Salamanca Food and Wine Tours

Savor the Golden City of Scholars

    Cross the Roman bridge over River Tormes and enter Salamanca, the spectacular Renaissance city that glows gold at sunset. Visit the Cathedral complex, Sant Estaban convent and Casa de las Conchas, studded with 350 sandstone shells. Enjoy a coffee in Plaza Mayor and witness a bullfight at La Glorieta. Tour the second oldest University in Europe and learn about the city´s "golden" sandstone monuments.

    The provincial landscape stretches from expansive pastures to mountainous highlands, whose cool, dry air is ideal for producing wonderful cured meats and aged cheeses, such as queso de hinojosa. Guijuelo is known for its acorn-fed, black-footed Iberian pigs from which the famous jamón ibérico is made. Pork, lamb, goat, wild game and indigenous morucha beef are often roasted (asado), a regional must-try being cochinillo al fuego (roasted suckling pig). Salamanca is also Spain´s leading producer of beans, chickpeas and Armuna lentils, which appear in lentejas con chorizo.

    A cheap and delicious snack preferred by university students is hornazo, a pastry stuffed with ham, bacon, sausage and egg, specially popular during easter. Visit Van Dyck street for tapas and try farinato (white sausage served with fried eggs) or chanfaina salamantina (rice with pork, chorizo and sweetbreads). These dishes showcase the frugality and flavor Salamantines value, and go well with delicious Tempranillo blends from nearby DO Ribera del Duero. Or taste the lesser-known Rufete from the mountainous DOP Sierra de Salamanca.

    While the Moors were expelled from Spain during the Middle Ages, the rich traditions of Arabic confectionery were preserved, as evidenced by the wide variety of almond and honey based sweets found around Salamanca. Try anisette-flavored chochos, bollo maimón cakes or theamarguillos (almond cookies) of the Las Dueñas Convent.

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