Electric Kettle is becoming one of the most popular kitchen appliances in recent years and is a great addition to any kitchen. 

Are you looking for a new electric kettle? With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. That’s where Consumer Reports comes in! In this blog post, we’ll go through the top 10 best electric kettles on the market today according to Consumer Reports ratings and reviews. These kettles are handpicked based on factors like power efficiency, performance, user-friendly features, design and affordability – so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing your next appliance for your kitchen. Read on for more information about these specially selected models!

Top 10 Best Electric Kettle to Buy in 2023 - Consumer Reports
Top 10 Best Electric Kettle to Buy in 2023 – Consumer Reports

Top 10 Best Electric Kettle to Buy in 2023:

1.Mueller Ultra Kettle: Model No. M99S 1500W Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil TechOur #1 Pick:

  • Cutting-edge kettle is crafted to be of superior quality, with a lifetime lasting Borosilicate Glass body, 304 stainless steel and heat resistant copolyester interior, and a high-end long lasting lid that stays shut when the time is right.
  • Offer a thermostat controller to provide sensitive temperature control along with an auto shut-off within 30 seconds after boiling, boiled dry safety feature so you can remain worry free if there’s no water inside, plus a Heat-Resistant Anti Slip Grip Handle for easy handling without worry of dropping or burning your hand. 
  • The Mueller Ultra Kettle is the ultimate electric water boiler for your kitchen. With 1500 watts of power and SpeedBoil Tech, you can quickly bring a delicious cup of hot tea, oatmeal, coffee, pasta or other favorite dish to your table. 
  • The bright LED lights indicate when the kettle is heating for added convenience. And thanks to cordless technology and an adjustable base that allows for full rotation, precise measuring of water has never been easier. With safety in mind, our reliable kettle features an automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection. 

2.COSORI Electric Kettle with Stainless Steel Filter and Inner Lid, 1500W Wide Opening 1.7L Glass Tea Kettle & Hot Water Boiler, LED Indicator Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection, BPA Free, Matte Black

  • Ensure your drinking water is safe and pure with the COSORI Electric Kettle! The high-integrity 304 stainless steel and borosilicate glass construction make sure that no impurities creep into your water. 
  • You won’t even need to stay close to the kettle during use because it automatically shuts off after boiling, so you can multitask until you’re ready for a cup. Boil-dry protection feature is another plus, ensuring that the kettle won’t turn on without water in it.
  • With its large 1500W powered motor and wide opening mouth, this electric kettle won’t keep you waiting for long. 
  • Clean up any residue or limescale easily when needed with lemon juice or baking soda. 
  • Featuring an all stainless steel filter and inner lid, this 1500W kettle offers up to 7 US cups in just 3–7 minutes – a great way to upgrade from your old microwave or stove. 
  • This highly efficient water boiler is fully capable of meeting the needs of larger families and households by providing enough water for multiple cups at one time, though its 1.7L capacity does save on time, energy, and effort for smaller brewing sessions too. 
  • With accurate measurements marked along the interior walls in cups and liters, you can expect precise results every single time. 
  • Boil herbs, warm milk or formula, prepare hot cereals or porridge…even nourishing bone broth!

3.Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater, 1.7 L, Cordless, Auto-Shutoff and Boil-Dry Protection, Stainless Steel (40880)

  • Its features an auto shut-off that ensures safety by preventing boiling dry, as well as a wide opening for easy cleaning.
  • Keep your hands safe from hot water when pouring with the drip-free spout and easily measure the perfect amount every time thanks to a clear water level window! 
  • With a simple push-button lid and a 1.7L capacity, boiling water for tea and other hot beverages has never been easier.
  •  Featuring a sleek, cordless design that suits nearly any kitchen aesthetic, this appliance is ready to become your go-to choice when you need hot water fast. 
  • Boil up to 10 cups of hot water in no time at all with this auto electric kettle by Hamilton Beach. 
  • You’ll be able to use the safe handle of the lid to prevent offers spills while pouring or refilling your favorite beverage with ease. With stainless steel interior walls and an attractive yet professional exterior, this kettle would make an excellent addition to any collection of kitchen appliances.

4.Chefman Electric Glass Kettle, Fast Boiling W/ LED Lights, Auto Shutoff & Boil Dry Protection, Cordless Pouring, BPA Free, Removable Tea Infuser, 1.8 Liters

  • This innovative electric kettle heats water faster than the traditional microwave or stovetop methods (2 cups in 3 minutes) allowing you to spend less time waiting for your beverage of choice. 
  • The cordless design allows for easy filling and pouring, and a 360 swivel power base also makes it easy to remove whether you’re right or left-handed. 
  • LED lights let you know when the water is ready making this one appliance everyone should have in their kitchen. From hot tea to oatmeal, hot cocoa to soup – make virtually anything fast with this electric glass kettle! 
  • The bonus infuser allows you to brew loose leaf teas as well. 
  • Cleanup has never been easier: simply unplug the kettle and wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth. 
  • The kettle also comes equipped with a filter to keep your beverage clean as well as a tea infuser for added convenience. 
  • And with our 1-year warranty provided by Chefman, you can purchase this item worry-free. 

