Zaragoza Food and Wine Tours

Taste your way through the capital of Aragon

On an adventure to Spain, with visits to Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and the islands, the city of Zaragoza is often overlooked. This twinkling gem, capital of the former kingdom of Aragon, boasts over 2,000 years of history, a vibrant local culture, fantastic shopping and a long artistic legacy. The region’s deep-rooted culinary traditions have added generously to Spain’s vast food scene, with rich stews and original products taken from the fertile and varies landscape.

Visit the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Pilar, its stunning domes reflected in the Río Ebro. Walk through the beautifully displayed ancient walls and the Carmen Gate, originally from the Romanic period. Architectural wonders abound in Zaragoza, exemplified by the Moorish Palacio de la Aljaferia, the cathedral-mosque Cathedral de la Seo and the modern River Aquarium, built for the World Expo in 2008. Or, take a moment to escape from the summer heat and relax in the city’s Parque Grande, known for its tremendous size and many beautiful fountains. A great day trip awaits you in Fuendetodos, birthplace of the great painter Franscisco de Goya, just a short drive away. For a taste of local life, visit the city’s Mercado Central, set on a site that has served as a market place since the Middle Ages. This is a great place to speak to local vendors and ask them about typical products of Aragon, like the asparagus from the banks of the Ebro River, the oils of Lower Aragon and the onions of Fuentes.

Or, go tapas hopping in the Casco viejo, where you’ll find a cluster of small streets lined with tapas bars. Chat with friendly locals and share a tabla of meats and cheeses – longaniza and chorizo sausage, some dry-cured ham from Teruel and the famous Tronchon (a creamy white cheese described by Cervantes in his legendary “Don Quixote”). Pair these delicious bites with local Cariñena wine from Aragon’s four Denominaciones de Origen (DO’s).

At some of the more tradition restaurants of the city, you will find the classics on the menu: succulent ternasco (roasted baby lamb), ajoarriero (cod with eggs, garlic and potato), migas (pan-fried breadcrumbs with onion, garlic, chorizo and grapes) and chilindron (roasted chicken coated in a savory sauce of tomato, pepper and onion). Aragon is also known for its gorgeous seasonal fruit: pears, plums, cherries and apples usually consumed at the end of a meal. Peaches of Denominación de Origen (DO) Calanda are poached in a red wine syrup and often served for dessert in the summertime. Other tasty must-try sweets include guirlache (made of toasted almond and caramelized sugar), almojábanas (cheese flavored rolls) and tortas de alma (made with pumpkin, honey and sugar). Chase the meal with a glass of Colungo liqueur from Huesca. Made of morello cherries and cinnamon, this full-bodied liqueur is the perfect digestif after a hearty meal in Zaragoza.

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