and fascinating underground caves with stalactites, which one can spend a whole day exploring. The village of Jabugo itself boasts an attractive historical center with several must-visit sites, including the picturesque Calle Barco street leading up to Plaza del Jamón square and the 18th century parish church called Iglesiade San Miguel, constructed from stone and brick in neoclassical and baroque style. The main square is also home to a casino, used by locals more as a social club rather than a place to gamble. The town is dotted with 18th century mansions that once belonged to wealthy merchants.

    The town of Jabugo is known for producing one of the best quality cured hams in the world. In fact, the name of the town has become somewhat synonymous with the delicious pork and ham products of Huelva. Visit a local jamón factory to experience first-hand how this famous product is made. Learn about the ways in which the exceptional microclimate, the purity of the Iberian ham species, and centuries of local knowledge and experience have come together to create the famous Jamón de Jabugo. The town’s restaurants and bars are ideal for trying some local ham and other pork products, including top quality pork loin, as well as chorizo, morcilla and salchichón sausages with good Spanish wine. Other delicious traditional dishes of Huelva include a succulent suckling lamb and bacon stew called caldereta del condado, white prawns, fried cuttlefish, barbecued sardines, steamed mussels and clams, a broad bean dish called habas enzapatá, and chilledsalmorejo or gazpacho soup (topped with more jamón, of course!)

    For dessert, visit a local bakery and try the spiral-shaped gañotes, fried and sugar-glazed pestiños, a kind of Andalusian French toast called torrijas and a type of almond macaroon called amarguillos.

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