Punta Cana Food and Wine Tours

The city of adventure and amazing gastronomy

    Punta Cana is a calm city that is situated along the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on the Dominican Republic’s East Coast. It is a fantastic destination to enjoy tranquil beaches along the Caribbean Sea. You can also enjoy beach life by relaxing by the ocean, enjoying the breeze or doing something a little more adventurous such as zip lining to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the city. This relaxing destination is the perfect place for foodies to relax and enjoy the delectable gastronomy of the region.

    Check out Bávaro to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach where a long coral reef creates calm waters. You can also play golf here or shop at different areas where you can find handicrafts. Nearby shopping villages showcase regional arts and crafts as well. Visit the nearby golf resorts and zip lining adventures too.

    Of course, foodie getaways would not be complete without indulging in the local cuisine. The most typical dish of the area is the Bandera, which includes white rice, cooked beans, and cooked meat (which can either consist of beef, pork, or chicken) served in one dish. The dish is generally served with fried plantains and salad. Taste other delicious food of the region such as sanchoco and locrian. Sanchoco is a stew of beef prepared with many ingredients. Locrian is similar to paella in that it is a combination of rice and seafood and vegetables but can also use different ingredients such as chicken, beef, or shrimp.

    Punta Cana is also a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy typical drinks of the Dominican Republic. Prepare your palate for Mama Juana, which is the drink that mixes rum, red wine, and honey. The taste is sweet and similar to port wine with a deep red color.

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