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Foodie&Tours is a handpicked collection of culinary tours and experiences, offering the top (15) food and wine activities in select destinations worldwide. Our talented team of insiders creates a portfolio of these products, which excel in the food tour market due to their authenticity and the expertise of local guides.

Our goal is to offer our travellers the best, to give them the chance to taste and savor the true essence of each destination, its traditions and its most unique meals, always with a deep respect for regional culture.

We go a step further, by providing not only the best online marketing tool, but also the opportunity to work in a fast-growing sector with a brand that values quality, experience and innovation.

Our brand believes in travel as the key to unite different cultures and traditions around the world. We invite you to join us in our goal to bring people together at our global dinner table and give them an experience to savor for a lifetime.


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