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The dazzling city of Michelin stars and pintxo bars

The Basque country is well known for being separate in identity, if not geography, to the rest of Spain. The native language is as far from traditional Castellano as you could imagine, whilst independence movements continue rumbling on to this day. However it’s certainly safe to say that the Basque have embraced and enhanced Spanish cuisine, and the food in the tiny, north-eastern province is now widely regarded as the best on the Iberian Peninsula.  East of the gritty, provincial capital of Bilbao, the city of San Sebastian sits as a shining culinary beacon, overlooking the Bay of Biscay and enticing hordes of food lovers from all over the world.

It’s safe to say that the Basque take the issue of food very seriously. From unparalleled fine dining to the nightly bustle of the old town pintxo bars, local culture revolves around getting together with friends and family and enjoying the best fresh produce that the Basque region has to offer.  With more Michelin stars per capita than any other city on the planet, a tantalising farmers market of fresh produce six days a week, and a tapas culture unrivalled in all of Spain, it’s highly likely that visitors will leave with their passion for food taken to another level entirely.

In the Basque country cooking is dominated by the seasons, ensuring produce is always as fresh and delicious as possible. If you are visiting San Sebastian in the spring or summer, succulent seafood is sure to be on most menus alongside tender lamb and green vegetables, whilst the autumn and winter months see a hearty change to cold cuts with earthy flavours of mushroom, black pudding and locally foraged nuts. Hundreds of restaurants and bars offer seasonal pintxos– bite sized morsels of often complicated culinary perfection. Most venues are known for having mastered a single type, which leads to a thriving atmosphere in San Sebastian’s streets after sundown, with foodies bouncing from one bar to another in search of the next mouth-watering fix.     

San Sebastian is without doubt a unique foodie destination, where the tastiness of the cuisine stretches right down from its iconic three-starred restaurants to the traditional pintxos of its many tabernas. The sheer variety on offer allows the city to cater to all foodie needs, and you can find whatever you’re looking for served up alongside a beautiful backdrop of oceanic views and stunning medieval architecture.

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