Napa Valley Food and Wine Tours

For the love of great wine!

    Napa Valley has become a must-visit for passionate foodies. Millions are drawn here every year by its beautiful countryside and thriving wine market. In fact, despite only being thirty miles long and five miles wide, it’s easily one of the most visited places in California. The valley itself is full of small towns with unique charms. From the family-friendly American Canyon to the lavish Napa with its booming wine bars and restaurants, there is something for everyone. Fans of the outdoors will enjoy mountain trails by bike or on foot; music, film and arts festivals run throughout the year, and food-lovers can taste their way around a culinary scene made up of delicious meats and cheeses - the perfect accompaniment to some of the world’s finest wine.

    There’s no doubt that the thing pulling most foodies into to Napa Valley is the area’s unparalleled wine industry. Over 500 wineries in the region enjoy a Mediterranean-like climate that provides perfect conditions for grape growing. Warm summers sprinkled with a touch of rain are combined with mild winters and the highly fertile soils that have become the industry’s lifeblood. The potential for wine production was first spotted by George Calvert Young, who planted the first vines back in 1839. The rapid growth of the wine scene was cut short during the prohibition years, but ever since Napa Valley has thrived and become a respected, world-leading wine producer.

    With people flocking here from all over the world to try internationally acclaimed wines, the best way to explore the scene is to tour the wineries themselves. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Pinot noir, Zinfandel, Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc are all lovingly produced here, and visits to cellars and tasting events are a great way to sip your way around the valley while exploring stunning wineries steeped in history.

    As you might expect, Napa Valley has a food scene to match its imperious status as California’s wine capital. The area prides itself on using the finest, locally produced ingredients in its dishes, and talented chefs from around the world have come here to cook every cuisine imaginable for thirsty, knowledgeable tourists. More impressive is the amount on offer considering its relatively small size. Over 125 restaurants cater to every possible taste, from roadside shacks selling gourmet BBQ picnics to high-end fine dining.

    It may be small in stature, but a visit to here promises to be as grand a foodie adventure as you could wish for. As one of the most successful wine-producing regions in the world, Napa county is packed with phenomenal wineries worth the trip alone. A thriving restaurant and food scene means you’ll have the perfect accompaniment to your favourite tipple.

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