Milan Food and Wine Tours

Take a bite of the fashion capital of Italy

Milan is a hub of industry, fashion and the arts, dominating the landscape of European culture, whilst also being the best place to sample the delicious flavours of Italy’s Lombardy region. But it isn’t only northern Italian classics you’ll find on the menus here, as the city’s cultural gravity pulls in the great and the good of the Italian culinary scene, attracting those eager to show off the very best of their cuisine to Milan’s international clientele.

One word that stands out when describing Milanese cuisine is "rich". This is highlighted by the fact that anywhere north of the River Po, effectively the border between Lombardy and southern Italy, you will tend to find dishes brought to life with butter and cream rather than olive oil. This leads to luxurious plates of Risotto alla Milanese infused with saffron, as well as local favourites such as Busecca, or tripe, often served in a soup with cheese, vegetables and pancetta. The Milanese penchant for richness doesn’t stop on the main course however, with sweet treats including everyone’s Christmas go to dessert of Panettone.

Milan’s foodie scene offers visitors endless chances for fine dining on top of the more traditional venues offering tasty staples of the Lombardy region. And whilst Michelin Starred establishments are far from being in short supply, if you want to enjoy the genuine charm of some of Europe’s finest food markets, look no further than the streets of Milan. Each day sees a different part of the city bustling with vendors selling the best of local produce, from Mercato Papiniano on Tuesdays and Saturdays, to the tiny Mercato V Alpini every Friday.

Aside from some of the most sumptuous Italian food around, Milan is also the perfect city in which to taste Lombardy’s answer to Champagne. Specialist wine bars are becoming increasingly popular as the city evolves from old industry to the forefront of fashion, film and the arts. And whilst many other wine growing regions in Italy are more prestigious, Lombardy is developing a reputation as a producer of fine sparkling wines including Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese, with rolling hills and microclimates home to an array of wineries and tasting opportunities.

Milan then has all the ingredients for an ideal foodie getaway location. In amongst Da Vinci’s finest works, weekly fashion shows and the metropolitan hum of a 24-hour city are countless opportunities to indulge in the finest food and wine that Italy has to offer. From the rich fare of Lombardy to the very best of cuisine from across the country, Milan’s foodie scene is nothing short of spectacular.

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