Mumbai Food and Wine Tours

Tuck in and enjoy Mumbai´s vibrant food scene

    Seen by many as the gateway of India, Mumbai was once a majestic colonial city renowned for its grandeur and regal entertainment. Today it boasts a distinct charm and is a place where cultures collide, showering residents and visitors alike with a noticeable optimism. Upon entering this dynamic city, you are propelled into a fast moving metropolis with roadside markets, mosques, churches, temples and even cows walking beside the motorway. Fascinating cultural sights abound; the artefacts at Chor Bazaar, along with the sculptures and paintings of the National Gallery of Modern Art, are well worth fighting the crowds for. All in all, there’s no doubt that Mumbai is a city which is moving forward at an exhilarating pace. The question is can you keep up?

    Onion, garlic and red chilli powder are the key ingredients in Mumbai’s food, a tasty combination that ensures the cuisine here stands out from other regions in India. These ingredients may seem simple, but they are well tried and tested, and maintain their place in the order of things for a very good reason. For local fresh produce, head to Crawford Market, located beside the beautiful Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Here you will find an abundance of herbs, fruit and vegetables in a colourful maze that will give you firsthand insight into Mumbai cooking.

    Once you have witnessed all the produce on offer in Mumbai, it’ll be time to uncover the local street food, which is renowned for being cheap, generously portioned and extremely tasty. Expect to queue for local favourites such as the chicken tikka rolls and Paav Bhaji, a dish made of potato mashed with chilli powder, turmeric, ginger, garlic and tomatoes served with vegetables and pav buns.

    Along Chowpatty beach you’ll also find plenty of Bhel Puri. This traditional Mumbai snack is eaten by Mumbaikars throughout the day and boasts a sweet, tangy taste. It is comprised of puffed rice, vegetables and a tamarind sauce. For an authentic Mumbai breakfast look out for Akuri. Usually served with Dosa, this Parsi dish is made by scrambling eggs together with onions, mangoes, chillies and cumin. It’s a delicious way to start the day and a great alternative to the traditional style of scrambled eggs you might be used to. Another street-food favourite in Mumbai is Batasa Vada; deep-fried potato dumplings with onions, chillies, garlic, turmeric, ginger and coriander. There are many stalls serving this delicacy, and it’s a great treat if you need something to grab and eat on the go.

    Although the wealth and glamour of the colonial era ended in 1947, you can still savour the ceremonial surroundings in the form of indulgent restaurants. The city boasts some extraordinary places to eat with chefs who have been wining and dining the rich and famous for years.

    With glitzy restaurants and inexpensive food stalls, it is clear that Mumbai is a city of two very different foodie worlds. A trip here should always involve immersing yourself in the vibrant street food scene, which most agree is the best way to sample authentic Mumbai cooking at its finest. Whether you are here on a stopover or wish to uncover the city from its roots, you’ll have plenty of tantalising gastronomic options to fuel your adventures.

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