Using the best small saucepan along with other saucepans with a variety of sizes is one of the easiest ways to handle our kitchen tasks. These saucepans, ranging from one to three quarts, offer us versatility in terms of function.

For example, the 2-quart pot can handle and complete many tasks, while the 3-quart pans can offer more room for a larger batch of sauce. Small ones like 0.75- or 1-quart models can offer convenience in melting butter or chocolate.

But then, you might want to arrange these saucepots according to their volume of not more than 3 quarts, whether you’re looking to add to your collection or starting a new one.  It is for the organization of this small cookware, which might be damaged if not stored properly. The same rings true especially for saucepans with delicate coating and finishing.

I know you’re excited to organize these saucepans for convenience.  So, if you’re ready to find the right saucepot/s for your kitchen, I have prepared the top 10 picks available and highlighted their features, benefits, and downsides. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

I. Our Top Picks for Small Saucepans

Products & FeaturesImage & Price

1. Our #1 Pick: Cuisinart MCP19-18N (2 qt)


2. Runner-Up: Tramontina 80116/022DS (2 qt)


3. All-Clad 4213 Tri-Ply Saucepan


4. Farberware 50002 Saucepan (2 qt)


5. Le Creuset SSP1100-16 Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saucepan (2 qt)


6. All-Clad 4201.5 Saucepan with Lid (1.5 qt)

7. Farberware 22014 Buena Cocina (3 qt)Farberware-22014-Buena-Cocina-Nonstick-Sauce-Pan/Saucepan-with-Lid
8. GreenPan Rio CW000054-004 (2 qt)GreenPan-Rio-2QT-Ceramic-Non-Stick-Covered-Saucepan,-Black
9. Le Creuset LS2518-1617 Signature Enameled Cast Iron Saucepan (1.75 qt)Le-Creuset-LS2518-1617-Signature-Enameled-Cast-Iron-Saucepan
10. Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Butter Warmer (0.75 qt) Rachael-Ray-Hard-Enamel-Butter-Warmer

II. Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Small Saucepan


A saucepan is one of the most versatile cookware that you should have in your kitchen. It is a must-have because it can do so much. It can be considered as the jack of all trades when it comes to cookware. You will see yourself getting your saucepan for pasta and for preparing your gravy for that roast. It is also your saucepan you will be reaching for simmering, cooking grains, and boiling.

This round-shaped cooking pan indeed has many uses and being a kitchen essential, it pays to give attention and time to consider some factors when you buy one. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for your very first small saucepan, you need a replacement for your old one, or you just want to add one more to your collection; you have to make sure that it will be another investment for you to enjoy and make use of.

Here are five of the factors that you can consider when you are looking for that ideal saucepan. Bringing home that perfect saucepan is feasible. You just must invest your time, effort, and gain more knowledge so you can make wiser decisions in purchasing.

Base Construction

The bottom of the pan is the direct receiver of heat so you must make sure that it is engineered to be able to receive that heat and have it evenly distributed. Some saucepans are made of just a solid base construction that is composed of multiple layers of metal.

Other saucepans would have a base made from 3-ply or 5-ply of varying metals. When combined, these metals allow better heat transmission and at the same time, these saucepans with this kind of base can be used with a wide variety of stoves. The last base construction option is 7-ply which can usually be found with copper-made saucepans for the ultimate heat distribution and reliable versatility.


This is specific to cleaning as some saucepans specifically those with rounded corners are easier to clean and scrape. You must consider special tools should there be any to clean your pans because of the materials it is made of. Some saucepans are dishwasher friendly and that you need to wash by hand.

Saucepan Handles

Most ignored during shopping, the handles of your prospect saucepan should be ergonomic. It should conveniently and comfortably fit in your palms even if you are using a towel or a cooking mitten when lifting or handling it. It should allow you to have a good grip on your saucepan.

Special Purpose

There are specialty saucepans that are available designed for specific purposes. Examples of these specialty saucepans would be the saucier, a smaller saucepan created with a thicker base so it can evenly heat sauces, cook, and mix smaller portions of liquid. Another one is referred to as the butter warmer that comes with a delicately curved dip that makes the content easier to pour.


Saucepans even the smallest ones can be made of varying materials and this plays an important role in the functionality and the durability of your choice. Each of the materials widely used today has its pros and cons. It is up to you, your needs, and your purpose that would help you decide. The most common materials for saucepans today are stainless steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, terracotta, and non-stick.

