Sao Paulo Food and Wine Tours

Discover the gastronomic capital of Brazil

    Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, is a vibrant, diverse metropolis with a variety of activities that are sure to please any traveler. It is also an excellent foodie haven due to the various cuisines you can find in the region at bistros and gourmet restaurants. Sao Paulo’s rich culture, bustling streets, beautiful weather, and exciting nightlife – all alongside some of the best food in the world make it a fantastic place for foodies to travel.

    Stroll down Ibirapuera Park to enjoy the gorgeous scenery while stopping at different museums along the way. Take in the iconic architecture of the region. Visit the stunning Theatro Municipal in São Paulo. Visit the infamous Municipal Market of São Paulo where it is a must to sample the local fare of the region including fruits, vegetables, meats, spices, and other food products.

    Sao Paulo is also the gastronomic capital of Brazil so it offers the tastiest treats a foodie could enjoy in the country. The city has a distinct kind of cuisine that makes it unique from other foodie destinations. In this region, food is usually based on the use of ingredients such as corn and pork.

    The most typical dish of Sao Paulo is virado á paulista with tut de feijo which is a delectable pasta of cooked beans and cassava flour, pork chops, sausages, bananas, and eggs, served with vegetables. This meal is so flavorful and hearty because of its simplicity.

    Pair your delicious cuisine with the typical drink that the locals would sip on. Relish in the drink of Cachaça, which is a distilled beverage made from sugarcane juice. Also try Brazil’s national cocktail – Caipirinha that is made from cacahça, sugar, and lime. São Paulo is also a great place for wine connoisseurs to taste the best of Brazilian wines.

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