New Delhi Food and Wine Tours

Go back to the beginning in India's capital

    Visiting New Delhi is, in a word, an experience. It’s a city that stands out first and foremost as a place of contrasts, of different worlds and different times clashing together. New and Old Delhi continue to grow side by side, and the overlap of modern and ancient is at the heart of what makes this such a diverse and appealing destination. 15 million people call India’s capital home, and the city’s religious and cultural history make it a melting pot of sounds, colours, art, and food. Everything has the potential to overwhelm and enthral in equal measure, from a visit to the formidable Red Fort to braving a rickshaw ride and weaving through the thrum of New Delhi's traffic.

    The food of New Delhi isn’t easily defined. Here you’ll find influences from across the country, including South Indian, Punjabi, Rajasthani, and Gujarati. But these are all relatively new. Traditional dishes of northern India used to dominate, but as the capital has become a second home for many students and professionals from all over the country, markets have developed to cater for their nostalgia for home cooking. One theme that does prevail throughout India is the importance of street food, and you won’t find anywhere better than here to try your fair share.

    Many Indian staples have been adapted and exported all over the world, but to appreciate the real classics you need to taste them in Delhi. Savoury parathas are wonderful flatbreads that come plain or filled with a choice of cauliflower, potatoes, eggs, dal or keema; curries come in an endless array of varieties; global favourites tussle with flavours you may not have tried before, from butter chicken to biryanis. Full of ginger, coriander, garlic, cumin and a range of exotic spices, it is easy to see why the former was favoured by Mughal Emperors. The dish is usually made with chicken and prepared in a pot sealed with dough, which allows the complex flavours to develop and merge together.

    Another favoured street food option is chole bhature, a chickpea curry that packs enough punch to bring you back to your senses after a day strolling through the city. Buttery chickpeas are combined with chana masala and served with deep fried bread on the side. For foodies at least, chole bhature is often served with a refreshing mango lassi to cool things down a little. Another treat you can’t leave Delhi without trying is jalebis. For sweet-toothed food lovers ,this sugary dessert is a guaranteed winner. Pieces of wheat flour dough are rolled into circles before being cooked oil and caked in sugar. Are they healthy? Almost certainly not, but since when has that stopped you?

    New Delhi is at the epicentre of modern Indian cuisine. Flavours and dishes from across the country are all brought together here, and the city’s walkways are home to some of the Asia’s finest street food. The authentic dishes here are a world away from westernised Indian food, and the cuisine on offer is far superior (and a little hotter) as a result. Couple this with the city’s old world charm and fascinating history, and you’ve got a foodie adventure not to be missed.

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