5.Amazon Basics Electric Glass and Steel Hot Tea Water Kettle, 1.7-Liter

  • The kettle has a generous 1.7-liter capacity and heats up fast with its 1500-watt element – so you can have your favorite beverages in minutes! 
  • The sleek glass carafe is easy to hold with its cool plastic handle, plus it’s easy to fill and lift off the base for effortless cordless serving. 
  • This Kettle is also designed for safety, with features like auto shutoff, blue operational lights, and boil dry protection leaving you worry-free when it’s in use. 
  • Plus the compact design takes up minimal countertop space and the recess in the base holds the power cord neatly out of sight. With dimensions of 8.7 x 6.2 x 9.4 inches (LxWxH), make sure you don’t miss out on this convenient must-have for your kitchen routine!
  • Forged from stainless steel, glass and plastic, this sleek black and silver kettle is designed with an ergonomic handle to use easily. 
  • An impressive 1.7 liter capacity provides enough liquid for multiple cups of tea or a family-sized pot. 
  • Essential boil-dry protection is built into the design as well as an automatic shut-off button for your convenience. 
  • The cordless design is made for easy pouring when serving and energy savings when storing. 

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6.Electric Kettle, 304 Stainless Steel Interior, BPA-Free, Double Wall 1.5L Hot Water Boiler, 1500W Tea Kettle with Auto Shut-Off & Boil Dry Protection, Cordless Base & LED Indicator

  • Crafted with a 304 stainless steel interior and double-walled ABS material shell, it’s BPA free and safe to use for the elderly and children. 
  • And with its 1500W quick boil system, you’ll have 1.5L of boiling water ready in just 5 minutes. Trust in its safety features, which include boil-dry protection and auto shut-off when the water reaches or passes the boiling point or if there’s no water in the kettle at all. 
  • With an easy to access two-level lid, you can confidently press the button to open the lid while avoiding accidental spills or hot water splashes. 
  • The unique 75° angle opening makes it easier than ever to pour, fill, and clean. 

7.COSORI Electric Kettle Temperature Control with 6 Presets, 60min Keep Warm 1.7L Electric Tea Kettle & Hot Water Boiler, 304 Stainless Steel Filter, Auto-Off & Boil-Dry Protection, BPA Free, Black

  • Boast 6 one-touch presets—from milder Hot Drinks (175°F) to Hot Water for Ramen (212°F)—you will be able to create the perfect taste in no time with the right temperature. 
  • For added convenience, this kettle also has a 1 hour keep warm feature, allowing you to maintain temperatures without having to switch back and forth between your beverage and its making. This feature is easy to turn off too – all you need is just a simple press and holding START/CANCEL button for 3 seconds. 
  • Plus, two LED indicators make your work even easier – with the kettle lighting up blue while boiling and white during Keep Warm mode. 
  • This electric kettle uses only food-grade stainless steel materials like 304 housing, lid, filter as well as borosilicate glass body. Crafted with excellence in mind, it helps keep the water free from plastic substance even when boiling. 
  • The COSORI Electric Kettle Temperature Control with 6 Presets and 60min Keep Warm 1.7L capacity is the perfect appliance for your kitchen. 
  • It’s easy to fill and clean, with a wide mouth and 80° lid that make refills a breeze, and descaling is simple when you add in half a cup of vinegar and two cups of water – boiling the mixture will do the trick. 
  • Boil enough water for the whole family with up to seven US cups of water every time. You don’t have to wait around either – this revolutionary electric kettle comes with STRIX thermostat technology that guarantees your drink is ready within only three to seven minutes! 
  • Plus, you don’t need to worry about leaving it too long -this appliance will automatically shut off when it reaches the right temperature and won’t put itself at risk if there isn’t any water left inside either. 

8.Hamilton Beach 41020R 1.7 Liter Variable Temperature Electric Kettle for Tea and Hot Water, Cordless, Keep Warm, LED Indicator, Auto-Shutoff and Boil-Dry Protection, Stainless Steel

  • This cordless electric kettle heats up to 1.7 liters of hot water much faster than a microwave, yet is still safer than stovetop kettles. 
  • It has 6 one-touch temperature settings to accurately provide you with just the right temperature for various different drinks – perfect results every time through the French press Coffee and hot cocoa feature!
  • The tea kettle isn’t done there either, with added features including a keep warm function that keeps heated water inside for up to 30 minutes so it’ll always be ready when you need it, plus an LED-illuminated large water window so you can clearly see how much liquid is inside at all times. 
  • This high-quality stainless-steel electric kettle provides even heating to ensure a perfect cup of tea every time. 
  • The variable temperature allows you to customize the brewing power based on your specific need, whether you’re making a light oolong or an intensive black tea. 
  • The automatic shutoff feature with boil dry protection keeps the kettle from getting scorched, adding another layer of efficiency and convenience. 
  • This electric kettle is not only sleek and stylish, but also built to last – designed to make the best cup of tea time after time. 

