Toledo Food and Wine Tours

Capital of Castilla-La Mancha: City of Steel Swords and Marzipan

Just 74 km south of Madrid, Toledo is a common day-trip destination from the Spanish capital. Yet it´s impossible to experience the place in just one day. Nicknamed "City of Three Cultures" for the historical coexistence of Jews, Muslims and Christians, Toledo seems to have a church, convent, mosque or synagogue around nearly every corner. Visit Saint Mary´s Cathedral and the Alcázar. Tour medieval synagogues in the Jewish Quarter. Pass under the Moorish Bisagra Gate or Sol Gate of the Knights Hospitaller. Relax in Plaza de Zocodover and admire the works of Cretan-born Spanish Renaissance artist El Greco.

Due to the region´s rich hunting tradition, many classic dishes in Toledo include wild game. Examples are venison and conejo en tojunto (rabbit stew with saffron from famous DO Castilla - La Mancha). Perdiz (wild partridge) is another representative ingredient, slow-cooked a la toledana. You will also find perdiz en escabeche (pickled), estofada (stewed), and con pochas (with white beans). 

On the craggy banks of River Tajo enjoy a picnic with some famous Manchego sheep cheese from La Mancha nearby. Another regional classic is pisto manchego (Spanish ratatouille). Popular soups include chilled gazpacho, and a hearty wintertime garlic and bread soup called Sopa Castellana. Toledo boasts a vibrant tapas scene with classics from all over Spain. Try a fluffy tortilla a la magra, pickled Almagro eggplants, and carcamusa (a local specialty of stewed pork and vegetables). Pair to these a glass of red wine from one of Castilla - La Mancha´s 9 DO´s and 8 Vinos de Pago. Toledo´s most famous product is also its sweetest: gooey marzipan shaped into colorful figures.

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