  • Stainless steel – a top favorite because of its durability and it works well with household induction cooktops. It is also rust-resistant as well as oven, dishwasher, and broiler safe.
  • Copper – arguably the best heat conductor of all, this is favored by chefs. They like this because copper saucepans are also lined with stainless steel that stops the mineral reactions to some food. Unfortunately, copper saucepans are not dishwasher safe and you cannot use them on top of induction cooktops.
  • Aluminum – considered the second one when it comes to heat conductivity, this is least considered because it easily burns and gets dents. The only time it has increased durability is if it’s combined with stainless steel.
  • Cast Iron – just by the name itself, this one is durable at its finest as it hardly chips. This material heats slowly but surely and evenly. It is also good at retaining the heat in the pan. The only downside is, it is not dishwasher safe and it extremely heavy.
  • Terracotta – this material is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe and is made with non-toxic components.
  • Non-stick – with this material, you only need little oil which makes it perfect for those who love low-fat dishes and healthy food. This almost always produces perfect pancakes and eggs. This kind should be handled with care though so you can prolong its non-stick coating.

Overall, with these reflections thoughtfully considered, you can bring home that ideal small saucepan that can help you create superb food and allow you to enjoy the goodness of cooking every time.

III. The 10 Best Small Saucepans

1. Cuisinart MCP19-18N (2 qt) Our #1 Pick


This small saucepan offers much to the kitchen. It is versatile and functional that it is perfect for different cooking techniques, including boiling. Another thing I liked about the cookware is its versatility to meet most of our daily cooking demands.

The Cuisinart saucepan is also what you need if you’re looking for durable cookware. This model is made of a 3-ply construction, which makes it long-lasting.  I also liked that it looks elegant for its stainless-steel interior that improves its aesthetics. The cookware is also with a pure aluminum core that can offer an even heat distribution.

The MultiClad Pro also comes with a cover that can seal in the nutrients and allow food to absorb the flavors.   In addition, MultiClad cookware is with a heat surround system, maintaining an even heat distribution.     Finally, I liked the stainless-steel cooking surface. It only means that there will be no food reaction at all. It can also help in keeping the natural food flavors.


  • Drip-free pouring
  • Superior heat conductivity
  • Can be used for searing, frying, and other cooking techniques
  • Easy and cool grip handles
  • Durable three-ply construction


  • Handles not staying cool to the touch

2. Tramontina 80116/022DS (2 qt) Runner Up


Made in Brazil, the triple-ply saucepan is another top consideration around for its quality and safety. For one, it has been NSF-certified, ensuring it passed performance and quality standards.   Another feature that you’ll appreciate is its even heating from all the sides. It will not just heat at the bottom, preventing food from burning and any hot spots.

The gourmet saucepan is also versatile. You can use it for frying, searing, browning, and sautéing, to name some.  In terms of construction, this model is made with triple-ply construction. It is thicker than those that are not.

For ease of use, this model comes with riveted handles, adding to its convenience.  In addition, this cookware is with a stainless-steel lid that adds to its elegance and appeal. No matter your kitchen decoration, the cookware will surely match it.

However, some users reported hot spots in the cookware, but these were isolated. Most consumers are still happy with their purchase due to its performance and quality.


  • 3-ply durable construction
  • Even heating on all sides
  • NSF-certified
  • High-performance and versatile cookware
  • Elegant and sleek style


  • Reported hot spots

3. All-Clad 4213 Tri-Ply Saucepan (3 qt) Upgrade Pick


The All-Clad 4213 makes it on this list because of its large capacity and performance. If you’re looking for upgraded cookware that will accommodate more sauces and dishes, it might be yours! It can offer different features, including its dishwasher safety. You can cut the cleaning time with this saucepan.

For durability, you can also count on this cookware because of its three-ply construction. It is with stainless steel that encapsulates its aluminum core. What does that also mean? It also means that the saucepan can offer even heating, cutting the cooking time.  I would also like to note the stainless-steel handle, which is secured tightly with the stainless-steel rivets.   Plus, it is contoured to promote a better grip.

However, the handle can be a bit awkward to handle for some users due to poor balance, according to some users. They reported it didn’t help much in lifting and moving the saucepan.  Overall, this saucepan is high-quality and durable cookware that will last through the years.