9.Govee Smart Electric Kettle, WiFi Variable Temperature Control Gooseneck Kettle, Pour Over Kettle and Tea Kettle, Alexa Control, 1200W Quick Heating, 100% Stainless Steel, 0.8L, Matte Black

  • It supports both Bluetooth and WiFi connections for a more stable and faster connection with no range limitation. Plus you can even schedule a time for the kettle to automatically boil your water with its app control feature.
  • This electric kettle has four easy preset functions as well as keep-warm control that automatically maintains desired temperatures from 104°F to 212°F for up to two hours. 
  • Its powerful 1200w heating component, you can enjoy hot cups of coffee or tea in just 3-5 minutes! An audible ready tone beeps three times when the temperature reaches your preset temperature and can be easily adjusted on the app.
  • This kettle embraces both form and function with its balanced body build and counterbalanced stainless steel handle for a steady grip, allowing for an accurate and controlled flow rate when pouring. 
  • Featuring precision pour technology, this long gooseneck spout design has a powerful yet precise stream that optimizes the overflow rate. 
  • Additionally, it is crafted with 304 food-grade stainless steel and an NTC temp sensor to keep all drinks at exactly the right temperature without compromising on flavor or safety. 
  • Plus, user convenience is provided in case of emergencies such as empty liters: an auto shut-off will occur when water reaches desired temperatures or when water dries out. 
  • Connect either through 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (No 5G support) or Bluetooth for ultimate connectivity. 
  • To eliminate any potential steam burns, be sure not to remove warning tips stickers from the product before use.

10.Cuisinart Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter Capacity, Cordless 1500-Watts for Fast Heat Up, Stay Cool Non-Slip Handle, Stainless Steel, CPK-17P1

  • It is equipped with 1500-watts of power to quickly heat up and a concealed heating element to help prevent mineral buildup. 
  • Plus, it has cool features like 2- minute memory function that remembers settings even after being off the base for up to two minutes, 6 preset heat settings, LED indicator lights, backlit water window and auto safety shutoff. 
  • As well as having removable/washable scale filter and boil-dry protection. 
  • This sleek cordless design also includes stay-cool nonslip handle, 30-minute keep warm option so you can enjoy hot drinks any time, with 360° swivel power base for easy mobility. 
  • And with its sleek flat black design, modern cordless construction and specialty features including auto shutoff and boil-dry protection for safety and peace of mind, this is one appliance that’s built to last. 
  • To top it all off, Cuisinart stands by their commitment to quality products with a limited 3-year warranty – giving you all the assurance you need when it comes to making sound investments in kitchen appliances. 

Tips and Guide to buying Best Electric Kettle


Make sure you pick an electric kettle based on your needs – if you’re serving small groups, a smaller size would do but for larger groups or families, a larger capacity would be more suitable.


Higher wattage typically means faster boiling times. Consider the power output when choosing an electric kettle as this will directly influence its performance and energy efficiency.

Safety Features

Safety is of utmost importance when dealing with heating appliances so always look for boil-dry protection and auto shut off features for added security during use. 


Stainless steel kettles are generally the most durable and easy to clean which makes them great long term investments. Look out for double wall insulation to make sure that no heat is lost in the process.


Price is always an important factor when making purchases but keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. A more expensive electric kettle may have better features and last longer than one with a lower price tag – so make sure to weigh your options carefully before deciding on which one to buy. 


Q: What is the best electric kettle?

A: The best electric kettle depends on your needs and preferences. However, some of the popular ones include Cuisinart CPK-17P1 Electric Kettle, Cosori Electric Kettle, Hamilton Beach 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle and Fellow Stagg EKG+ Pour Over Electric Kettle.

Q: Are electric kettles safe to use?

A: Yes, electric kettles are generally safe as long as they have safety features like auto shut off if dry boiling occurs or overheating protection in place. Be sure to check out these safety features before making your purchase.

Q: How long do electric kettles last?

A: The lifespan of an electric kettle depends on its build quality, brand and frequency of use. Generally, a well-maintained electric kettle can last up to 10 years or more.

Q: Are electric kettles energy efficient?

A: Generally, yes. An electric kettle is usually more energy-efficient than a stove top kettle as it doesn’t require extra heat to boil. As long as the wattage of your electric kettle is high enough and you use it according to instructions, you should be able to save on electricity costs.

Overall, when selecting an electric kettle for your kitchen it is important to consider all aspects such as size, material used, safety features and price. Make sure that any product chosen meets all of these criteria before making your purchase so that you can enjoy many years of reliable service from your new appliance. Be sure to read through product labels and warning tips stickers from the product before use as well – and you’re good to go!


Now you know the top 10 electric kettles available on the market that consumers have rated as the best. Whether it is a budget friendly model or a deluxe model, there is an option for everyone. With the right knowledge and discretion, you should be able to pick one that not only meets your needs but fits your budget as well. Be sure to double check the features of each product so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your own electric kettle. Don’t forget to read reviews from other consumers so you get an honest opinion about each specific product. Armed with this information, you’re prepared to find the perfect electric kettle for your home. So make sure to take advantage of what’s out there and get yourself a new electric kettle in 2023!

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Top 10 Best Electric Kettle to Buy in 2023 – Consumer Reports

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