Vancouver Food and Wine Tours

Taste your way around Canada's foodie capital

    Nestled in the shadows of the mighty north shore mountains, Vancouver’s food scene somehow manages to live up to its spectacular location. Stunning harbour panoramas are matched by tantalising seafood; rolling slopes with sea views shelter local vineyards, and a buzzing metropolis accommodates a melting pot of cuisines and cultures. Whether you’re stopping by for a short stay or in it for the long haul, Vancouver has plenty of tastes and textures to discover against a backdrop few other cities can match.

    Any coastal city worth its salt should have great seafood, and Vancouver certainly doesn’t disappoint in that respect. Scattered across the docks are clusters of boats that catch everything from oysters to mussels, clams, and crabs. And you can bet your bottom dollar that downtown and by the harbour they’ll all be served up to perfection. Dedicated oyster houses and fish restaurants reign supreme here, and it’s no surprise that the city is known for serving up Canada’s best seafood.
    But Vancouver’s seafood is not just confined to conventional fish restaurants. A major aspect of the city’s foodie scene comes from an eclectic immigrant community sprinkled with plenty of Asian influences. Admittedly it’s thousands of miles away from where you’d expect, but the Chinese and Japanese food here takes some beating. Dim sum, izakaya, and sushi are never far away, but the one street food you have to try is an Asian twist on a North American classic: the JapaDog. As you might have guessed, the JapaDog is a Japanese-inspired hotdog, topped with your pick of teriyaki sauce, miso, and wasabi.

    Vancouver is also home to an endless array of elegant bars and traditional pubs. Granville street remains a tourist hotspot for nights out, but there’s a growing alternative scene on the rise for the culturally curious. Downtown’s Railway Club has a big reputation for locally brewed beers and a varied roster of live acts including poetry, folk music and standup comedy.
    Beer aside, there’s no better place in the world to try British Columbia’s famous regional drink: icewine. Made from grapes that have been frozen on the vine, this sweet tipple is best served with desserts, and packs a flavour intense enough to help the locals handle the cold weather! The story goes that the unique freezing process descends from Germany, where a plucky winemaker failed to harvest his grapes before the winter freeze and made them into wine anyway.

    Cosmopolitan vibes, spectacular scenery and incredible panoramic views are one thing, but Vancouver manages to serve them up alongside a generous helping of asian-inspired dishes and unrivalled seafood. Washed down with a local ale or a glass of icewine, you’ve got everything you need for a fantastic foodie getaway.

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