  • Bonded, three-ply construction
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Safe up to 600 degrees F
  • Heat-source ceramic
  • Functional for different cooking techniques


  • The handle can be awkward to handle for some users.

4. Farberware 50002 Saucepan (2 qt)


Elegant and classic-looking, this Farberware 50002 is another reliable cookware to have in your kitchen.  When it comes to performance, you can never go wrong with it because you can use it for browning, searing, sautéing, and boiling, to name some.

The covered saucepan is also durable to serve you for the years to come and has a sleek design.  Plus, it is with a comfortable handle, which promotes each of use and safety, too.  I also noticed that it has a thick aluminum core, which can promote and speed up the cooking process. With even heating, you can ensure no hot spots in food.

The stainless-steel saucepan is also oven-safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition, this model can also coordinate with the other cookware products of Farberware, including stockpots and frypans.

However, residual scorch marks, which require scrubbing off, can be an issue from time to time.


  • Oven-safe and versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • Comfortable and stylish handle
  • Durable and long-performance construction
  • Compliments other Farberware products


  • Residual scorch marks can be an issue.

5. Le Creuset SSP1100-16 Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saucepan (2 qt)


Le Creuset Store is another reliable source of quality and high-performance cookware that even chefs use.  If you’re looking for a medium-sized saucepan to accommodate your daily cooking needs, you might want to check out the SSP1100-16.

This model is also with a stay cool to the touch handle. You can have the ease of maneuvering it when moving it from one place to another. In addition, it is with a side-wall and a three-ply construction. The side-wall is also with a magnetic exterior, making the cookware suitable for induction stovetops.

Finally, the Le Creuset Tri-Ply Stainless Steel cookware can offer an excellent heat distribution and offers a rust-resistant performance.

However, the SSP1100-16 is more expensive than other products in the same category are. But then, if you’re looking for a quality and long-lasting investment, you must not forget to include this product on your list. It is also functional and versatile in performance for more uses in the kitchen.


  • Elegant, modern, and appealing design
  • Professional-grade stainless-steel
  • Drip-free pouring for convenience
  • Designed with a knob for quick and easy gripping
  • Can be used up to 500 degrees F


  • More expensive than others in the same category

6. All-Clad 4201.5 Saucepan with Lid (1.5 qt)


Another not to forget on your list is the All-Clad 4201.5 saucepan with lid. It is with a silver finish, adding appeal to any kitchen decoration.  This model is also with a stainless-steel tri-ply bonded construction, giving you a long-term performance to depend on for years.

I also liked its high sides, which makes heating liquids much convenient. You’ll also appreciate that it can offer you with versatility that it can be used in different heating sources, including halogen, gas, ceramic, and electric.

In addition, this model is designed with contoured handles, which are secured with stainless-steel rivets. Plus, it comes with a rustproof lid, adding to its heavy-duty performance.    It is also suitable for oven and broiler use because it remains safe for temperatures up to 600 degrees F.

However, the edges are sharp, so it might cause injuries if mishandled. Overall, the saucepan offers solid and heavy-duty performance, giving you the most value for your spending. It is also with a nice finish and overall construction for long-term use.


  • Perfect for heating liquids for its high sides
  • Polished interior and durable tri-ply construction
  • Suitable for use in ceramic, gas, or electric heat source
  • Can promote even heating
  • Contoured stainless-steel handles


  • Sharp edges

7. Farberware 22014 Buena Cocina (3 qt)


Are you looking for non-stick cookware for ease of cleaning and easy maintenance? You might have just found the saucepan for you. The Farberware 22014 saucepan offers a nonstick performance that ensures quick food removal, too.

I also liked that this cookware is heavy-duty, which is ideal for long-term use.  It is designed with a durable aluminum construction that delivers even and fast heating along with balanced heat control.

This nonstick pan is also with a shatter-resistant lid that can lock the heat in place.   This loid can also keep your cooking visible for easy monitoring and can lock in the flavor and moisture for delectable dishes all the time.

In terms of safety, the nonstick material is without any harmful compounds, such as PFOA.  You can rely on its nonstick performance, while also having peace of mind of its safety.

However, it might not be the most durable saucepot around, though.  But then, the 22014 saucepot is one of the most affordable and reliable cookware that you must have in your kitchen. It is valuable for your everyday cooking needs.


