Lima Food and Wine Tours

World´s Best Gastronomic Capital

Lima, the capital of Peru, is the largest city in Peru and the gastronomic capital of South America. The city has many cultural offerings with museums, historic plazas, galleries, and much more. Among the cultural sites Lima has to offer, it is also home to many natural beauties such as gorgeous mountains and pristine beaches. Lima’s rich history, beautiful scenery, and diverse architecture – alongside delicious Peruvian gastronomy create an atmosphere perfect for foodies.

Visit Plaza Mayor, the birthplace of Lima where you will be surrounded by various historical artifacts including the Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union. Also visit the various museums located in Lima as it has the highest concentration of museums in the country. Don’t forget to stop at the various restaurants along the way as well to taste the city’s finest gastronomic delights.

Lima is known for its vibrant food, including typical Peruvian dishes such as Ceviche and others, coastal cooking, and global fare. Indulge in Peruvian cuisine while in the gastronomic capital of South America. Savor the most popular Peruvian dish – Ceviche: raw fish marinated in citrus juices and flavored with chili peppers and other spices. Enjoy another delectable popular traditional Peruvian dish,Lomo Saltado, which is a stir-fry that mixes sirloin-strips with onions, tomatoes, French fries, and other ingredients; typically paired with rice. Lima is also a great place to sample internationally recognized Peruvian chocolate.

Pair your cuisine with typical drinks of the region. Sip on Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru in the city where the drink originated. Pisco Sour uses Pisco as the base liquor and adds either key lime or lemon juice, syrup, ice, egg white, and Angostura bitters to make the perfect cocktail combination. You can also enjoy delicious red wines and beers in the area. If you want to try non-alcoholic drinks that are typical of the region, sip on Chicha Morada or Peruvian Limonada and the sweet soft drinks they have to offer.

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