Quito Food and Wine Tours

The city of inca history and gastronomic heritage

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is often regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in South America and rightfully so. With its friendly people, the mild yearly weather, the natural beauty, and amazing restaurants, it is the perfect atmosphere for foodies to enjoy a diverse set of activities whilst also enjoying the gastronomy of the region. 

Visit one of the largest historic centers in the Americas when visiting the Old City. Gaze upon the colonial buildings, churches, museums and more that the Old City has to offer. Visit the infamous Compañía de Jesús and for the more adventurous traveler, climb the bell towers of the largest neo-Glothic basilica in the Americas – Basílica del VotoNacional. Adore the natural beauty of Quito by going hiking or backpacking at Cotopaxi National Park or visiting various parks such as Parque La Carolina, Parque El Ejido, or La Alameda Park. 

Of course, a foodie vacation would not be complete without indulging in the typical gastronomy of the region like a local. Ecuadorian cuisine nationwide offers a fair amount of culinary variety. Ecuadorian cuisine also typically relies heavily on potatoes, rice, and beans. Quito in particular also offers a range of high-scale dining scenes with restaurants offering Ecuadorian cuisine with modern takes and international cuisines.

Main staples in the region are llapingachos, seco de pollo, and arroz con camarones. Llapingachos are fried potato cakes that are typically served with a peanut sauce and can be accompanied by other foods such as chicken, eggs, and salads. Seco de pollo is a delicious dish of rice with chicken and arroz con camarones is a delicious dish of rice with shrimp. Hornado is a tasty dish of baked pork you must try in Quito. Also, try an Ecuadorian favorite – Cuy (or Guinea Pig), which the locals love.

Try typical drinks of the region. With the abundance of exotic fruits in the area, you can taste a variety of fruit juices. To drink fruit juices like locals, try pairing them with your breakfast in the morning. Try local liquors such as canelazo and aguardiente.

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