Prague Food and Wine Tours

Enchanting city with delicious food

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city that intersects the picturesque Vltava River. It is also one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in Europe being the sixth most visited city. Known for its diverse architecture, lovely music, natural beauty, fantastic shopping, family-friendly atmosphere, exquisite cuisine, and delicious drinks, it is the perfect place for foodies to enjoy a tranquil vacation.

Stroll through the oldest square in the historic center known as Old Town Square in the heart of the historic center’s core. Here you can find colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, and the oldest astronomical clock still in operation. Walk across the historic bridge known as Charles Bridge to enjoy the beautiful views of the Vltava River. Visit various parks that the city has to offer to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere while also taking in the natural beauty of the city.

Foodie vacations could not be complete without treating yourself to the lovely gastronomy that the city has to offer. Prague cuisine is similar to what is to be expected of Czech cuisine. Czech cuisine has influenced and been influenced from many surrounding countries. Czech cuisine typically consists of pork or beef meat with sauce and is accompanied by a side dish with the most common and liked side item being knedlíky or as the people know them: dumplings. 

Dumplings play a crucial role in The Czech Republic, as it is one of the main staples of the region. They are typically served, as a side item among an entree and can sometimes be wheat or potato-based or made from a combination of wheat flour and dices of stale bread or rolls.

Of course, with being on a foodie vacation, you must taste the typical drinks of the region. Prague is the perfect destination for beer connoisseurs to taste many different beers as the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. Taste the most common beer – pale largers that have a transparent golden color, high foaminess, and light flavor, creating the best combination for your palate.

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