Munich Food and Wine Tours

The city of fantastic food and beer

    Munich, the capital and largest German state of Bavaria, is a city that lies on the banks of River Isar and is north of the gorgeous Bavarian Alps. Munich’s annual festivals, spectacular buildings, historically rich landmarks, and creative art at various museums throughout the city – alongside impressive gastronomy create the perfect atmosphere for foodies to enjoy a perfect vacation. Beer connoisseurs and foodies alike will enjoy this destination for there are various activities to enjoy and the city is known for its annual Oktoberfest, which consists of beer drinking and dancing, and the city is also known for its famed beer halls.

    Stroll down the streets of Munich to marvel at the impressive buildings that have been around for centuries. Visit the central square known as Marienplatz to discover historical landmarks such as Rathus-Glockenspiel. A visit in October is not complete without participating in the events of Oktoberfest with beer drinking and merrymaking. Visit the various museums and churches that the city has to offer while eating and drinking the local food and drink of the area. Taste beer at the world-renowned beer hall known as Hofbräuhaus.

    Foodie vacations are not complete without indulging in the local cuisine. The cuisine in the Munich area generally includes meat and Knödel dishes, and oftentimes may use flour. Due to the climate in the region, crops such as beets and potatoes do well in the area thus making these foods a staple in the German diet. Some dishes to try while in this area include Brezel (soft pretzels), Bratwurst, and Kässpätzle.Kässpätzle is similar to pasta but not quite the same texture, creating the perfect taste for your palate.

    Pair your delicious food with refreshing regional drinks. Beer is the drink of choice in Munich. You are sure to find a variety of beers due to there being six major breweries in the city and other microbreweries dispersed throughout the city as well. With over forty different types of beer, there are endless opportunities to taste a variety of flavors. Munich also holds the biggest and most famous beer festival known as Oktoberfest so the beer here is a must.

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