Marrakesh Food and Wine Tours

Explore the vibrant hub of North-African culture

    Stepping into Marrakesh can feel like you’re entering a movie set; snake charmers, fortune tellers and vivid colours take over the senses. Tourists flock here in their thousands to experience the bustling, vibrant mix of old and new, and the city has become iconic for melting pot of cultures within its red sandstone walls. These days, the fortified city center is surrounded by modern neighborhoods alive with an eclectic mixture of sounds, smells and sights. Sprawling markets offer as much artistic merit as the city’s galleries, displaying an enticing patchwork of colourful spices and ingredients that flavour the local cuisine.

    In Marrakesh, food is an important part of family life; a notion proved by the fact that the locals have five meals every day! Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner mark the time here as much as a traditional clock. The cuisine has been heavily influenced by the many cultures that coexist in the city. Mediterranean, Arabic, Andalusian, and Berber have all played important roles, and the result is a tapestry of tastes rich in home grown spices such as cumin and turmeric.

    As you might expect, a meal in Marrakesh is a communal affair made up of several courses, with friends and family gathering round large single dishes to be shared. Traditional fare includes tagine, a meaty stew presented in a single pot to a table, and eaten with bread rather than cutlery. Another regional favorite is couscous, but not like the couscous you’ve seen before. In Marrakesh it’s steamed above a pot of boiling vegetables, which makes all the difference when it comes to taste. When it is ready, it’s served on a large plate with the vegetables on top. Usually it’s saved for special occasions, but there are plenty of restaurants serving it up throughout the city for hungry foodies. Most meals end with a refreshing cup of mint tea, heavily sweetened with sugar straight off the cone.

    As with any city that has enjoys such a vibrant tourist trade, Marrakesh has plenty of restaurants and gastronomic experiences to suit any budget. For finer dining, Gastro MK offers a blend of traditional cuisine with contemporary French ideas, making the most of the finest local ingredients. For those on a budget Marrakech has a street-food scene like no other, with the famed square ofDjemaa el Fna packed with options for brave and hungry foodies.

    In many ways dining in Marrakesh is like experiencing the city itself; full of wonder and exotic flavours, and great for foodies looking for an adventurous meal. This sun-drenched paradise is bold and restless; you can get swept up in the city’s rhythm or simply dip your toes in. Either way, you’ll leave with plenty of memories, culinary inspiration and a full stomach.

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