Singapore Food and Wine Tours

The city of majestic architecture and cultural diversity

    With ancient Buddhist temples, botanical gardens, a butterfly sanctuary in the airport, and its very own rainforest, it’s safe to say that Singapore is no ordinary destination. This thriving metropolis somehow manages to keep both nature and heritage close to its  heart. Along with innovative hotels and contemporary wonders, you can visit local farms growing a range of exotic fruits. The defining image of Singapore remains Marina Bay, with its dazzling Gardens by the Bay accessible via a romantic skywalk. Aside from majestic architecture and ostentatious sights, food plays a vital role here. A love for fantastic cuisine is the one thing that unifies a city of ethnic divides.

    Singapore’s world famous hawker centres offer a tantalising mixture of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences, while hundreds of years of cultural exchange have created the region's very own Nyonya cuisine. Delicious Malaysian delicacies are never far away, and Singapore pays homage to the finest of Asian cuisine in Little India and Chinatown. With so many cultures merging in one city, it’s no surprise that Singapore is brimming with flavours and culinary experiences. Home to exotic fruits such as papaya and durian, you can expect plenty of freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and zesty additions to many local dishes. Seafood and chicken also play a big part in Singaporean cuisine, along with staples of rice and noodles.

    A visit to this iconic city wouldn’t be complete without sampling the nation’s most famous dish, Laksa. At its base are rice noodles soaked in a spicy broth made with coconut milk, on top are strips of chicken and succulent prawns. There are plenty of variations of Laksa, it’s up to you to discover your favourite.

    Another tasty plate you might come across is Hokkien Prawn Mee, a stir-fried noodle dish overflowing with juicy seafood and fresh ingredients. Using a homemade pork and prawn stock, yellow and bee hoon noodles are tossed together with squid, prawns, pork belly and egg. Some variations also use fried pork lard for a little extra flavour. Local chefs usually add a generous dash of sambal chilli and lime juice for a perfect blend of heat and acidity.  

    Named after the city itself, Singapore chilli crab is another world famous dish. Freshly-caught crab is stir-fried and coated in a tangy tomato sauce with sambal chilli, vinegar and egg. It’s usually served with a side of fried or steamed buns and is a fantastic introduction to Malaysian cooking.  

    From modern skyscrapers to urban tropical gardens, Singapore is full of surprises. If you seek the hustle and bustle of a city but still wish to get closer to nature, this glamorous metropolis is a place where you can experience both ends of the spectrum. The unpredictability of Singapore continues with the city’s gastronomy, with its range of authentic cooking, international dishes and fabulous hawker centres.

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