  • Affordable and quality cookware to last
  • Nonstick for quick food release
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Lid locking in heat effectively


  • Not the most durable around

8. GreenPan Rio CW000054-004 (2 qt)


This Covered Saucepan is must-have kitchen cookware because it can deliver reliable performance for different cooking techniques, including searing, browning, sautéing, boiling, and broiling, to name some.

I also liked that the GreenPan Rio CW000054-004 is made with ceramic nonstick, promoting quick food release and no food reaction. It will not alter the flavor and taste of whatever you’re cooking. It’s coating also remains functional through the years. It will not peel, blister or release any harmful toxins and fumes. However, I suggest not using metal utensils to keep their integrity.

The Thermolon ceramic non-stick also delivers excellent heat conduction. This material also contains no harmful compounds like PFOA, PFAS, cadmium, and lead.   It also has an easy-to-clean interior to make your life easier.

This model is not much oven-safe, though.  It can only be appropriate for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It might not be for you if you are looking to use it for plenty of oven cooking.  But then, you might want to check it out for its multipurpose functions. It is also heavy-duty for years of service.


  • Stay cool and ergonomic handles
  • Nonstick and durable performance
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Functional and multipurpose cooking
  • Quick and easy to clean


  • Oven safe only up to 350 degrees F

9. Le Creuset LS2518-1617 Signature Enameled Cast Iron Saucepan (1.75 qt)


The Le Creuset LS2518-1617 is another top of the line choice on this list because it is high in performance and quality.  It is also with medium size of 1.75 quarts, making it versatile for your daily cooking needs. You can use it in preparing sauces and different dishes with liquids.

This model is also with the Caribbean, adding to its appeal and elegance. Plus, it has a rounded base, which can help in ensuring that the ingredients will blend in quickly, as you’re cooking.  In the design, I appreciate the extended helper handle, giving us more control when lifting and transferring the pan.

I also liked that it has an advanced interior enamel that makes it resistant to wear. Finally, I loved the ease of cleaning offered by this saucepot.

However, there were complaints of the sharp edges from some users, though. But then, such were isolated cases that don’t make up for most feedbacks. Plus, if you’re looking for a sound kitchen investment that will give you more out of cookware, you must check out the LS2518-1617.


  • Even and excellent heat distribution
  • Long-lasting, lovely interior
  • The rounded base for easy blending of ingredients
  • Crack- and chip-resistant exterior
  • Helper handle for easy maneuvering


  • Might not be for those looking for a larger saucepan

10. Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Butter Warmer (0.75 qt) 


The Rachael Ray butter warmer is a best-seller in the category for those looking to add a small saucepot into their collection. This affordable, yet high-quality pan with a lid is also with a bold red gradient color that pops in your kitchen.

In addition, this small saucepan is easy to maneuver and move around, and that is thanks to its small size, which is ideal for making sauces and other small tasks. You can use it in warming or melting butter and chocolate. It also offers you an easy-to-use saucepan in reheating sauce.

This model is also dependable in that it promotes even heating to reduce any hot spots, which might burn food.

However, it is small that it is not applicable for larger kitchen jobs.  Still, this cookware is perfect to add to your collection. You can also count on it for small kitchen tasks, including reheating a small batch of food. You might want to check it out if you also like modern-looking and colorful cookware.


  • Easy to grip handle with dual riveting
  • Spout for the quick pouring of sauces
  • Easy to clean and sturdy cookware
  • Even heating and durable construction
  • Nonstick performance


  • Small not suitable for larger kitchen jobs

IV. Conclusion

Reheating sauces, warming butter, and accomplishing different kitchen tasks can be easier with the best small saucepan. It offers much functionality and versatility that we all love to experience in the kitchen. Using it, we can cut the cooking time, too, because it offers an even heat distribution and prevents hot spots. Plus, many of the high-quality ones are with nonstick performance for quick food removal, no sticking even when cooking gooey recipes.

To find the right one, though, be sure to refer to this guide, which highlights the most reliable saucepots of varying capacities and features.   Compare your options with the benefits and downsides of these pots, and choose based on your kitchen needs and purpose.  Buy your small saucepan today!

The 10 Best Small Saucepans of 2021 – Review by Foodieandtours

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